‘The Muslim Dance’ – Making a claim of victimhood,followed by a threat of violence.

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Last week Britons were subjected to the unedifying spectacle of the mistakenly ennobled Baroness Sayeeda Warsi speaking to The Independent newspaper with her forked tongue on the issue of tackling Islamic extremism. Sounding suspiciously like a hijab’ed Private Frazier from Dad’s Army saying: ‘We’re doomed, we’re doomed’, Baroness Warsi stated that there was a ‘Cold War’ going on against Muslims, thereby asserting that Muslims are innocent victims of a vicious state that hates Muslims and wishes, unfairly, to turn them into even greater targets for oppression. Unfortunately Baroness Warsi fails to mention that since September 11th 2001 there have been 25,913 attacks by violent thugs inspired by Islam or following its precepts. There is not a Cold War being waged by non-Muslims against Muslims, there’s a very hot war being waged by Muslims against everybody else in the world.

When we see the amount of Islam-inspired violence in the world, we start to comprehend the size of the support network for the admittedly small number of Muslims who engage in violence and we learn how Muslims run their own affairs in their own countries, is it any wonder that people and governments are nervous about Islam? It’s not the Jews or the Hindus or the Methodists or the Jains who are slaughtering innocents in many countries, it’s Muslims who are doing this. There is indeed religious violence in the world but it is is more often than not violence coming from Muslims. If you could weigh Muslim religious violence on a balance against the violent acts of all other major faiths, the Muslim side of the scales would crash down hard. There is an imbalance of religious violence and it is disingenuous in the extreme for Warsi to call for new powers against Islamic hate preachers to be applied across the board to all communities.

Warsi is a liar if she thinks that all religious paths are the same, they are not. Islam is basically parasitic, expansionist thuggery with an bit of ritual and an old deity smoothed over the top. But like all these Taqiyya merchants, Warsi has to try to sell the idea of Muslims as victims rather than Muslims as oppressors, even though she must know that her claim of Muslim victimhood is both plainly dishonest and easy to disprove.

This is the first move of what I’m starting to call ‘The Muslim Dance’, it’s all ‘poor me, poor me, pour me another cup of Islamopandering’. It’s laughably dishonest and the fact that Warsi is saying these things makes the judgement of David Cameron who appointed her to the House of Lords, look as shaky as that of a gambler who puts his money on a three legged horse.

The second move in the ‘Muslim Dance’ is much more sinister than mere bullshit about how Muslims are victims, the next step is to issue threats, whether veiled or otherwise.

Something that Warsi said looks to me most definitely like a threat. Warsi said that making the attempt to deal with Islamic terror and sedition will drive more Muslims into the arms of radical Islamic groups and ‘alienate’ Muslims. So, like a gangster running a protection racket she’s telling Britons: ‘Nice country you’ve got here, be a shame wouldn’t it, if it was damaged by you mistakenly trying to defend yourselves against radical Islam and Jihad?’ Yep the more I hear from Warsi the more I think she’s not on our side. She’s another Muslim politician who puts Islam first and is prepared to offer up the spectre of more Islamic violence should we make the attempt to control the Islamic violence that we’ve already got.

The Independent (please note with this blog’s comments in plain text) newspaper said:

British Muslims fear the Government is fighting a “Cold War” against their faith which could result in an increase in extremist radicalisation, a former Conservative minister has warned.

I’ve just had to spend some time in one of Britain’s Labour/Islamic shitholes and when I saw the damage that this alliance had done there. it made me have some sympathy with those who are asking, nay pleading, with the government ‘where’s the hot war that will defend us all against Islam?’ Whilst there, I received credible allegations about Islamic fiscal corruption along with corruption of housing allocations and also I heard about supporters of Islamic groups engaging in the arson of listed buildings in order to construct yet another mosque. Whilst on my ‘Shithole Sojourn’, I saw no evidence of the poor oppressed Muslim and plenty of evidence to show that Islam was the most politically dominant if not numerically strongest demographic in the area. Cold War against Muslims, don’t make me laugh.

Sayeeda Warsi, who was Britain’s most senior Muslim minister until she resigned last year, told The Independent that plans to crack down on so-called non-violent extremism announced earlier this week could be counter-productive and alienate mainstream Muslims from British society.

Note well the threat. She knows that many people have in their minds the idea that an alienated Muslim is one more likely to be radicalised and she’s playing on it. She is trying to frighten people with the idea of cabals of radical and angry Muslims upset that they are being targeted for investigation, will attack Britons. She’s also saying these same Muslims should be appeased.

She warned that the new policy must be “applied consistently across all communities” and include “all forms of extremism” without criminalising thought.

Utter and complete bollocks I’m afraid. It’s plain to see where the problem is coming from and it’s not coming from the Hindus, the Sikhs or anybody else, the threat to us, our society and our nation is really only coming from Muslims. Trying to muddy the waters by saying that all communities have dangerous extremists is just a way of Warsi trying to talk down the sheer scale of the problem Britain faces from its Islamic fifth column.

Significantly, Baroness Warsi’s stance has been backed by the think-tank Quilliam, which has advised the Home Secretary Theresa May on anti-extremism policies.

Haras Rafiq, the organisation’s Managing Director, said the Government’s new policy risked leaving the Muslim community feeling disenfranchised.

