OFSTED’s ‘I see no Muslim nonces’ policy

One problem that has been caused by the infiltration of public services and charities by the political Left is that once these entities are compromised by Leftism, they refuse to see anything that runs counter to their ideology. The Leftist politicisation of the police, council administration and social services is a major factor in why Islamic Rape Gangs were left alone for so long and why the Left has vehemently opposed those groups and individuals who have attempted to expose the extent of this problem.

Those organisations, government departments and Quangos that the public have relied on to guard us and our children from harm have too often not uncovered or even actively ignored problems with Islamic Rape Gangs either because they are lazy or because to admit a problem would also mean having to admit that multiculturalism has turned out to be a crock of shit. This story about Ofsted makes my blood boil and sums up just how bent and useless our public services now are:

The Breitbart website said:

“The body charged with inspecting England’s schools and child services on behalf of the government was so hopelessly obsessed with bureaucratic paperwork and keeping up appearances it missed the enormous scale of abuse going on in Rotherham and elsewhere.

Because the local child services succeeded in ticking all the right boxes, even at the height of the abuse when hundreds of girls were being groomed and raped by Pakistani gangs living in the town, Ofsted showed no hesitation in heaping praise on them for their good work. A committee of members of parliament investigating the abuse have now warned that if Ofsted were unable to detect the systematic rape of children where it was so blatant in Rotherham, they will have almost certainly missed it elsewhere.

The report published by the committee highlights the comments of Ofsted in the same year the first of the grooming gangs were sentenced to prison, when the Quango praised Rotherham child services for “effective and creative work”. The report asked: “We are left with two still partially unanswered questions: first, given the inability of Ofsted to recognise organised child sexual exploitation until 2012-13, is it possible there are more Rotherhams waiting to be found?”.

Consequently, all local children’s services in the country are now being re-inspected, however the committee questioned whether that would be enough, given Ofsted’s failures in the past, remarking “Ofsted’s credibility is now on the line”. The chair of the committee, Labour member of parliament Clive Betts has suggested the ‘hands off’ approach of the government to Ofsted meant the body was left to “mark its own exams”, potentially leading to complacency.”

Although I welcome the criticism of OFSTED by Clive Betts, the problem goes far beyond the fact that the organisation has been allowed to set its own agenda or complacency. A significant part of the failings of OFSTED is, in my view, down to the fact that the organisation is dominated by leftists who seem more concerned with fringe equality and diversity issues than either the quality of education given to children, or even whether children are safe from imported paedophiliac cultures like Islam.

This case underlines just how important it is for the future and safety of the country to get proper democratic control of Britain’s public services and quasi-governmental agencies, and to prise the cold dead hands of the Left from control of them.

It is pretty obvious to me that those agencies and employees of the state who we’ve trusted to look after us and our children have monstrously abused that trust, and the time for change is long overdue.



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  1. All day on Twitter the police have been running a ‘Citizens! You must report suspected child abuse!’ campaign under the tagline #CSE or #CSEDay15 and my urine long ago passed the boiling point…

    The sheer chutzpah!

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 18, 2015 at 6:28 pm |

      The problem is, is the citizens spent years reporting nonces, especially the Muslim nonces. However, unfortunately the police didn’t bother arresting the nonces, the police only arrested, sometimes for ‘racism’ or other ‘hate speech’ offences, those who reported the crimes, protested against the crimes or those who tried to rescue their daughters from the Islamic Rapists committing the crimes.

      BTW I saw your West Mercia story earlier, good one. I’ve suspicions that there may well be an Islamic Rape Gang scandal affecting this force, as they seem to have the same sort of Islamopanderers working for them as their neighbouring force, West Midlands and it is only just coming out just how bad things are on their patch.

  2. Furor Teutonicus | March 19, 2015 at 5:28 am |

    There is also the point that Britain is not the only country full of pakys and cother assorted Suidaephobes. So, unless British pakys are a breed unto themselves, what is being covered up/missed in Europe, for instance, where we have heard no such reports?

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 19, 2015 at 6:22 am |

      Correct! This is why I’m convinced that this is an Islamic problem rather than a problem specific to British paedostanis. There has definitely been problems of this nature involving Moroccan Muslims in the Netherlands, there is a massive Islamic Rape Jihad problem in Sweden and women in Denmark are increasingly unsafe around the Muslims that have been imported there. Muslim migrants from North Africa have also been implicated in attacks on women in Italy and I would be very surprised if similar things as have been happening elsewhere are happening in France and Germany. The problem of Muslim rapists, paedophiles, murderers and other criminals can no longer be dismissed as a little local difficulty afflicting the United Kingdom.

      Although as I’ve always said there are individual Muslims who are nothing to do with this there is something about Islam the ideology that makes it incompatible with civilised nations and civilised societies. There is a strong possibility that Islamic and Koranically inspired sex crime is either being missed or covered up elsewhere in Europe.

      • Furor Teutonicus | March 19, 2015 at 8:01 am |

        Germany. I was for a while full time police here, now i am “semi ritired” and just work in the collators office.

        Of course, our job IS to talk to “beat officers,” to collect information. We KNOW there is a big problem in this direction, but in the organised way that it is happening in Britain, we can not find enough evidence, or the evidence is only aneccdotal.

        We suspect it is so, but…. As I say, we are missing something, (and not much misses the “canteen chatter!”) or “other powers” are covering it up/telling the Bosses not to follow the investigations.

        This would not be the first time.

        Another case, and other crimes, but a good few years back “Outlaw motorcycle groups” were brushed under the carpet, which eventually lead to a war between the biggest two, and an anti tank rocket attack on a bike club in Scandinavia.

        The State prosecuter had been hiding the links and evidence, until it was too late.

        WHY he/they did that…. I will not speculate here, but I will just, once again say “Canteen chater.” 😉

        That it is happening again should not surprise any one.

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