The Germans really do appear to have had enough of their government’s immigration policy.

Gymnasium at ‘refugee’ centre in Nauen, Germany after being burned to the ground.

The other day I saw a striking figure quoted by a libertarian Tweeter, Old Holborn, who said that the Germans, who are rapidly getting pissed off with their government dumping thousands upon thousands of mostly Islamic economic migrants in their towns and cities, were burning down an ‘asylum centre per night and nobody in the MSM is reporting it’. This struck me as a significant escalation of what started as an expression of frustration with State and regional governments who imposed refugee centres, and by extension the crime and social disorder that the ‘refugees’ or rather Invaders, bring.

At first this figure seemed to have a the tint of hyperbole about it; although subsequent research showed that, in recent days at least, this claim has a strong element of truth about it with one source claiming that there had been 200 attacks on asylum centres since the start of the year. This does indeed work out to roughly one attack per day. There were fires recently at different refugee/invader centres and two men were arrested for entering one of these centres armed with an 8” knife. There is also an unconfirmed report that a refugee/invader centre has been burned in Berlin (see video below).

As far as I can make out there have been several attacks already this week and this number is liable to rise as more Germans get angry. Not even the sight of Angela Merkel accusing the angry Germans of being ‘neo-Nazis’ for objecting to the imposition of violent, mostly Islamic, third world thugs and ponces, seems to be reducing the frustration about immigration of a growing number of ordinary Germans.

The German state seems to care more for the immigrants than it does for its own people, and it is showing and Germans seem to be noticing. The politicians are not listening to the people when they object, quite reasonably, to having among them large groups of people from cultures that they know are going to end up making their lives a misery and will sponge greedily from the German welfare system. The ordinary German know from looking at Britain, Sweden, Denmark and France what happens when you allow in hundreds of thousands of Muslims to a previously homogeneous but tolerant country. They have seen the rise in crime, sex trafficking, welfare troughing, police and local government corruption, along with the violence that has accompanied Islam to other nations and quite frankly, I don’t blame them if they don’t want it where they are.

It seems that there are many elected politicians in the German state, especially of the Left, who appear to care more about feeling good and fluffy within themselves, rather than listening to and protecting the ordinary German. Those politicians who are continually trumpeting the fact that today’s Germans are not at all like those who followed the destructive paths of the past, fail to see that dumping mostly Islamic third worlders on the ordinary German is just as destructive to the nation as running an aggressive militaristic foreign policy was to Germany in the past.

The German state has stoked this violence by removing from the German people the right to effectively protest about both Germany’s immigration policy and about the place of Islam in German society. At the same time the German state has waved the shrouds of its past history in order to get people to shut up and enjoy the diversity. These sort of actions are not going to end well. The Germans of today are nothing like the Germans of the past, anybody can see that. It’s an insult to the dead of WWII to try to stop Germans from protesting against the swamping they are experiencing, by using those dead to shame Germans into a slumberous national suicide. The ordinary German has a right to be worried and a right to fight back, because Germany is facing the prospect of taking in 800,000 people next year. When you realise that many of those will be from cultures that hate and despise the sort of freedoms that the post-WWII German has grown up with, then you start to think how can anybody blame today’s Germans for wanting to fight back against an invasion like that?

I can’t blame the Germans for fighting back, I would have preferred, as any other reasonable person would, that the situation would have been resolved peacefully. The problem is that would mean German politicians listening to the indigenous people and long term settled and loyal immigrants who are already living in some of the third world and Islamic ghettos that have been created. This is something that the politicians of Germany and the politicians of other European nations have failed to do; preferring instead to shout ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘xenophobe’ at those who speak uncomfortable truths about Islam and inappropriate levels and types of immigration.

This violence could have been avoided by listening to, rather than demonising, those who are sceptical about multiculturalism or inappropriate levels and types of immigration. Germany is beginning to burn, and it’s all the fault of Merkel and the other multiculturalists, who can’t see that all cultures are not equal and who are wrong when they assume that they will be able to bully the ordinary German forever.


Old Holborn Twitter account name @Holbornlolz

International Business Times reporting that there have been 200 attacks this year on ‘refugee’ centres in Germany

African news source, iAfrica on the latest protests against invasion in Germany

A Yahoo news report which inadvertantly shows the gulf between the politicians who believe that the resettlement of these ‘refugees’ is going well and the ordinary German who can see that it is not.

