I told you this would happen! Woodford edition.

The above image of Mo the Paedo and the fresh faced useful idiot MP Wes Streeting, is replacing one that was 'shopped using an image from the Ilford Recorder. As a matter of courtesy to the Ilford Recorder (for my own reasons), I have removed the offending picture, and replaced it with something even more offensive. If anyone wants to know why the picture of Mo the Paedo and 'Drip-man' have replaced the original image of Wes Streeting and one of the local unwanted mosqueteers, then don't blame me, blame the Ilford Recorder.

The above image of Mo the Paedo and the fresh faced useful idiot MP Wes Streeting, is replacing one that was ‘shopped using an image from the Ilford Recorder. As a matter of courtesy to the Ilford Recorder (for my own reasons), I have removed the offending picture, and replaced it with something even more offensive. If anyone wants to know why the picture of Mo the Paedo and ‘Drip-man’ have replaced the original image of Wes Streeting and one of the local unwanted mosqueteers, then don’t blame me, blame the Ilford Recorder.

This blog has, with the assistance of sources, most of whom by necessity have to remain anonymous, published quite a few stories about the London Borough of Redbridge, and especially the problems with Islamificaiton that are occurring there. Therefore it is quite gratifying to see media organisations on the political Right reporting on the tensions that are growing there, mostly over what is being seen by some in the area as the imposition of Islam where it is not wanted.

The Brietbart website is reporting that anger that the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol has imposed a mosque on the Woodford area of Redbridge and anger about this decision is spilling over into violence. Local people are angry that a shop that was illegally being used as a mosque was given retrospective planning permission by the Planning Inspectorate, despite local councillors in the area recommending refusal on the grounds of parking and because the mosque is not a retail outlet as specified in the local usage plan.

These Muslims who royally took the piss out of the law and out of local people have been rewarded for their actions by being given planning permission. Because the Muslim group behaved badly and used this building as a mosque despite not having permission to do so, permission to use this building should as a matter of justice be refused.

The granting of the appeal to the planning inspector for the premises in Snakes Lane East, is a slap in the face for local residents, one of whom has told the Muslims in no uncertain terms that Islamic savagery is not wanted in the area. The person did this by chucking a brick with a note attached through the window of the mosque.

Brietbart said:

It is a muggy evening in one of London’s most “diverse” boroughs – Redbridge. A figure stalks the pavement, ambling past the Coral bookmakers, clutching in his hand a package he so desperately wants to deliver to the shop next door – two conjoined buildings, nondescript on the outside besides a few wooden boards and peeling paintwork.

He walks by the door, missing the postbox, and instead delivers his parcel – a brick with a note – directly through the window of the shop, which is now the Woodford Muslim Cultural Centre. The glass smashes. The sirens wail. And the man hot foots it past the florist to the left, and disappears into the night.

Rewind to just eight months prior, when hundreds of local residents signed petitions and lodged their objections with their local council over the building of the mosque. Not because it is built for Muslims, but rather, because their high street wasn’t built to take such a “cultural centre” – and the very nature of the planning application was opposed by their elected leaders on the basis that it didn’t comply with the local plan for the retail areas of the community.

Never mind. Because just seven months on Britain’s central government agency, the Planning Inspectorate, decided that the council and local residents were wrong. The mosque should be allowed. Damn the parking problems. Damn the impact on community cohesion. And damn the fact that the council as well as local residents had promised to find a more suitable location. No, according to the British government, there must be a mosque on this main high street. Directly opposite the 111-year-old St. Barnabus Parish Church, and just yards away from rows of terraced housing, where parking is already hugely problematic.

Circa two hundred worshippers can now attend the mosque on Snakes Lane East, in the borough that has experienced a four-fold increase in its Bangladeshi population since 2001, and which has the highest proportion of Pakistanis of all London boroughs. In short: the rise of “multiculturalism” and top-down enforced “diversity” is playing havoc with this local community.”

What is ironic about this case is that the Snakes Lane Mosque is one of the few Islamic projects that haven’t been passed by the council or quietly ‘allowed’ to happen, as previous articles on here about Redbridge will show. The council actually opposed this imposition for once, only to have the mosque imposed on Snakes Lane from above by the planning inspector. No wonder people are resorting to throwing bricks.

