There seems to be an awful lot of potential ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ to worry about.

It appears that Britain’s Muslim community contains a lot more like him than many people may wish to believe.

There has been a recent and much discussed opinion poll of British Muslims undertaken by the ComRes organisation for their client, the BBC. Unfortunately for those at the BBC who keep on telling us that that Islam is all fluffy and nice, some of the figures revealed show that British Muslim opinion is nothing of the sort.

As well as the figures that many people may expect from such a survey, such as the number of Muslims whining about how hard done by they are, there are other, more worrying figures. When we have 11% of your sample of Muslims willing to endorse those who fight against Britain and the rest of the free world, then it is time to politically and intellectually sober up, and accept that we have a problem.

11% of Muslims who support the enemies of this country is 11% too many. This figure does not represent a group who may disagree with a government policy and peacefully speak out against it, but those who support, whether in thought, word or deed, the barbarous thugs of groups like ISIS or Al Quaida or any of the other Islamofascist groups. 11% truly represents a horrendous fifth column problem that Britons of all faiths and races are going to have to wake up to the danger of and deal with, preferably with some form of ‘extreme prejudice’ on the part of Government and the security forces.

Another figure, which will emphasise to many Britons just how incompatible Islam is with modern British society, is that 24% of Muslims surveyed felt that violence against those who insult the Islamic ‘prophet’ is justified. This is yet more reason to justifiably worry about a politico-religious community that seems to be rapidly transmogrifying itself into an enemy within. It took centuries for Britain to become comfortable with religion being a matter that was, apart from the great national communal events, a relatively private matter. Islam, with it’s violence and aggressive demands for their beliefs to be accomodated in the public sphere, is a terrible threat to that national religious settlement.

How can any religious or political path that has 11% of its adherents who believe that they have the right to fight against this country and 24% of followers who believe that violence is justified against people who disagree with them, be honestly and truly described as ‘a religion of peace’? I’m increasingly of the opinion that it cannot and is an ideology that oppresses both its members and any group or nation that can be described as ‘other’.

These numbers tell us what those who consider ourselves ‘Islamo-realistic’ have believed for years and that is that there are an awful lot of individuals, influenced by Islamic politics, culture and theology, who are more than likely to suffer from some form of ‘sudden jihad syndrome’.

The rest of the headline data should also give us pause for thought and not in a good way. 7% of Muslims see British law as optional and not to be obeyed at all times nor treated as supreme. 6% of Muslims surveyed also said they felt some form of disloyalty to this country. This we should also worry about.

Although, from what little I’ve heard of the BBC’s coverage of this story, those commissioning it have emphasised the fact that 94% of Muslims consider themselves as loyal and generally working hard to polish the turd that is Islam, it is the other, less sunny, side of the figures that we should be paying attention to. It’s no good our lying to ourselves and saying ‘but most of them are peaceful’ when a number of them are plainly not. What this survey also reveals is how willing Muslims are to tell a relative stranger that they believe in Jihad against the UK and other free nations, want to impose Islamic blasphemy laws with violence on British people, care little for British law and feel disloyal to the country that spends directly and indirectly billions a year on Muslims and Islam. The UK pumps untold amounts of money into benefits for Muslims, medical care for their children whose minds and bodies have been congenitally wrecked by being the products of cousin marriage, and on funding security to defend Britons against the actions of deranged Muslims suffering from sudden jihad syndrome. Islam, whichever way you look at it, has brought nothing but grief to a nation that because they believed in fairness, treated Muslims as equals. They have repaid us and our decency and fairness with violence, rape, sedition and corruption.

We should no longer tolerate, this intolerable ideology and start treating it for what it is, which is an ideology incompatible with free societies, and not that ‘religion of peace’ that its adherents and spokesperson’s say Islam is.

This survey is merely yet another brick in the wall of evidence that is building up against this foul and destructive ideology.


Link to the ComRes poll data

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  1. I understand that I am a total knuckle dragging Neanderthal for daring to say this, but seeing as it’s impossible to tell the difference between a “moderate” muslim and a jihadi, there really is only one solution. Kick every single one out and make Islam illegal in this country. That is the only way to be sure.

