These Rotherham parents need to be praised for their actions and not condemned.

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The news that a group of parents from the town of Rotherham, a place that has been terribly afflicted by the monstrous problem of Islamic Rape Gangs, have protested against their child’s school engaging in pro-Islam propaganda events, gladdens the heart. It’s praiseworthy and we need to see a whole lot more of it.

A group of parents whose children attend a Roman Catholic school, St Joseph’s in Rawmarsh bravely refused permission for their children to be taken on a mosque visit and be indoctrinated with pro-Islam messages. I really don’t blame or criticise these  parents for taking this action and I would do the same myself. It is disgusting and unbelievably insensitive that in a town where 1,400 girls and young women were attacked by Islamic Rape Gangs the educational establishment is still playing the ‘religion of peace’ schtick and failing to see the rapey Islamic elephant in the room.

Here’s a report on this incident from the website of the local radio station RotherFM, with the original report in italics and my comments in plain text:

A school in Rawmarsh has been forced to postpone their visit to a Mosque – after a number of parents didn’t give permission for their children to go.

Excellent news and it not only shows the anger that Islamic Rape Gangs are causing in Rotherham but also shows the power of non-violent direct action such as the power to withhold consent to have us and our children propagandised to. Let’s see a whole lot more of actions like this.

St Joseph’s Primary had originally planned to go to to Madi Jamia Masjid Mosque this time last week.  

Sheena’s not letting her children take part – because she says she fears for their safety after the recent CSE scandal:

As well she might. If the Methodists, yes, unlikely I know, were implicated in the rape, torture, sexual assualt and trafficking of at least 1,400 of the children of my fellow citizens, then it would be the height of common-sense to keep children away from Methodists. We all now know that Islam produces men who have a proclivity to rape and commit acts of paedophilia, so why would a parent feel at all comfortable having their child misinformed about the ideology that produces so many nonces, rapists and all round violent nutters. Would you let your child visit a Methodist Church if Methodists had behaved as badly as Muslims have? I would not.

“Well there’s all these paedophiles about isn’t there? And what’s to say someone’s not going to bomb them?

“They do it to their own quick enough.”

She’s right on the first point and the third but not quite so correct on the second one. However there is a danger from children going on mosque visits that is far more likely to occur than the mosque being bombed, and that is the danger of being told outrageous lies about Islam. It would be intolerable and indeed immoral for any informed parent to put their child in a position where they would be fed disinformation about the ideology whose followers not only raped profusely in Rotherham but whose fellow believers did and said very little to stop this problem. The problem with rapey Muslims in Rotherham goes far beyond the actual rapists themselves, and extends to the whole Muslim community, who must have known more than they claim they knew about what was going on there. It is not possible to reasonably assume that they knew nothing.

As could be expected in these situations the local Islamic liars were wheeled out for their comments and a spokesperson Taqiyya artist for the mosque said:

“At the end of the day I appreciate they have concerns but you can’t smear everyone with the same brush. 

Maybe, Mr Taqiyya artist, if so many members of you community hadn’t raped and abused so many children then people wouldn’t be so wary and distrustful of it. Also if Islamic groups and individuals had not had such a dire and corrupt influence on Rotherham Council then maybe much of the anger that people feel about Islam would be less. Nearly all of the words uttered by this spokesperson Taqiyya artist can justifiably be filed into the small round floor mounted filing system aka, the bin.

“The school visits are something that we have done for many years……

Well now just possibly would be a good time to stop these propaganda visits.

..and we support the schools in Rotherham wherever possible.

How? Is this more words meaning nothing, or by ‘help’ do you mean supplying schools with pro-Islam propaganda.

We can’t be held responsible for concerns people may have with other things that are happening, and it’s very sad to tarnish our mosque with the crimes of others. 

You are responsible for how your community is viewed and to be quite frank the only reason why people have concerns about Islam is because of the actions and attitude of Muslims, especially Muslims in Rotherham. I mean what’s so hard for Rotherham’s Muslims about the concepts of ‘don’t rape children’ or ‘don’t buy off councillors’ or ‘don’t cover up crimes’?

“Parents are entitled to an opinion but that shouldn’t be based on stereotyping people in our community.”

I think that the Muslim community does a pretty good job on its own in stereotyping itself, don’t you?

Well, that’s the Taqiyya artist dealt with now we come to the non-Muslim enablers.

St Joseph Catholic Primary School’s Head teacher Louise Pink said: “The visit has been postponed to enable alternative arrangements to be made for those children who will now not be attending the visit.

This shows what non-violent direct action like this can do. It ties up the enablers of the ideology of Islam and forces them to make alternative arrangements. It’s a simple way to piss on the chips of those in authority who not only refuse to see the problems that surround them, but insist on lying to children about the dangers posed by Islam.

The visit will take place later in the term.

In that case it will be time for another similar protest, hopefully

I am happy to meet with any parents who have concerns about their children attending to allay any fears they may have…..