I could have told anybody what would happen if you take a decent area with people of a variety of jobs, incomes, social statuses and religions, dump the ideology of Islam on it and then have the local authority pander to it for all that they are worth, Redbridge has done this whilst simultaneously accusing anybody who objects of being ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ or ‘Islamophobes’.

The response to the brick throwing from the local political establishment has amazingly been laughable, stupid and appeasing all at the same time.

Here is how the Ilford Recorder has reported the political response to this minor attack on the imposed mosque. As usual the original report is in italics and this blog’s response is in plain text. You may also note if you visit the local paper’s website that as is usual in cases where locals object to the Islamic religion of rape and murder, there is no facility for readers to comment.

The Ilford Recorder said:

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting has spoken out against vandalism on a Woodford Green faith centre, saying it appears “to be fuelled by anti-Muslim hatred”.

No, the attack has been fuelled by the fact that yet another mosque or Islamic cultural centre or whatever they want to call it has been imposed where it is plainly not wanted.

Police are investigating after the Woodford Muslim Cultural Centre, in Snakes Lane East, had a brick thrown through its window late on Monday night.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Met Police are spending more resources investigating this very minor attack on the members of the religion of rape and murder than then would if this had happened to anybody else other than a Muslim or to Islamic property.

Previous incidents against the centre include the word ‘bacon’ reportedly being daubed on the door, and a note saying: “A mosque is not wanted in Woodford. The rivers of blood are close to overflowing.”

Again these are indications that the mosque is really not wanted where it has been imposed. That is the key issue here. People don’t dislike Islam for irrational reasons, they dislike it because they see what it does when it takes over an area. Redbridge is adjoining the very heavily Islamised and Muslim influenced Newham and Waltham Forest London boroughs. They know what Islam is like, and they don’t want it in their area. Having lived in an Islamised area myself, I don’t blame them for wanting to keep their area as Islam-free as they can. The attack on the Islamic centre is not the problem, the imposition of the mosque and Islam is the problem. Unfortunately clowns like Wes Streeting can’t see that.

Mr Streeting said: “There can be no excuses for this appalling act of vandalism and I hope that the police investigation finds those responsible so that they can face the full force of the law.

I think that you find that there is an excuse for this attack and that excuse is that even though the normally Islam friendly Redbridge Council refused this mosque, the Islamic group have managed to get permission by the back door via the appeals system. In other words the Muslim group got a government agency to impose the mosque in defiance of the democratic will of the local people. That sort of thing is bound to piss people off.

This attack follows other reported incidents at the centre that appear to have been fuelled by anti-Muslim hatred.

Muslims unfortunately do a great deal to make themselves hated. Some Muslims may not like that statement but there it is, it’s the truth. There are only so many bombs you can set off, heads you can remove and under-age girls you can rape, before people start to greatly dislike the ideology of those who commit such atrocities.

The harmony of our diverse community is something that is widely cherished

Please don’t make me laugh too hard Mr Streeting with the guff about ‘harmony of a diverse community’. There isn’t even any harmony between the borough’s Muslim residents and in some cases they are even fighting in the mosques and calling each other ‘kuffar’.

and I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of residents will be appalled by these incidents.”

There are probably a great many also quietly approving of this blow against the mosque imposition. Silent approval of violent acts like this is the ultimate result of consistent Islamopandering by local and central government.

The Labour MP said he was organising a meeting with the Metropolitan Police, anti-Muslim violence awareness group Tell MAMA and local community groups.

Here you can see not only Wes Streeting showing just whose side he is on (and it’s not the non-Muslims), he is also showing utter stupidity in bringing the Tell Mama group into the fray. Surely as an MP he must know that Tell Mama are a deeply questionable group which has proven problems with honesty, and whose senior officers have on several occasions attempted to use both the civil and criminal law to shut down the organisation’s critics? An MP, even a weak, Islam appeasing MP like Wes Streeting should have been aware of the many valid criticisms that are on record against the Tell Mama organisation and their leader Fiyaz Mughal. Not for nothing are they known as: ‘Mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists’. An MP of all people should know better.