Two ‘refugee’ centres burned down in Germany on one day alone

Mainstream media in Germany is desperate to blame the uprising against imposed third world and Islamic immigration on the ‘far right’.

EU publication Euractiv blames those objecting to massive levels and inappropriate types of immigration and not the criminal migrants

Vine video allegedly showing ‘refugee’ centre in Berlin burning.

10 Comments on "The Germans really do appear to have had enough of their government’s immigration policy."

  1. Ragnar Vagmörnasson | August 27, 2015 at 2:14 pm |

    The reports are all true. The one in Berlin I saw myself. But three or four others around the country as well. THIS week.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 27, 2015 at 2:36 pm |

      Thanks for that. At first the claim of ‘one invader centre a day being burned down’ looked a little high but it is a figure that checked out with overseas ie non-German, non-EU media. I believe that the spread of resistance to the enforced housing of often violent moochers is far beyond what I think would be the capability of the German ‘far right’. What is happening cannot be blamed on the very small number of far rightists who were capable of carrying out these attacks it must be a much wider number of Germans taking part. In this case it shows that the Germans are quite rightly pissed off not only with having invading moochers foisted up on them and for whom they are expected to pay. They seem to be equally fed up with being ignored or insulted or smeared by politicians and media when they voice their concerns with a policy of importing ‘ambulant trouble’.

  2. Politicians all over Europe refuse to listen to their indigenous people, this has gone on in the UK for years, what and when will it change, we must all work together and persuade these Islamic invaders that they are not welcome as we have no wish for our own Countries to be reduced to the ####holes the Muslims have left.

  3. James Strong | August 27, 2015 at 7:22 pm |

    I notice that you use the word ‘invader’ and I think you are right to do so.
    We have seen migrants confront the properly authorised police force of Macedonia, then doing the same at the border of Hungary.
    They haven’t been invited, and they confront the authority of the country they want to enter and break through physical barriers too.
    What word is more appropriate than ‘invasion’ to describe what is happening?

  4. “Hostile colonist” is a better term than “immigrant”.

    • Fahrenheit211 | September 7, 2015 at 10:31 am |

      Judging by the behaviour of the mostly Islamic hordes I prefer the term ‘Invader’ or just ‘scum’.

  5. Mark Muehler | October 6, 2015 at 1:35 pm |

    “Mama Merkel” and her cronies made the decision to bring in a massive work force for the near future since Germany’s population is aging rapidly and the birthrate is at an all time low (below replacement numbers). She and her partners in this travesty of common sense have a view that the invaders will acclimate and benefit Germany in the long run. It will never happen. The Muslims won’t work in old age homes taking care of geriatric Germans, nor will they be tolerant of others and their religions. Muslims will take care of their own (to a point) and bring their tribal & religious intolerance into everyday life in Germany. One must understand that the cultures the invaders come from don’t value tolerance or multiculturalism. They’ve been brought up in that mindset since birth and nothing will change it. Nothing.

    In the near term, Germany’s internal intelligence folks will have to ramp up quickly to contain the salafists and hardcore haters of the West, which plays nicely into “Mama Merkle’s” plan on expanding the government. The German’s have every right to to be incensed at their government’s ignorance and trampling of basic tenants of a federal republic. The majority of German voters are centrist with a good percentage leaning center left. The mass invasion by welfare seekers will implode the economy and drive ordinary German citizens to the right and far right when the majority of the citizens figure out their government is not a government for and by the people.

    Germany is at a crossroads now. Prosperous, Powerful, and Efficient, however that very prosperity has giving rise to leaders who are governed by ego with a lack of future planning. Any person with a modicum of common sense can see Germany is headed toward a massive upheaval of it’s culture and society. Perhaps it was planned by Merkel and her cronies, who knows?

    German citizens better get organized and take back their country before there is nothing left. They’ better get really angry and begin forcing changes in their government.

    If ordinary German citizen’s do nothing, then the days are numbered when they can go to Oktoberfest, hoist a liter or two of beer and eat sausages and dishes made with pork. They should expect gangs of invaders to force their religious and cultural beliefs on ordinary German citizens with violence, the same violence the invaders used against each other in their home countries.

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