Let me translate this comment from Ms Pink for you: What this really means is this: ‘Parents, come my office and I’ll shovel out some guff to you about how Islam is a religion of peace, there’s not many Muslim rapists really, all interspersed with some mumbled obfuscation about ‘safeguarding’.

..but I can reassure them that this is a positive visit which will be beneficial to the children’s education.

How is lying to children about an ideology that is a clear and present danger in any way ‘beneficial’?

The visit to the mosque is being arranged as part of the current study of Islam and supports what we have been learning in the classroom.

This comment from Ms Pink only underlines how important it is for parents to be aware of what their children are being taught. There is all manner of Islamic propaganda types, like this one for instance, operating in British schools, sometimes without the knowledge of parents whose children attend the schools. Parents need to take much more interest in whether their children are being told the truth about various subjects, including Islam, or whether they are being fed biased propaganda.

Catholic schools are open to pupils of all faiths and there are many opportunities for pupils to learn about other faiths and traditions throughout the curriculum.”

I’ve no problem with learning about other faiths but I think the people of Rotherham have learned all they need to know about Islam via the behaviour of their local Muslims. It may be more realistic to take the Islam bit out of the RE curriculum and replace it with a box of rape alarms.

Ian Thomas, Rotherham Borough Council’s Strategic Director for Children & Young People’s Services, said:  “School visits are an important part of pupils’ learning and as such we fully support the school in arranging this visit, which can only serve to complement the children’s classroom studies. 

Different enabler, same bullshit.

Safeguarding issues are considered on all school visits as a matter of course, and the council works closely with schools to ensure its safeguarding polices are up-to-date and are being implemented.

As expected vague allusions to ‘safeguarding’ make their appearance as if having a policy on it will stop parents worrying about the very real problem of Islamic Rape Gangs.

However, in addressing the concerns of some parents we must be clear that the perpetrators of child sexual exploitation come from all backgrounds – the evidence shows that. 

More twisted words from Ian Thomas. Although paedophiles can indeed come from all different backgrounds, it now cannot be denied that on-street, minicab, and in-kebab house rape gangs, of the sort that afflict Rotherham, do have a distinctly Islamic flavour.

This form of abuse is not confined to a particular religion, or race, and it is it dangerous to take a narrow view on this within our communities.  

There are lies, damned lies and the words that come out of the mouths of Directors of Children’s Services. There ARE Islamic Rape Gangs and they have been operating for far too long. Note well how Thomas appears more interested in community cohesion and less interested in the genuine fears of parents.

We understand that parents will have concerns around the issue of child sexual exploitation, and about how issues of ethnicity featured in the findings of the Jay Report. 

Mr Thomas, it’s not an ethnic or a race issue, it’s an Islam issue.

But as a council we must now lead our community to recover

Another translation is required here, what he really means is his council is looking for another heavier carpet under which they can brush the ongoing problem of Islamic Rape Gangs .

this means we won’t shy away from issues of religion or race when they need to be addressed, but nor can we leave unchallenged the view that children are at risk from a whole community, by virtue of their ethnicity or religion alone.  We urge the community to do the same.”

I hope concerned non-Muslim parents in Rotherham will ignore the forked tongued words of Mr Thomas’s almost desperate cry of ‘it’s nothing to do with Islam’ and continue to protest.

A representative from the Diocese of Hallam said: “The position of Catholic schools is very clear; Pope Benedict XVI said ‘Together with all people of good will, we aspire to peace. That is why I insist once again: interreligious and intercultural research and dialogue are not an option but a vital need for our time.’

I think that although interfaith work is important, it is equally important that we do not sit down with those who want to kill us, rape our children or commit acts of sedition on a daily basis. Unfortunately Popes do not have to live with the sort of problems that Islam brings to a multitude of places throughout the world and I’d rather trust the judgement of the parents who want nothing to do with forced pro-Islamic propaganda in Catholic schools, than I would trust the Pope. After all, he doesn’t have to live with the fear that Islamic rapists will attack his daughters does he?


Therefore religious education including education about all major world faiths, is at the heart of our schools. Catholic schools include pupils of all faiths and there are many opportunities for pupils to learn about other faiths and traditions throughout the curriculum, which builds on the commitment of the Catholic Church to dialogue, tolerance and understanding.”


This paragraph is merely yet more soporific multicultural bilge from the Diocese of Hallam, which fails to see that it is virtually impossible to be tolerant to ideologies like Islam that are themselves grossly intolerant. It would be better if the Diocese expended their energy on protecting and publicising the plight of Catholics and other Christians who suffer appalling oppression under Islamic regimes. Even better it should spend less time and effort trying to accommodate those who follow the ideology that is committing oppressive acts against Christians.

As I said in my opening paragraph, it is heartwarming to see parents standing up not only to Islamic interests but also the appeasing Establishment. All I can say at this point is well done and more power to your elbows.

Parents must protect their children because as we are seeing we cannot trust schools, local authorities or the police to do so.


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