In a statement online Redbridge Council leader Cllr Jas Athwal said: “There is no excuse for violence, in any form, and this, alongside reports of other anti-Muslim incidents at the centre are truly despicable.

I wonder how effusive people like Cllr Athwal are when non-Muslims and their property area attacked by Muslims? My guess would be that he would sound a mighty bit more quieter. As a Sikh Cllr Athwal should know better than to come out on the side of Islam as Islam is just as hostile to Sikhism as it is to Judaism and Christianity.  

They are pure and simply hate crimes – mindless acts of violence and threats against a centre because of its religion.”

No they are not. They are acts of hatred against a political ideology that covers itself in the spiritual trappings of a religion. Anyway, people don’t hate Islam for what it is, but they hate Islam for what it encourages its followers to do.

The centre has been unpopular with residents as it acrimoniously gained planning permission in July, after previously being rejected, following an appeal decision by an independent planning inspector.

I think the word ‘unpopular’ in this paragraph is an understatement.

Leader of the opposition Cllr Paul Canal (Con, Bridge) said: “The appeal decision drove a coach and horses through our planning policy.

It did indeed.

I objected to the centre because it took away the chance of a retail unit. I oppose violence in this form and all forms.”

I would agree with Cllr Canal on the opposing violence front, but I would ask him what would he do if he were an ordinary person and not a councillor, who had played the planning game properly, used the legal way to get redress, only to find that you, your area and your rights had been shat upon from a great height? I think that could push more than a few people over the edge and into violence. I keep saying when things like this happen: ‘I told you what would occur if you kept Islamopandering’. Plonking mosques where they are not wanted, and denying local people the right to effectively object to them only encourages those who are already hotheads to act, and indeed helps to create more hotheads.

Bashir Chaudhry, chairman of the Redbridge Islamic Centre, told the Recorder the attack happened due to “the fear of the unknown”,

No it’s because people fear and dislike your religion of rape and murder.

He added: “if they talk to each other and learn from each other, not throw bricks, they will create a harmonious community.”

It appeared to be a much more harmonious community before Islam arrived there. Anyway, I learned all I need to know about Islam on 9/11 and 7/7 and from the murder of Lee Rigby and the ongoing mass rapes carried out by Muslims.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact Redbridge CID on 101.

Sod that! Having seen what Islam is doing to my country there is no way on earth would I grass up someone for this sort of action. I don’t like or approve of violence normally but I’ll be buggered if I lift a finger to help Muslims. Especially not in the circumstances relating to this particular case I wouldn’t.

Do you think there should be an Islamic Centre in Woodford Green? Email ralph.blackburn@archant.co.uk.

Why not contact Mr Blackburn and tell him what you think and tell him what Islam has done to your area?

To read the original source of this story please click here:


Did those who run this Islamic Centre and who worked in an underhanded and sneaky manner to usurp the will of the local people really think that their imposition would be welcomed with open arms? If they did they must be more arrogant than they have already proven themselves to be.

The reason that this building is being attacked is because the Muslims insisted that they have it there even though a great number of non-Muslims nearby objected. The Muslims would not budge and arrogantly imposed this mosque on unwilling and unfriendly neighbours, what really did they expect would happen, that they would be given flowers and cake? Of course they would be met by hostility, how could they expect to be greeted in any other manner bearing in mind the way the Muslim group has behaved.

Those politicos and left wingers who are expressing shock-horror at this attack should realise that if you remove people’s rights to live unmolested by backward ideologies, then they are bound to fight back in some way. This is a classic example of citizens attempting to do things the correct, legal and peaceful way, only to be dumped upon. You could not design a better trigger for violence than that.

Sad to say, I told you that this sort of thing might happen.


Brietbart story about the attack on the unwanted mosque in Woodford, Essex


Ilford Recorder story about the attack on the unwanted mosque


Woodford Guardian story on the attack. Please note that this paper has (at least for the moment) allowed comments to be made by readers. Just in case these ‘disappear’ from the paper later, I have pasted them in an addendum at the bottom of the page.

