More innocent deaths caused to the sound of ‘Allah hu Akbar’

The Islamic savage who stabbed two women to death lies dead on the floor after being taken down by army personnel


With almost clockwork regularity, the Islamic war cry of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ is often accompanied by the violent deaths of innocents. Now it seems it is the turn of the French city of Marseilles to be afflicted by the violent savagery that is Islam.

An Islamic savage shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’ went berzerk with a knife at the Saint-Charles railway station in Marseilles stabbing one woman to death and slitting the throat of another woman also causing her death. This violent savage who attacked these two innocent women was eventually hunted down and shot dead by ‘army personnel’.

Breitbart London said:

French prosecutors say a man has been shot dead at the Saint-Charles railway station in Marseilles, after he attacked passers-by with a knife.

Official sources indicate that the attacker was eliminated by army personnel after slitting one woman’s throat and stabbing another to death.

The Sun newspaper claims cites a police source as saying the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar!” as he struck, but this has not been confirmed.

Going by the nature of the attack, the type of soft civilian target chosen and the fact that this attack has been classed as terrorist savagery of a sort closely identified with Islam then it’s highly likely that the Islamic war cry was uttered. Through bitter experience European citizens have learned that the phrase ‘can’t confirm’ the utterance of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ means that it was uttered but the authorities don’t want to admit that because it means that yet another Muslim has gone ‘full Islam’ and murdered their neighbours.

Senior politicians are rushing and have rushed to the scene of the attack, among them French interior minister Gérard Collomb. But, it is doubtful that the public grandstanding by these politicians will make the slightest bit of difference to the Islam related problems that France currently is suffering from. Empty words from politicians mouths about ‘cohesion’ or about strengthening France’s ‘values’ will achieve nothing. There will be no change until the politicians of France and of other European nations, begin to recognise that the threat to security is caused by Islam itself and is not caused by poverty or racism or lack of integration or whatever other excuse is trotted out for these Islamic savages. At present the politicians are treating what is in reality a military threat as if it was a criminal matter, but things have moved far beyond the stage where normal criminal procedures can be used to deal with Islamic savagery. Europe’s Muslims need to be told in muscular language by politicians who must do us all the courtesy of being honest about Islam, that Muslims resident in the West need to either reform Islam, renounce Islam or reconsider whether Muslims who feel they cannot take either of these paths would be happier in a place that has already been copiously ruined by Islam, places like Pakistan for instance.


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  1. Hi,
    Once again, many thanks for your sterling work…very much appreciated!
    With regard to ‘Allah hu Akbar’, there are subleties in the Arabic language.
    One meaning is ‘God is great’.
    The other, increasingly common and more usual interpretation is ‘run like f*ck’!!
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