Worcester school political indoctrination row.

Bewdley Primary School in Worcestershire (pic via Breitbart)

A political row has broken out in Worcestershire over a school allegedly politically indoctrinating young children into supporting the Labour party prior to the recent election. Now although there are suspicions of a local political smear because the alarm was raised about this by a Lib Dem councillor, there is other evidence to back the councillor up and to confirm suspicions that all is not right in at least one Worcestershire school. There have also been other instances of teachers becoming involved in political indoctrination elsewhere and at other times, which make the claim by the councillor much more likely to have an element of truth contained within it.

According to the Worcester News and the Tewkesbury Ad Mag, the school, the identity of which is being withheld by the local authority but which is being named locally as Bewdley Primary, had children singing anti-Nick Clegg songs and children parroting the phrase ‘Labour is the only party that wants us to live’.

It may be tempting to dismiss the comments by the Lib Dem councillor as the sort of Wormtongue-like smearing that we’ve come to expect from the Lib Dems, but the councillors claim is strengthened by the fact that the council have admitted that there has been an issue with the particular lesson’s style, and its content whilst not naming the school. The fact that the local cabinet member for education has come out to try to excuse the lesson and its content, smacks distinctly of a council that has found that it has a Leftie teacher problem, and now just desperately wants the attention on it to go away. When you add in the factor that there have been other instances of teachers indulging in the brainwashing including pro-Islam (see links below) and pro-socialist brainwashing of children, then, at least on a balance of probabilities basis, Worcester has one group of teachers who see their job as fighting for the socialist cause, rather than educating our children properly.

Here’s what Tewkesbury Ad Mag said, with this blog’s comments in plain text.

A SCHOOL in Worcestershire has been ticked off for allegedly telling children Labour is “the only party that wants us to live” and teaching youngsters to SING anti-Nick Clegg songs.

The methods have been slammed by a county politician, who says the school in question failed to maintain “professional standards”.

As the standards of teachers and teaching in many schools seems to be piss poor anyway it makes one wonder just how low the ‘professional standards’ bar is set.

Your Worcester News can reveal how Worcestershire County Council was told about how one of its schools, which is not being named publicly, sent pupils home with pre-election messages to parents.

Why have the County Council been so reluctant to name the school. If this was all a fuss over nothing or the result of malicious gossip then surely the Council would wish to say publicly something like: ‘there is nothing untoward going on at school ‘X”

They sent 10-year-olds home with homework based around Labour Party election literature, according to Liberal Councillor Fran Oborski, who said the children were then asked to comment on “why the parents should vote Labour”.

If they were being given a broad spectrum of leaflets and were asked to examine the language used in the messages then that to me would be just about acceptable, but to concentrate on Labour leaflets? To base a whole homework session on only Labour leaflets does indeed begin to look like bias.

She said: “School pupils, especially those in the primary phase, are extremely trusting of members of the teaching profession and really do believe everything their teacher tells them.

If that is the case then maybe it is time for more parents to be have much greater vigilance over what their children are being taught. Part of the reason why Leftie teachers have got away with so much indoctrination over the years is because parents have not examined closely what their children are being taught and have not confronted teachers when these much vaunted ‘professionals’ ride their particular political hobby horse through the classroom.

“This puts a very great responsibility upon teachers, especially at election time, to maintain professional standards and not seek to impose their personal political beliefs upon vulnerable, trusting young children.

It seems in this case that the teachers at Bewdley Primary really cannot be trusted to not become Labour mouthpieces.

“During the recent election campaign my 10-year old god daughter’s homework consisted of Labour Party campaign literature on which she was asked to comment as to why her family ‘should vote Labour’.

“Her eight-year old brother came home from the same school and told his parents that ‘you must vote Labour, they are the only party that wants us to live’.”

Disgusting, absolutely disgusting, but it is not a recent phenomena. I recall many years ago being taught by several communists at secondary school, one of whom used history lessons to push communism and another who used East German propaganda materials as teaching aids. It was unacceptable then and this sort of behaviour at Bewdley Primary is still unacceptable today.

“The same child was also taught the anti-Nick Clegg ‘I’m sorry’ song by his teacher.”

This is also completely wrong. Whatever your opinions of the Lib Dems, using the ‘I’m Sorry’ song isn’t informative, it ‘s just propaganda.

Speaking during a full council meeting, she called it “completely unacceptable and unprofessional actions” by the teachers.

She also called upon the council’s leadership to take action to ensure there are no repeats.

