Foolish gay Labour MP declares war on critics of Islam

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Back in the 1980’s there was a comedy satire television programme called ‘Spitting Image’. In that programme was a character, fashioned as a slug, representing the former Conservative Minister Kenneth Baker. Mr Baker’s public image did indeed exude an oleaginous quality and he appeared to the media at least, as a smooth schmoozer, anxious to do Mrs Thatcher’s bidding.

I always thought that this portrayal of Kenneth Baker was one of the best examples of how to show an allegedly sycophantic politician. However, fast forward to 2015 and we find another politician who oozes so much sycophancy and sliminess towards the ideology of Islam that comparing him or portraying him as a slug wouldn’t go far enough to express his sliminess. This disgusting appeasing slimy creature’s name is Mr Wes Streeting and he is showing his ‘Baker-Slug’ like behaviour towards Islam and more importantly towards the idea of criminalising criticism of Islam.

Wes Streeting the young, gay, Labour MP for Ilford North in the London Borough of Redbridge, has committed a blatant act of Islamopandering by calling for the counter-jihad website Gates of Vienna to be shut down. Acting in concern with John Cryer (who should know better see note below*) the Labour MP for Leyton and Wanstead and four other MP’s sent a communication to the Director of Public Prosecutions calling for the GOV site to see if the site is breaking the law.

It’s pretty obvious that Streeting who represents a constituency that has been the subject of a considerable amount of Islamification in recent years, is pandering to the Muslims who now make up much of Labour’s core vote in the area. Here we have man, Streeting, who has been a beneficiary of all that a free society can give, including freedom of religion, freedom to be gay, freedom to have an opinion going all out to prove himself with the followers of a 7th century paedophile warlord. This is an example of British politics at its worst.

This hypocrite Streeting makes nice with the very people who, if they had the power, would quite happily kill him, he is the epitome of the appeaser who seeks to feed others to the crocodile in the hope that, in this case, the Islamic reptile will eat him last. At a time when too many Muslims support other Muslims who throw gays off of tall buildings it is disgusting in the extreme to see Streeting arse-licking these Muslims and doing his utmost to shut down valid and truthful criticism of Islam.

Here’s how the local newspaper for Redbridge, the Ilford Recorder (thank you ‘Mr Anonymous Source’ for his link) has reported this latest foolish, suicidal, left wing brain-fart from Mr Wesley Streeting. As usual the original news report is in italics and this blog’s comments are in plain text:

According to The Guardian, six opposition MPs, including Ilford North MP, Mr Streeting, and Leyton and Wanstead MP, Mr Cryer, wrote to the director of public prosecutions (DPP) asking whether The Gates of Vienna website breaks the law.

What law? A real law, or one of the Labour/Conservative ‘hate speech’ laws that only seem to govern speaking against Islam and almost never when Muslims take to the streets and threaten death to non-Muslims? Unless actual violence is being incited as would be the case if someone said ‘go to the local mosque and burn it down’, then people speaking about Islam in a negative way is none of Mr Streeting’s business. It’s plain to see what is happening here, Streeting is trying to gain as much support and favour with Redbridge’s Muslims as he can so that he can keep his seat. Streeting is suggesting that people’s right to have an opinion on a matter of religion should be taken away because Muslims don’t like it. Think about what Streeting is suggesting for a second and realise, as I have done, how treasonably the Labour Party has behaved towards Britain’s non-Muslims.

The website heavily promotes an exhibition in central London, in September, containing cartoons of the prophet Muhammed, which could be designed to incite Islamist violence.

Cartoons don’t make violence, violent Muslims do. We have had religious cartoons for decades now and mocking religion is a vital part of a society where most people (the Monarch excluded) have both freedom of religion and freedom from religion. There has only really been a big issue with violence over mocking of religion since Islam arrived unwanted on Britain’s shores. Let’s face it most Jews and Christians have better things to do and better ways to express themselves when figures like Moses and Jesus are mocked, that Muslims are not able to do that shows how important it is to defend ourselves from Shariah and mercilessly mock Mohammed.

The event has been organised by former Ukip parliamentary candidate Anne-Marie Waters.

Good for her. May there be many other similar events.

Mr Streeting told the Recorder: “It is really clear that the website makes no bones about being a far-right website designed to incite hatred against Muslims.

‘Far Right’ is becoming the standard ‘bogeyman’ word used by appeasers like Streeting to dismiss those who question or criticise Islam and Shariah. Some consider me ‘far right’ but I’m just about the last person who would don jackboots and march around being obnoxious like that. It’s a meaningless ‘snarl’ word when used in this way just as ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobe’ have become.