If you try and ban someone with ideas that you and I would disagree with, that only leads to other people feeling disenfranchised and those ideas just ferment,” he said.

Now I’m exteremely disappointed about this from Haras Rafiq. As Muslim reformers, Mr Rafiq and the rest of Quilliam must be aware of the threat that they face from orthodox Islam. Targeting those Islamic preachers who are not just anti-gay but call for the murder of gays or those Islamic organisations who are actively involved in training, supporting and encouraging Islamic terrorists, such as those organisations associated with Anjem Choudary for example, is not criminalising thought . Personally I don’t care one bit whether the Muslim community feels itself ‘disenfranchised’ ,because the behaviour of too many Muslims has been so bad that feeling ‘disenfranchised’ is the least that should happen to them.

Baroness Warsi said while it was still far from clear what the Government’s definition of non-violent extremism was, there were worrying signs that the strategy was being seen as an attack on the Muslim community itself.

Well maybe, just maybe, it’s because of the Muslim community itself? This ‘community’ has caused more trouble, acted more violently, demanded more special treatment and issued more threats than almost any other large immigrant community from the last two centuries, and deservedly should be the subject of attack from the Government?

She pointed out that other faith groups often held beliefs that could be deemed to be extreme but did not appear to be a target of Government action. “The test will be whether this is a genuine attempt to deal with extremism in all its forms, as opposed to the current perception that it is a Cold War against British Muslims,” she said.

Er! Yes. Other religious groups do hold beliefs that others may determine as extreme but how many of the members of these other faiths are doing the following?

Corrupting local government including vote rigging.

Taking for oneself a religious permission to rape those outside of your belief system.

Members who have beheaded a British soldier on a British street.

People who have consistently preached sedition publicly and to approving audiences.

People who often misuse the word ‘moderate’ to describe people and ideas that are distinctly ‘immoderate’.

Those whose followers flock to Syria and Iraq, in order to fight for religious fascists.

People who, when surveyed, believe that killing women for ‘honour’ reasons is always or sometimes acceptable.

People whose gender apartheid system is so strong and so oppressive that it makes the far-far-right of Haredi Judaism look like a feminist conference.

Followers who killed innocent civilians on London’s public transport system on 7/7.

A community which consistently tops the welfare take-up league.

From where I’m sitting it’s not the Methodists, or the Jews, or the English Defence League or even the followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster who are ‘enriching’ us with such crappy behaviour and attitudes, it’s purely coming from Islam and its followers.

The Government could face serious challenge in the House of Lords where the Conservatives do not enjoy a majority. The plans will be opposed by both the Lib Dems, who objected to the measures in Government, as well as a number of cross-bench peers who will be concerned about their effect on civil liberties.

I can certainly see why some of those in the Lords will worry about the free speech implications of the proposed legislation. Maybe these concerns can be removed by the Government being honest about the problems Britain is having with Islam, and then it could introduce specific legislation that targets Islam and Islam only. Other groups are causing nothing like the sort of problems that Islam is causing, many people would welcome legislation that turned its attention to the Muslims who want to kill or enslave us and not the Christian, Jew, Hindu or even EDL’r who just wants to voice an opinion, express a point of view or follow the god or gods of their choice.

If Warsi gets her way and this legislation is made all-encompassing in order to appease Muslims, then it will end up as a dog’s breakfast, which could end up targeting those individuals and groups who are opposed to everything for which political Islam stands. Legislation that covers all and which is not specifically tailored to deal with Britain’s Islam problems, may just end up picking up the low-hanging fruit provided by the utterances of those who are non-Muslim, whether in faith or politics, whereas the genuinely dangerous Muslim individuals and organisations will continue to evade censure. What Britain really needs is not a one-size-fits-all ‘Extremism Act’, but legislation that specifically targets Islam and say damn the diversity and equality wallahs. Islam is the primary threat and the government need to deal with it.


Baroness Warsi in full on alternating whine and threat mode, from the Independent


Telegraph newspaper alleging that Warsi has helped some nasty Islamists and those associated with them gain access to government.


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  1. Just because one side is refusing to recognise it is in a war doesn’t mean there isn’t a war.

    But like everything else the government touches it fucks it up. Instead of being able to deal with it rationally with the minimum of bloodshed we will wait until it takes a full war to resolve it.

    Not all of the people are stupid and as you can see in the newspapers many are actively making their views known. More will follow until it blows up and the sooner it happens the less blood will be spilt.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 20, 2015 at 11:55 am |

      Agree there. The best time to attack or deal with violent authoritarians whether they be Nazis, revolutionary Marxists or the ideology of Islam is at the earliest possible moment when they are at their weakest. You don’t wait to confront these murderous bastards when you get to the point they are loading you onto cattle trucks, at that point it’s far too late to deal with them without a lot of bloodshed.

      Islam is like a cancer, the earliest a society deals with it, the greater the likelihood that that society will survive its encounter with Islam.

  2. English...not many of us left. | May 20, 2015 at 1:58 pm |

    Everyone is out of step…
    except the muslims.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 20, 2015 at 2:02 pm |

      The Islamic attitude always seems to be ‘it’s someone else’s fault’.

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