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Comments from the Woodford Guardian

MP condemns ‘appalling’ brick attack on mosque

Icouldbedancing says… 11:49am Thu 27 Aug 15

Now he speaks up … how about the support he offered to local residents appealing this farcical. We don’t want it, its not a suitable space, it operated illegally to start with and why should people just roll over and accept it! If this is the tension now I cant wait till our drives get blocked, I cant get a pushchair past, have to deal with comings and going at all hours, congregate outside and generally ruin our shops and choice! The guy in Bristol should be ashamed and what choice do we get as locals – none we are overruled!

Score: 8

Pcgawnmad says… 12:19pm Thu 27 Aug 15

Hang on a minute Mr Streeting, it is not an ‘attack on a mosque’.
These are two empty shops ‘yet to be converted’. This is criminal damage , the type of which , if you wander around the surrounding streets, you will see is prevailant borough wide. Nice of you to give special attention to this matter which leaves many to wonder why you do! Will you be calling around with the same zeal to other victims of far more serious crime? No , I doubt you will. It is obvious that you had a hidden agenda by staying silent when this application to propose a mosque first took place, you now want to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.bbthe best thing you can do is try and muster up some kind of campaign to get this decision overturned as it WILL cause much dissatisfaction amongst residents nearby. This is not the place for a mosque and you know it.

Score: 9

paul.taylor742 says… 12:51pm Thu 27 Aug 15

So, the openly homosexual Labour MP for Ilford North finally makes a statement on what is happening in his constituency, in SUPPORT of the illegal mosque builders, many of whom would have him taken to the top of a very tall building and shown the quick way down….Wesley Streeting MP then goes on to explain how he will be seeking a meeting with the discredited organisation Tell MAMA, who’s director Fiyaz Mughal was accurately described as “mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist” whom the Press Complaints Commission failed to uphold a complaint from….http://blogs
-us/…..The Labour Party and it’s quisling MP’s are clearly the party of Islam, the sooner this party is consigned to the dustbin of history the better…..

10 Comments on "I told you this would happen! Woodford edition."

  1. For Muzz to achieve the takeover, sooner or later they needed to become too big to hide and to do things too huge for the Press to get away with not reporting on. Indeed, this was inevitable!

  2. Wes in his red tie and Pioneer Pavlik in his red scarf – some similarities?


    • Fahrenheit211 | August 28, 2015 at 6:47 am |

      Well, Wesley the Wimp does hail from student leftism, so there could be a similarity. Also, Wes, like Pavlik, has chosen the wrong moral side.

  3. Vincent Bate | August 28, 2015 at 8:20 am |

    They all abhor violence and racism, but they can’t make the connection with the idea that if you repeatedly and consistently ignore the legitimate concerns of native peoples, that is exactly where you end up. Are they stupid, or so wedded to the dogma of multiculturalism they’ve turned on their own country? Doesn’t that make them traitors?

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 28, 2015 at 9:50 am |

      At the very least people like Wes Streeting should be considered as ‘useful idiots’ for Islam.

      • Vincent Bate | August 28, 2015 at 9:59 am |

        I prefer the terms “Quisling” and “Dhimmi”.

        • Fahrenheit211 | August 28, 2015 at 10:03 am |

          I agree but at the very least people like Streeting are stupid. At worst Streeting is behaving in a very ‘quisling-like’ manner though isn’t he?

          • Vincent Bate | August 29, 2015 at 7:22 am |

            Yes, I agree. I apologise for going on a tangent, but he and his ilk are why imo, the Labour party no longer deserves to exist. Undemocratic? Possibly, but years of observation of leftwing behaviour has taught me democracy is only for those who agree with me!

  4. Isn’t the Centre’s leader Bashir Chaudhry, Wes’ best grinning friend, the one organizing a protest against our former MP during his campaign just because he supported Israel? Was it his friends who threatened him and chased him so that he needed security? http://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/136156/ex-mp-lee-scott-says-antisemitic-abuse-cost-him-his-seat

  5. the man in the pic with Wes – Vaseem Ahmed… not Bashir Chaudhry

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