‘Disproportionate’ is an understatement.

Birmingham, Central England a city that could contain the highest number of Islamic rapists and paedophiles ever encountered.


As predicted by this blog and other commentators, the Islamic Rape Gang phenomenon which continues to afflict smaller towns and cities has now hit Britain’s second city, Birmingham.

A recent study for Birmingham City Council, quoted by the Breitbart website, has said that there is a ‘disproportionate’ number of Pakistani Muslims involved in the rape and sexual abuse of non-Muslim children, girls and young women. The report showed that in a period of only six months, not only were 500 children abused, but that a ‘disproportionate’ number of alleged offenders were Pakistani Muslims.

Of course with Birmingham being a Labour run area and as they’ve just hired the disgraced Howard Woolfenden, formerly of Rotherham, to run their Child Sexual Exploitation department, there is the obligatory statistical sleight of hand to make it seem as if Muslims are not as involved in these disgusting offences as they are. Birmingham has tried to dilute the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs by stating that online grooming for sexual abuse is primarily a White British crime. They’ve lumped in online grooming, which may not even be originating in the geographical area of Birmingham, with on-street, in-kebab house and in-minicab attacks, which are very much a specific and identifiably Muslim crime.

Breitbart said:

The report said: “Suspects are from a wide range of backgrounds, but there are disproportionate numbers from an Asian Pakistani background suspected of abuse and exploitation on the streets; and primarily white male suspects in relation to online offending.”

The vast majority of victims – 87 percent – were female, and 54 percent were white. Meanwhile, 92 percent of offenders were male, with an average age of 27.

The report added: “The most common background for online predators remains white young and middle-aged males. Offenders investigated for predominantly on-street activity are disproportionately but by no means exclusively males of Asian-Pakistani origin.”

Although the report said that the on-street grooming contains disproportional numbers of Pakistani Muslims, it should be remembered that other Muslim men, not just Pakistanis have been involved in Islamic Rape Gangs. Somalis, Albanians, North Africans, Yemenis, Indian Muslims, Arabs and others have all popped up in the various Islamic Rape Gang cases. Saying that the offenders were ‘by no means exclusively’ Pakistanis gives the impression that there are a lot of non-Muslims involved in on-street grooming, which is plainly not the case, based on the evidence of similar Islamic rape atrocities that have occurred elsewhere.

As is usual with these self-serving local government, police and social service arse-coverers, there is the usual empty statement about ‘addressing the factors that cause the abuse’ and bog standard hand-wringing kumbaya type guff. The quoted report said:

““We need to work with schools, faith groups, communities, parents and young people themselves to address any factors which might generate unacceptable attitudes within any ethnic group. We will continue working closely with those neighbourhood bodies which recognise the risks of such cultural attitudes within some men and boys in their own communities and are ready to challenge such attitudes.”

This statement can I believe be fairly filed under the category ‘sound and fury signifying nothing’. We don’t need to ‘work with faith groups’ because we’ve all seen how it is only one particular faith group, Muslims, who are committing the bulk of the rape gang offences. It’s not ‘working with’ they need, but a severe, efficient and long lasting kicking, from both the State and the British people. The only ‘factor’ that is relevant here is Islam but I don’t have any confidence that the Islamopanderers of Birmingham will do that.

What is scary about this report is it only covers six months and this will inevitably raise the question about what has been going on in Birmingham viz a viz Islamic Rape Gangs over the long term? How many Islamic rapists are there in Birmingham? Are there tens, hundreds, thousands? How many victims? Are there thousands or tens of thousands or worse? Also, how long have Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police been allowing this to go on and why have they been so bent towards the alien and dangerous ideology of Islam.

The situation re Islamic Rape Gangs is now so bad that even Birmingham City Council are being forced to admit that the figures so far released may well be an ‘underestimate’. With over 6,000 vulnerable children going missing since 2007 from local authority run or organised care and this particular cohort being a prime target for Islamic rapists, it is more than likely that the number of victims of Islamic sex-criminal savages could be in excess of the numbers that we’ve seen in other areas. The amount of Islamic rapists and their victims could quite easily exceed the horrific numbers that we’ve seen in Rotherham, Rochdale, Newcastle, Telford, Oxford, Peterborough, Halifax, Keighley and elsewhere. Some of those places, namely Rotherham didn’t have a huge number of Muslims as a proportion of the population (3.1%) still but managed to clock up over 2,000 victims. Birmingham has a Pakistani Muslim population of 13.5% so it is very possible that the number of victims of Islamic rapists could exceed 10,000 and may even be much higher.

The amount of lives ruined by Islamic sex criminals is staggering and the number of victims is growing by the day, yet still our Leftist dominated central and local governments either turn a blind eye to what these savages are doing to us and our children. In Britain today the average non-Muslim citizen has more chance of being arrested and jailed for truthfully describing the Islamic ‘prophet’ as a violent paedophile bastard, or for burning a copy of the Koran, than a Muslim would for raping or abusing a child. Is it any wonder that faith in the police, social services and local government is diminishing by the day, and that demands for vigilante justice against these savages is becoming louder and louder?

As a person who believes in law and justice I am immensely saddened by the road to vigilante justice that this country appears to be going down. However, when countless families have been abandoned to the depredations of Islamic criminals by the very agencies that should be protecting the victims, can you blame people for considering taking the law into their own hands? Those who guard us have been proved false, corrupt and biased, and have in effect fled their posts, and that is a very dangerous situation for any society. We must by legal means replace the politicians who have allowed this to happen and put in place those who will clean up the mess that the Islamopanderers and others have created, because failure to do so will make a bad situation so much worse. The authorities have committed the sin of selling justice to Islamic savages and have by doing so lost not just my respect, but the respect of a growing segment of the British population.


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Bible quote on the sin of selling justice Deuteronomy 16:19


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  1. Vincent Bate | March 19, 2015 at 2:41 pm |

    And unlike the ” White British” community, who revile paedophiles from within our number and shun them, the Muslims defend and hide their rape jihadis away, blaming victims for crimes.

  2. James Strong | March 19, 2015 at 7:35 pm |

    ‘disproportionately but by no means exclusively males of Asian-Pakistani origin’

    This is non-accidental obfuscation.

    In plainer language, they are obscuring the truth deliberately.

    Tell us the numbers. The numbers.

    Also, how many of the offenders who were not of Asian-Pakistani origin were, nevertheless, mohammedans. Because it is the mohammedan aspect that is important,ot where their ancestors cpme from.

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