Qureshi told such dreadful lies………

Asim Qureshi of the Jihadi rights group Cage. Yet another Muslim whom Britain could well do without.

Qureshi told such dreadful lies,

which made one gasp and stretch ones eyes

Sky News which from its earliest youth,

had once a strict regard for truth

Allowed Qureshi much free reign

to let him dishonestly spread the blame

and lie and dissemble without a shred of shame

about the scum who kill in Allah’s name.

To foolishly believe Qureshi thus,

could end being the death of us

unless we all wake up and see that

lying is the Islamic infirmity.

Almost at the time of close of day

I saw Qureshi making play

with forked tongued words

one after another

about how much jihadi john

really loves his mother

It’s time for true Britons to all rush to go

from Southwark, Hackney Downs and Bow

to vote for those who who know what’s what

about these lying Islamic twats

Now we should give them what they

really deserve,

which is a kick up the arse and

off to a ‘Savage Reserve’.

With sincere apologies to the poet Hilaire Belloc 1870 – 1953 ( To read the original poem, please click the link)

I got back from an appointment yesterday and switched on Sky News and I really could not believe my eyes or my ears.

On the screen was a press conference and proudly, and shamelessly speaking the most outrageous bullshit about the murdering Islamic savage known as ‘Jihadi John’ was the Islamic extremist Asim Qureshi from the ‘Cage’ group. I listened to him as he spouted long and hard about how Jihadi John, who has been revealed by the press to be Kuwaiti-born West Londoner, Mohammed Emwazi was really a nice guy at heart. It was sickening in its dishonesty. He blamed almost anyone and anything else for the appalling savage murders carried out by Jihadi John and ISIS. He blamed the UK and US security services, blamed alienation of Muslims for the violence but he didn’t blame the savages who are actually carrying out an enormous number of atrocities. Despite the honeyed words dripping from Qureshi’s forked tongue it was plain to see where his ultimate loyalties lie, and they are not with Britain, it’s culture and values nor its peoples.

But is not just on Sky that Cage have been showing their true colours and ccording to the Breitbart website the Cage blog went out of their way to absolve the savage known as Jihadi John and said:

““British authorities have systematically shifted the spotlight away from its foreign policy and its security agencies by placing blame for violence at home and abroad solely on Muslims. British security services have systematically engaged in the harassment of young Muslims, rendering their lives impossible”.

Maybe, just maybe, if less Muslims were involved in sedition and terror and other heinous crimes then they would not be of such an interest to the UK security services? There is no suggestion that Mohammed Emwazi (why so many murderous savagers called ‘Mohammed’?) had any agency of his own or may have been wrong, only that it was someone elses fault that Emwazi has ended up as a murderous savage. It almost seems childishly easy to start to pick apart this tissue of lies from Cage but I’ll have a go:

  1. It’s not ‘British policy’ foreign or domestic that has caused violence, the fault for that violence lies with Islam and the countries and people that follow it. We didn’t have anything like the threat of violence that we have today before we had Islam unwelcomely thrust amongst us. Yes, we had terrorism but there appears to have been considerably less Irish Republicans who were inclined to carry out or support terror against Britian and its citizens than there are Muslims who support Jihad against this nation.

  2. I’m afraid that Muslims are responsible for the majority of terror threats against the UK, it’s something that try as they might, Cage cannot lie their way away from.

  3. This is probably the most laughable claim of the whole farrago of claptrap. Muslims are not having their lives ‘rendered impossible’ in the UK, if anything Muslims are being treated with far more respect than their actions, reputation and ideology deserves. Where they should be treated with disdain because of their disgusting ideology, they are perversely being treated as honoured guests. The corruption that is rife in Islamic areas is unchecked, they get lesser sentences for hate crimes and in some cases, such as in Rotherham and elsewhere, their terrible crimes have been covered up by the very people and organisations that we should expect to defend us all.

I don’t know who Cage expected to convince with this festival of mendaciousness but I suppose that a few Guardianistas might be persuaded that Cage is representing humans and not murderous savages like Mohammed Emwazi. For the rest of us who live in the real world we know that jihad supporters like Asim Qureshi are so dishonest they’d give Jeremy Kyle’s lie detector machine a meltdown, and therefore treat them with utter contempt.

Sky News may have done the world a favour by concentrating so heavily on the Cage press conference as many more people have now seen what a bunch of scummy Jihad supporting charlatans, Cage and those associated with them, they really are.

If anyone in this nation wanted an object lesson as to how some Islamic organisations are dangerous fifth columnists, then this whining display from Cage of ‘it’s not Islam’s fault guv’nor’ is it.

If there was justice then Qureshi and those like him would be stripped of any citizenship or right to live in the UK and would be booted unceremoniously off to the Islamic shithole of their choice.


Breitbart article on the Cage press conference


Additional info on Qureshi from Guido Fawkes. It seems that Qureshi has a history of being more than a little pro-Jihad.

Here he is speaking at a Hizb ut Tahrir rally in 2006 and openly supporting Hezbollah and attacks on Allied forces in Afghanistan. Qureshi is a jihad supporter of that there really can be little doubt.


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  1. English...not many of us left. | February 27, 2015 at 2:53 pm |

    TAQIYYA…it’s what they do.
    Why the surprise?

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 27, 2015 at 3:07 pm |

      I’m not too surprised about the sight of yet another lying jihad fan Muslim. However I was surprised that Sky gave so much promience to these worthless Taqiyya artists and the lies and untruths uttered by Qureshi and his poisonous crew given so much airtime. Personally I believe that the sight of such lying without shame by the Cage representatives will open up a lot of people’s eyes to the largeamount of seemingly congenital lying we see coming out of Britain’s Islamic community. The ‘It’s all someone else’s fault’ idea pushed by the savages of Cage is so preposterous that no sensible person would believe it. More adn more people are becoming aware of Taqiyya and thedangers it poses.

  2. yes .to swallow this “its somebody else’s fault” must be reserved for the most stupid among us.
    if anyone has not seen kay burley grilling terrorist loving cages spokesman on sky news please do.
    she tears a strip out of his ass fox news style. I was pleasantly surprised to see a uk mainstream media icon not pussyfooting around scared to offend the islamic community.
    whatever her personal politics are, she didn’t hide her comtempt for the cage rat.

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