It has the potential to cause a repeat of the Norway massacre with Anders Breivik and that is why I have referred it to the DPP.”

Like hell does it. This is sheer hyperbole. A brief look at the first couple of pages of GOV doesn’t show anything like the of flammable language that could invite attention from the DPP.

The name of the website refers to a battle in 1683 between Europeans and Muslim Ottoman forces.

Which thankfully the Muslims lost.

It details how anti-Muslim paramilitary groups could operate in a future war against Islam.

Speculation about the future is not incitement. If that was the case then much alternative history fiction or other speculative fiction with one foot in today’s world would also need to be banned. Is that what Streeting wants, because that is where his call for prosecution end up.

Mr Streeting said there was no difference between this website – believed to be hosted on British servers – and a jihadi training page.

He can’t even get this one right. It appears that GOV’s servers are not even in the United Kingdom or under UK jurisdiction. An article on the Gates of Vienna webpage on the very subject of British MP’s calling for their site to be prosecuted under British states that:

Well, I can tell the CPS something to save them a lot of time and money: “No, this website’s owners are not breaching the law. They are in full compliance with the law of the land that holds jurisdiction over them. This website is protected by the First Amendment of the United States of America, which guarantees our God-given right to publish what we wish. This same right is acknowledged as one of our Ancient Liberties under English Common Law — which has fallen into sad neglect in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

He explained: “As the tragic events in Norway show, we cannot be complacent about the far-right.

Streeting cannot help but shroud-wave and scaremonger here can he? There is a world of difference between Brevik and the overall world of the counterjihad. Streeting is using the word ‘Brevik’ as a shield to make it seem as if he was less of an Islamopanderer than he is. Sorry Streeting but many of us are no longer prepared to shut up just because someone shouts ‘Brevik’ or ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobe’.

Yet people like Streeting seem to continually ignore the clear and present danger of the Islamic far right. This is a preposterous intellectual and political position to take.

We need to treat this as we would treat a ISIL training website and get it shut down.”

For what? For having an opinion that you don’t agree with? For telling the truth about Islam? It is certainly nothing like an ISIS training website except that GOV, like the ISIS sites, show Islam as it is and not how naïve fools like Wes Streeting would like it to be.

Streeting has given the local Muslims of Redbridge such a massive arse-licking with this foolish attempt to close down criticism of Islam that maybe he should be nicknamed ‘Rimmer’ after the sycophantic, weak, easily impressed, easily dominated, cowardly character in the comedy show ‘Red Dwarf’. It is disgusting that such a person should be sitting in our House of Commons, especially as it is obvious that he got his seat partially at least by pandering to Islam and Muslims. Wes Streeting is an example of all that is wrong with the Labour Party and our wider political system.


Original article from the Ilford Recorder

Please note, the comments from the Recorder site on this subject have been pasted in a data dump below. This is in case the comments ‘disappear’ as can often happen in local papers when the Religion of Rape and Murder is criticised.

The Islamification of Redbridge Part One

The Islamification of Redbridge Part Two

Gates of Vienna statement on whose law they abide by

Gates of Vienna main website

Note: John Cryer the MP for Leyton and Wanstead should know better than to pander to Islam like this. His mother Ann Cryer both when she was an MP and after she left Parliament was one of the few MP’s who spoke up against Islamic Rape Gangs and similar crimes. Ann Cryer also spoke up about honour killings and forced marriages and called on immigrant communities (especially Muslims) to become more integrated in British society.

See these Wiki pages on Ann Cryer, John Cryer and Mrs Cryer’s comments about the Rochdale Islamic Rape Gang case below

Re the Rochdale case

Ann Cryer

John Cryer

Data Dump of comments from the Ilford Recorder


  • Countries governed by Islamic law are some of most intolerant, unjust and illiberal places on the planet. The right to criticize (as well as satirize) the source of these laws – the Quran and the words and actions of Mohammad – is CRITICALLY important, especially for actual reformers living in those countries. Given the above, it is absolutely despicable that a sitting MP would find satirical images directed at the source of these shariah based laws MORE OF A PROBLEM than Islamic supremacists morons who would respond to such an exhibit with violence – and quite intentional violence at that, with the DIRECT GOAL of silencing critics.

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    EpiphyteAAA .

