The Calais Invasion and the dismal response to it from the British government.

The situation in Calais is a mess, a complete mess. There have been days of rioting and instances of invaders storming or attempting to storm the Channel Tunnel entrance. The French police and French government seem unable or unwilling to deal with the problem and Britain’s response has been piss poor to say the least. David Cameron has at last said that the Army is going to be brought in, but not to shoot the invaders or help secure the lives of British citizens at risk from the migrant mayhem, but to park lorries in Kent. Our highly trained and heroic armed forces personnel are being turned into glorified car park attendants in order to take the pressure off of the M20 during Operation Stack. Using the army to park lorries is not the action we need to see against these invaders, the military should be dealing with securing the borders especially when it is a part of the border that is as porous as the Channel Tunnel. Various parts of the media have, over the last few days been reporting on the extent of the disturbances and invasion attempts and The Daily Express has reported that during the recent continual storming of the Channel Tunnel facilities my the Calais Invaders, some of these invaders got through.

According the the Express the Home Office had initially refused to state how many of these ‘migrants’ have managed to make landfall in the UK but later BBC reports said that 148 of the latest invaders to ‘rush’ the tunnel were being held by police in Folkstone. What will concern many others, as it concerns me, is if the police managed to pick up 148 invaders, how many other invaders have got through who were not apprehended and where are they now and what are they doing?

Assuming a scenario where police managed to catch 75% of the invaders when the police were aware that the invaders were storming the tunnel on the French side, that would still leave 55 to 60 invaders loose in the Kent countryside. In an ideal world we would be able to count on the police catching all the invaders who crossed via the tunnel, but we don’t live in an ideal world, and it inconceivable to think that invaders from this latest migrant riot in Calais will not have got through.

We know that too many invaders are getting through because some of them are being classified as ‘unaccompanied minors’ and are now the responsibility of the British taxpayer via Kent social services. What this means is that if an invader can convince a social services department that they are a ‘minor’ then the state is responsible for them up until they are at least 18. Money that could be being spent on our own children or our own mentally and physically disabled or our own elderly, is being spent on these particular migrants, too many of whom pretend to be younger than they are in order to get an easier ride from the British state.

We have no idea who these missing invaders may be how many got here before the recent escalation or whether their intentions in the UK are for good or ill. I would not be surprised to find out some time in the future that some of these missing invaders feature in some future crime story about a murder or a rape or some other example of despoliation of Britain and its people.

Neither the French nor British governments have done anything like enough to sort out this problem,the invader camps are still operating in France and those in vehicles that wish to cross the channel by Calais route find that they are having to run the gauntlet of violent invaders, some armed with knives.

There will no doubt be tragedies caused by these invaders, because let’s face it, it’s not as if we were dealing with a camp load of rocket scientists or brain surgeons is it? It’s more likely they are thugs, rapists, jihadists, or at best low skilled workers or those will just disappear into the black economy. All these tragedies the result of crimes and disturbances caused by these invaders will each have a human victim. Those invaders who slip into the UK will as likely as not, leave in their wake children abused, despoiled and traumatised, women raped, people grieving for loved ones murdered and householders and business owners contemplating the ruination of their property.

Will Theresa May apologise in person to these future victims of the crime that will undoubtedly come with these invaders? Will she hold the hands of those who’ve lost loved ones, or comfort the women and children who the invaders abuse, or compensate those who’ve lost homes and livelihoods? Of course she will not. The ordinary Briton will, as always, have to bear the brunt of the crimes and disturbances caused by the invaders, and the victimised Briton will get no comfort for their distress from this government or its ministers.

There can be no reason or excuse for allowing any of these invaders into the UK either by poor policing or letting them play the ‘asylum’ game. Many of these invaders have travelled through three or more safe countries, where they should have claimed asylum, but they are not doing this, they are descending on Britain, its people and ultimately its welfare system, like a plague of locusts of Biblical proportions.

The Calais camp should be bulldozed, the occupants removed to their home countries, a blanket refusal of asylum put in place for the Calais invaders, and any of those invaders who have made it to Britain should be hunted down and removed.

The security of the people of Britain deserves better than those who are in charge of it at the moment. We deserve to see the strongest and harshest action being taken against the invaders. We do not deserve Prime Minister Cameron saying to our troops ‘OK it’s time to put the guns down lads and lassies, we need to park some trucks’

I don’t know what disgusts me the most, the wave of vagrants wanting to illegally cross the Channel, or this governments dismal response to the problem of the wave of vagrants.


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  1. English, still here... just. | August 1, 2015 at 10:04 am |

    Don’t worry, Dave “absolutely” has his finger on the pulse.
    I read in the Daily Fail (sorry) that he’s going on holiday!
    So that’s sorted then. All’s well with the world… his world bubble, that is.
    Don’t suppose he will be going anywhere near Calais. Absolutely not.
    And a spokesman(?) said he, Cameron, would be in charge the whole time…
    if the EU allow him to be.
    Dave has “pledged” to fast track the latest immigration bill as soon as the tossers
    in parliament return in………September. That will be THIS September I assume,
    and the Home Secretary is said to have bought a new pair of shoes as a
    stern response to the unfolding crisis in that place somewhere over the other
    side of the channel, somewhere.
    Piss-ups in breweries comes to mind.

  2. The French Government must be held responsible for vagrants invading Britain as they allowed them to get as far as Calais unhindered.
    Some of the invaders carry the black jihadi flag and others stand up in boats and make the one finger salute of ISIS. Rejoice that these people are bringing enrichment to Western countries.

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