At first, I thought this was a Purimspiel, but then, to my horror I realised…….

Russell Brand: Some idiots are useful, this one isn’t.

… wasn’t, and it seems that Russell Brand really is that much of a twat.

I saw this story on the Breitbart website about the latest pronouncement from Russell Brand, looked at the date, which corresponded with the eve of the Jewish festival of Purim, when jokes and japes similar to those done on April Fools Day are the order of the day.

I thought this must be a Purimspiel, or Purim joke, or some other sort of spoof, because surely even Russell Brand would not be so stupid and crass as to blame the UK for the actions of the Islamic Savage Mohammed Emwazi, the murderer known to the media as ‘Jihadi John’.

Sadly, I was wrong and this is not a joke or Brand satirising the revolutionary Leftist mindset. He really does appear to believe that it is not Islam that created Murdering Mohammed Emwazi, but British society.  Brand bangs on about how it is not the fault of Muslims that they have not integrated into British society but we, the British.

What utter and unremitting tosh coming from the mouth of this pampered idiot who inexplicably is listened to by far too many people, some of whom should know better.   He even goes to far as to say that we should ‘incorporate’ and understand jihadism and treat it like drug or alcohol addiction as if Islamic violence is a treatable illness.  He fails to understand that this attitude breaks down if we substitute the words ‘Nazism’ or ‘Stalinism’ for ‘jihadism’.  Anyone with half a brain would not be so idiotic as to say that these twin political devils are an illness like alcoholism or drug addiction.  Does anybody truly think that Stalin or Hitler would have been less murderous if they had been ministered to by some addiction counsellor or helped into employment by a community worker? Of course not.

The moral, ethical and political sickness that lies at the heart of Brand’s views can be summed up by his vacuous assertion that the beheadings carried out by Islamic savages like Emwazi are caused by Muslims being ‘alienated’.  Alienated, my arse!  There has never been a minority group in British history which has been so amply and generously supported by the British taxpayer nor any group that has been so pandered to by the political, administrative and legal establishment.  Islam costs all us Britons dear so how dare Brand say that Islamic violence can be alleviated by appeasing Islam just a little bit more than we do already.

But it was not just Britain whom Brand targeted with his high pressure bullshit hose, he also went out of his way to try to absolve the Sydney Cafe Siege Savage, Man Haron Monis,of any blame for his actions by saying that he was mentally ill.  I wonder how this foolish statement will go down with the relatives and friends of those killed in Monis’s coffee shop outrage?

Brand seems to care nothing or the victims of Islamic violence, sedition and crime and his unseemly haste to relieve Islam and Muslims of any responsibility for the violence and crime carried out in the name of Islam is a joke, but it is not a Purim Joke or an April Fools Joke but a sick joke of the worst kind.

It is tempting to surrender to anger and refer to Brand as a ‘See You Next Tuesday’ but that part of a human body is wonderfully useful indeed essential to the continuation of the human species, whereas Brand on the other hand is plainly of no use to neither man nor beast.

It is a measure of how far the standards of political debate has fallen in this country that the rantings of a sex and drug addicted playboy, who has contributed nothing to society, is even listened to, let alone listened to with any respect for his twisted and inaccurate views.


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  1. English...not many of us left. | March 6, 2015 at 11:34 am |

    A zit that needs squeezing, hard. Then it goes away.

  2. Mr_twister | March 8, 2015 at 7:36 am |

    Brand is Evil.

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