  • Tuesday, August 4, 2015

    Countries governed by Islamic law are some of most intolerant, unjust and illiberal places on the planet. The right to criticize (as well as satirize) the source of these laws – the Quran and the words and actions of Mohammad – is CRITICALLY important, especially for actual reformers living in those countries. Given the above, it is absolutely despicable that a sitting MP would find satirical images directed at the source of these shariah based laws MORE OF A PROBLEM than Islamic supremacists morons who would respond to such an exhibit with violence (and quite intentionally violence at that, with the DIRECT GOAL of silencing critics).

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    EpiphyteAAA .

  • Tuesday, August 4, 2015

    How about banning the former resident of Ilford Anjem Choudary? If it weren’t for him promoting his version of love and peace Lee Rigby could have been alive. But it’s a pay back time for Wes and he wouldn’t dare.

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    Clara C

  • Monday, August 3, 2015

    The Gates of Vienna website does NOT promote hatred of Islam. It presents the truth about Islam in a way that will help westerners understand the great danger of a so-called religion that is bent on destroying the west. These MPs should realize that proper and well-founded criticism is not hate speech but part of free speech. Or are they not interested in free speech but more in pandering to a vote bloc? Despicable behaviour by spoilt politicians.

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    Fred Gordons

  • Monday, August 3, 2015

    I’ll try again. If this room temperature IQ politician is any indication of life in Ilford, ’tis no wonder it was voted 2nd unhappiest place to live. Notice to UK media: our server is not,nor has it ever been, located in the U.K. Hint: try Vienna

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    Dymphna Gates

  • Monday, August 3, 2015

    It amazes me how those on the left, and prominent members of the LGBT community, such as our newly elected gay Labour MP Mr Wesley Streeting, actively support those who would rather see him taken to the top of a very tall building and shown the quick way down… It would appear turkeys do indeed vote for Christmas…especially when appeasing the core Muslim vote…

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  • Wednesday, July 29, 2015

    Pathetic excuse for a human being pandering to Moslems for votes.So he’s saying we can’t criticise Islam ? Doesn’t he realise that he is promoting a cult which will eventually destroy Europe and the European race if allowed to do so !

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    Syd Moore

  • Wednesday, July 29, 2015

    Ahh, the young Wesley Sweeting MP pandering to his core vote..maybe Mr Sweeting should be stating….”As the tragic events in Rochdale Rotherham Oxforshire show, we cannot be complacent about the Labour Party”…..I can think of at least 1400 reasons to ignore Wesley Sweeting MP..

7 Comments on "Foolish gay Labour MP declares war on critics of Islam"

  1. English, still here... just. | August 4, 2015 at 1:39 pm |

    He’s a Labour stooge for fucks sake, what do you expect?
    There are NO depths to which they will not sink or prostitute themselves
    to keep their disgusting snouts in the taxpayer funded trough.
    (Apologies to prostitutes, they at least are more honest than MPS,
    with the work they do.)
    And people continue to vote for these low life, treasonous bottom-feeders.

  2. Bob Marshall | August 4, 2015 at 3:23 pm |

    That is not foolishness; it is downright treasonous, but then what can we expect from the appeasers who call themselves ‘socialists’.

  3. Wesley Streeting Labour MP pandering to Muslims..? Attends opening of a new Kashmir food store in November 2014, then scrapes by an election win (majority 589 votes) in May 2015…..

    When the day of reckoning comes, it looks like Mr Streeting MP could be the first to the wall…off a tall building…swinging from a lampost

  4. English, still here... just. | August 5, 2015 at 3:04 pm |

    @ name on…… we can but hope.

  5. Nicole Purdy | August 7, 2015 at 5:36 pm |

    Streeting’s muslim overlords helped him to win the Parliamentary seat – it is no secret that the death threats muslims kept making to Lee Scott which did not allow him even to campaign properly. Now the overlords expect Streeting to pay back which he is so eager to do. So he stays that expressing the (true and substantiated!!) opinion about Islam and its atrocities is against the law. How about treason to your country and constituents (even those who are now White British minority) – isn’t that against the law any more?

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 7, 2015 at 6:37 pm |

      Labour have become the party of treason against the British working classes. I wonder if Streeting knew about the death threats to Lee Scott and if so did he do anything about them?

  6. Maybe bandying about terms like “The Islamic Far Right” could stump them for a while, as what could more be a manifesto for elite privilege for some, and cruel treatment and subjugation for others, than the Islamic supremacist doctrines of sharia-based Islam? Labour candidates backing the ‘far right’, wot next? Of The Islamic Far Right in Britain website (, their last update was Jan 2015, and some links no longer function, but (along with Stand For Peace, it is a good source of info.

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