The hypocrisy of Thames Valley Police – and an opportunity to tell them in person what you think of them.

As this blog and other media has previously stated Thames Valley Police are the latest force to be exposed indulging the Muslims in their area.  The affect of this pandering has resulted in hundreds of girls and young women in the Thames Valley Police area being subjected to the most appalling abuse at the hands of members of Islamic Rape Gangs.  Yes, TVP are making a lot of noise about the work they are now doing to halt Islamic Rape Gangs but it is still sickeningly hypocritical of them to be so self-congratulatory  about International Women’s Day when they spent well over 10 years turning away girls and young women who had been attacked by Islamic sex criminals and doing their very best to brush this issue under the carpet.

I was gobsmacked to see that TVP are running an International Women’s Day event in Slough.  A commentator to this blog, JS, has brought to my attention the fact that TVP are holding the following event:

“International Women’s Day Event
WOMEN from around the community in Slough are being invited to attend an event to celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday 7th March, Chalvey Community Centre, The Green,Chalvey,SL1 2SP 11am – 5pm.
Hosted by Thames Valley Police in partnership with local businesses and partners, the FREE event is an opportunity for women to come together to share and celebrate their achievements under one roof.
Information stalls will be available on the day, with motivational guest speakers sharing their experiences first-hand. You can follow us on twitter on the day

It is almost beyond belief that Thames Valley Police have the sheer chutzpah to blow their own trumpets about women’s rights when their force has so obviously failed the girls and women who they should have been looking after.

There will be a few readers of this blog who may think as I do that, in the circumstances, a period of silence from the diversity fetishists of TVP would be appropriate.  Also they may think that the money spent on fripperies like this International Women’s Day event would have been better spent on kicking the Islamic Rape Gangs very hard indeed.  Maybe doing something about the growing number of Islamic sex criminals operating in Slough, who are not just attacking girls and young women but are attacking young male children as well, should be their priority rather than putting on a jolly girls outing like this.

According to some basic research I’ve undertaken the Twitter account @TVP_Slough which is gushing profusely about what TVP is doing (very little that is concrete or effective from what I can see) about child sexual exploitation in Slough,  is one Helen Bentley PO164.  She can be reached at the @TVP_Slough Twitter account and it may be educational for her to be told what YOU think about TVP’s inaction over Islamic Rape Gangs.

So if you are angry at seeing Thames Valley Police try to burnish their tarnished reputation by hiding behind International Women’s Day then, if you are in the area, why not pop down to the Chalvey Community Centre, at the address and time shown above, and politely tell them what you think of them.  Let’s peacefully and calmly burst their diversity balloon and remind Thames Valley Police what they really should be doing with the taxpayer resources that fund them.

How dare they use International Women’s Day to make themselves look good so shortly after being exposed as Islamopanderers who let Muslim rapists wander the streets unpunished for far too long.
It is an insult to all those women throughout history who have fought for equality  It should be sackcloth and ashes time for Thames Valley Police, not a time to be self-congratulatory in this manner.