It’s not just stopping any repeats of this incident but also it needs to be revealed just how long has Leftie propaganda been forced on children in this particular Worcestershire school? It also raises the question is this just a one off problem in a one off school, or is Lefty indoctrination a much wider problem for Worcestershire County Council than it at first seems?

Your Worcester News understands the school in question is Bewdley Primary, although the council insisted last night it was not prepared to confirm it. 

The Conservative administration at County Hall has taken the decision not to name the school, but says the authority was made aware of it and contacted staff.

Methinks that the political admin of the council, the permanent, and too often Left-wing ‘civil service’ of the council, such as the council officers, may have pushed for the decision to not name the school.

The school then told council officers the pupils were doing “compelling writing”, based on using powerful, persuasive words.

Agreed, but the ‘powerful persuasive words’ were those of the Labour party and that is what is giving people concern. There are a multitude of examples of media using powerful persuasive words that could have been used instead of Labour election leaflets.

We can reveal how the school also said the political leanings were balanced, but Cllr Oborski is adamant that was not the case.

The school is understood to have given a different version of events.

Well they would say that wouldnt’ they?

Councillor John Campion, the cabinet member for children and families, yesterday called it “an isolated case”.

“They were doing compelling writing, trying to get somebody to ‘do something’ for you, and one part of that was using political literature,” he said.

“It was an isolated case, the important thing is that common sense has to prevail, we’re pretty confident this was the case here.

“We’ve no problem with the principle behind it, you (the media) use words to get messages across.”

He added: “This was an example of using topical literature to aid pupils’ learning.

“This homework was set as part of a wider Key Stage project and there was no intention to seek to politically influence children or their parents.

“The school understands the need to provide pupils with a balanced view on subjects such as this and the majority of this project has been received positively by parents and carers.

“The school are investigating the complaint through their usual procedures.”

To this reader it appears that there could be a strong aroma of ‘bullshit’ emanating from John Campion’s words. Firstly, he may be wrong in describing this as an ‘isolated case’. There may well be much more subtle and not-so-subtle indoctrination going on in Worcestershire schools, the only thing that distinguishes this case is that the teachers have been caught at it and their misdemeanours revealed. Secondly there is a wealth of ‘topical literature’ that could aid a pupil’s learning and something as sensitive as election communications could have been avoided. Thirdly, note well the soporific phrases used by Mr Campion such as ‘a common sense approach’ to the issue, ‘isolated case’, ‘no problem in principle’ and ‘no intention to politically influence parents’. After reading these phrases you may well come to the opinion, as I have, that Mr Campion is desperate to bury not only an embarrassing problem for one school, and to avoid attention being focussed on other schools on his patch who may be doing stuff that is equally dodgy. Finally, the comment about how the complaint will be dealt with through ‘usual procedures’. Do you trust these ‘usual procedures’ or will they just find nothing wrong or sweep the issue under the carpet?

The indoctrination of children whether that be politically by socialist teachers, or by those who favourite certain politio-religious groups, is an ongoing problem and Worcestershire seems to be the latest place where this has come to light. However it is unlikely that the County Council will do anything about it without pressure from parents. Too many parents are too trusting of the teachers in their children’s schools and it is incidents like this along with other instances of political bias that show that much of the time this trust is misplaced.

It is truly time for parents to take responsibility for what their children are taught, and not just leave it to teachers too many of whom are often overly concerned with making sure the children follow a political agenda, and not imparting useful knowledge to children. These teachers need to be removed from the profession and I’ve no doubt that if they’d been pushing Centre-Right or Right propaganda on their charges, they would be looking at losing their jobs. That they will probably be allowed to continue in their posts is a scandal and an insult to parents.


Original article from the Tewkesbury Ad Mag


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  1. English...not many of us left. | May 19, 2015 at 9:41 am |

    “Give me the child until he is seven, and I will show you the man”
    Aristotle… I think, though I’m sure someone will correct me
    if I am wrong.
    As true today as it was in his time.
    More Trojan horses, this time wearing red armbands.
    They cannot teach, but they can indoctrinate.

  2. I don’t think it was Aristotle, though I may well be wrong, but I think it was the Jesuits who used to say that.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 19, 2015 at 4:23 pm |

      Yeah I seem to recall the ‘give me a child….’ saying being associated with the Jesuits. The teaching ‘profession’ needs a bloody good purge. I’m dreading my one going to school as he’s going to come up against the appalling propaganda from Lefty teachers. Some of my friends are already taking bets on how far into the first school year will I get before I have a row with a lefty teacher LOL!

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