From Elsewhere – Video. Ben Shapiro gives us and idea of just how many potentially violent Islamic nutters are out there.

There are a lot of violent Muslims out there

Here is an excellent video from the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. He gives us the numbers that shows us that the phrases ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and ‘tiny minority of extremists’ are completely untrue.

Mr Shapiro takes key indicators of Islamic radicalism such as support for Shariah, honour killing of women and support for Bin Laden and uses these figures to estimate just how many radical Muslims there are. Although the number of Muslim fighters may indeed be small, these fighters are encouraged, supported and indeed funded by other Muslims who are radical but not violent.

What these figures show is that the West has a huge and growing Islamic fifth column problem with even America, whose Muslims are genuinely more moderate than elsewhere, providiing approximately half a million potential supporters of jihad and shariah.

Mr Shapiro is correct, the myth of the tiny Muslim violent minority is just that, a myth.