  2. The BBC’s ‘News at 6’ last night seemed like a party political broadcast on behalf of Muslims. I wrote a complaint right away and posted it on-line; although I know from experience that it was a waste of time. The BBC are big into politics these days and there’s no one with any real influence out there trying to stop them.

    In an interview available to be viewed on utube, the well-respected writer and broadcaster Christopher Hitchens says very clearly, ‘…don’t waste my time. Islam is a load of bullshit’.

    Most people know what the likes of Churchill and Gladstone thought about the Muslim death cult, so I can’t help but wonder why all those half-wits employed at the BBC, think they know better than world recognised doers and thinkers?

  3. although there is enough in these figures to be concerned about I would also be very sceptical about the survey itself with such a biased organisation conducting it.
    and as such ,I for one will not be giving its findings any weight.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 26, 2015 at 12:13 pm |

      I have issue with the size (1000) of the survey but the fact that the respondents were quite willing to say that they are disloyal, support jihad, or think nothing of British laws to a relative stranger does make me think that views like this may be more widespread than the Islamopanderers would like to believe they are. I also don’t trust the BBC on this issue but despite their spinning, the figures do throw up some worrying data.

  4. A mate of mine works for the Fraud section of the DWP (DSS as was) in a large Midlands city. He had reason to believe that one Pakistani woman was not in the country but had not cancelled her claim as she should have. So he called her in for an interview under caution, at which a member of the local plod was also present. Mrs Khan turns up, fully burka’d and lawyered up. Only prob is, you can actually see the beard wagging under the burqa as she talks to the translator: it’s not Mrs K, but a “close male relative”.

    My mate asks him to remove the burka, telling him he can see the beard, FFS. The lawyer (himself one of Mrs K’s community) flies off the handle, screaming Human Rights. My mate looks to the plod to intervene in what is a clear deception, and hence an arrestable offence. Plod just looks down at his hands and shakes his head.

    No case: no prosecution, no cancellation of bennies.

    In my experience, huge swathes of the Muslim community have an attitude to this country which is frankly and openly predatory.

    • If your mate let the matter rest there, then he is little better than our newly imported guests.

      How I would have loved to be in his position with the chance to get my teeth into that one. I’d very soon be photographing all concerned and recording the recordings of everything said.

      After all, isn’t it precisely that which your mate is paid by us to do? Wrong footing criminals no matter if they’re claimants bent on theft, or corrupt police officers who think they’re too far outside the law to be challenged.

      Surely though your mate should have been better trained and more than capable of dealing with problems like this? But then, this is England 2015.

      • Those are the facts as they were related to me. It did not occur to me at the time to launch a diatribe at my chum, listing his and his department’s shortcomings.

        I shall try and do better next time, John. Thanks for the heads-up.

  5. Just put yourself in the position of Bobo’s mate though and ask yourself what you would have done in his position, especially as the Plod showed no inclination to get involved. Any follow through on this would have raised a shitstorm of race cards and it could well have led to the bloke losing his job, or sleepless nights and a lot of stress at the least – you know how paranoically PC public service workplaces are, and this factor, coupled with intimidation from the colonisers, could well make many of us think twice unless we could be absolutely sure of back up from the Plod and the bosses at the DWP.

  6. … and it’s precisely that fear (being of course perfectly justified), the fear of losing a pay rise or God forbid a job, that such outrageous and all too often illegal abuse of our nation’s generosity continues.

    We’re all obliged to face down problems now engulfing our Island. The acts of criminality mentioned above must be tackled head-on. We really should be willing to risk sacrificing many things that at any given moment, might seem too incredibly important to risk.

    Holding on to our land and traditions, as well as maintaining a little joint self-respect and pride in who we are, is surely more important than any job.

    We need and are obliged to repay all the brave men and women – and too often their children – who made the biggest sacrifice that can ever be made.

    England was not a toy gifted until it suited the lazy among us to hand her back to the dark ages. We hold England on loan from those who went before. We’re duty-bound to honour their names; especially those who made the bequest whilst laying upon blood soaked deathbeds.

    • I agree with you 100%, John. But I would have thought that was obvious from the fact that I read this site, and from the tenor of my posts.

      We’re all friends here, John.

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