The ‘King Herod Day Nursery’ award for the most inappropriate person to hold a job.

Sarah Champion MP (picture from the Daily Mirror)

A person may well baulk at sending their child to a childcare facility called ‘The King Herod Day Nursery’. Similarily, a pub or a restaurant that called itself ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ or ‘The Myra Hindley’ may not be overly blessed with customers. Some names, historical events and indeed some individuals can have a reputation so utterly poisonous or horrific that they are a turn off and not an attraction for anyone but the ghoulish. A normal person who encountered a business with a name like the imaginary ones above, would have a ‘what on earth’ moment. They would probably consider those who named their business after a criminal monster as either sick, or misguided or attention seekers or just plain wrong ‘uns.

Many people this week will be looking at Jeremy Corbyn’s appointment of Sarah Champion the MP for Rotherham as ‘Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse’ and will have their own ‘What on Earth!’ moment over this decision. They may also be wondering whether Corbyn is, by this monstrously inappropriate appointment, showing himself to be a sick, misguided, attention-seeking, wrong ‘un.

Here is an excerpt from the Left-wing Independent newspaper about this worrying appointment. As is usual for this blog, the original source for this and other sources for this article are in italics and Editor comments are in plain text.

The Independent said:

Labour MP Sarah Champion has been appointed as her party’s shadow minister for preventing abuse.

The MP for Rotherham will work in the party’s home affairs team and sit on its front bench.

Ms Champion has a track record of working to expose child sexual abuse and campaigning for greater recognition of the issue.

She has indeed made a lot of noise about child sexual exploitation but it only seems to have been made since the issue of the Islamic Rape Gangs of Rotherham (and elsewhere I might add) came into public view, after much campaigning and protest.

The MP was credited with taking up the campaign to expose widespread organised abuse in her constituency when the issue was given less national recognition than it is now.

So why was she not making loud noises about this between 2008 and 2012 when she was working as Chief Executive at a children’s hospice, in North Anston in Rotherham? Can it be true that she claims to have known nothing that she could have spoken up about back then?

Sarah Champion, because of her senior management role of the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice would, by necessity, have probably had, if not day to day, then week to week contacts with Children’s Services, who themselves must have known about the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs. Ms Champion would also have been likely to have had extensive contacts with South Yorkshire Police and would have both professional meetings such as local ‘partnership’ gatherings and social contact with the police. She would also have met local parents and would have interacted with her staff. She was not an island. Did nobody whisper to her about what was going on as between 1400 and 2000 local girls and young women were raped, tortured and sex trafficked? Did no parent say ‘the Pakis are raping our kids’, or words to that effect. Did her conversations with senior social work managers, and others in authority in Children’s Services, not touch on the problem of thousands of girls being raped by Muslims? Did she hear no rumours, no gossip, no conscience worrying tittle-tattle? Did she not encounter any worried whispers from colleagues ,and contacts, over a glass of wine in a pub?

If she didn’t know what was going on, then as a Chief Executive of a hospice dealing with vulnerable and sick children, she should have damn well known what was going on regarding the Islamic Rape Gangs in her area. She should have made it her business to know what was happening on her patch, as part of the process of safeguarding children. At the very least, she should have had a basic introductory level of training in safeguarding babies and children, so she could alert the relevant people in authority if she had concerns about any child in her hospice.

The piece from the Independent is an appalling bit of arse-lickery towards both Sarah Champion and Jeremy Corbyn and doesn’t ask the awkward journalistic questions that needed to be asked about this appointment. Are there any proper journalists left at the Indy or has the last serious inquisitive and honest writer left the building?

A number of her suggestions for ending abuse have also been previously taken up by the Government.

In 2014 she secured extra funding from the Government to support the 1,400 victims of abuse in her constituency.

The Government also backed her idea of a national awareness campaign about child exploitation and the setting up of a national taskforce.

She has also suggested promoting sexual and relationship education at key stage 1 in schools.

No, the answer is not splurging some taxpayers money on teaching Islamic savages British lifestyle skills and respect or women through the medium of modern dance, or other such guff. Neither is to be found by employing a few more tickboxing managers in Children’s Services, or even sending council officers to fawn round the local mosque saying ‘please don’t rape our children, pretty please’. The answer to Islamic Rape Gangs is also not to be found in the idea of promoting sex and relationship education at KS1. My own view is that sex and relationship education at such a young age is the responsibility of parents and nobody else. Besides that, I dread to think what such a KS1 sex and relationship curriculum put together by gormless ideologically driven Islam appeasing lefties would look like. The last thing we need at this moment is our children being lied to in such lessons and being told that Islam is not the religion of rape, that it appears to be in various countries of the world. Remember it’s not just Rotherham where these crimes are happening and not just in the UK either.

The Independent article is basically a puff-piece for Sarah Champion, and unworthy of being in what was once a serious newspaper, but there are others who question whether Ms Champion suspected earlier that all was not right in Rotherham. Alternative media has stepped in where the mainstream press, hampered on two sides by commercial pressures and the monstrous left-wingery of organisations such as the National Union of Journalists, now all too often fears to tread. A video was released that this blog has commented on back in March 2015, and can be found HERE. In this video you see Sarah Champion being vague and contradictory, when asked when she first became aware of the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs in Rotherham. At one point she said 2013 and in another she said 2012. This is such a huge story, and one which must have been extensively talked about locally, that surely a person would be very unlikely to get the year of when the scandal broke wrong? Sarah Champion may well have known or suspected much earlier than she claims, that Islamic Rape Gangs appeared to have virtual impunity to prey on British children. She was not isolated from the local Social Services establishment and neither was she isolated from the police, the Labour Party, the local authority and other entities that either attempted to suppress or highlight the issue of Islamic Rape Gangs. I find it difficult for her to claim that she didn’t know or at least suspect that things in her area were not right.

Sarah Champion was virtually imposed on the local Labour Party as a candidate following the departure from the House of Commons of the equally shameful waster Denis MacShane. The Labour supporting website Labour Uncut said this on November the 14th, of the process to find a replacement for MacShane

The bad karma emanating from Denis MacShane’s resignation appears to have seeped into the process to select his successor, if last night’s shambles is anything to go by.

Reports that half the membership in Rotherham walked out of the selection meeting in protest over the shortlist of just two candidates they were presented with must qualify as the worst-ever start to a parliamentary by-election campaign.

In its defence, the party needed to act quickly if it was to move the writ to include Rotherham in the brace of by-elections in Croydon and Middlesbrough already scheduled to take place on November 29.

It made sense to do so. The reputation of politics is low enough without MPs being found to have “knowingly submitting 19 false invoices” by the House of Commons’ standards and privileges committee as MacShane was (oddly enough, the committee is chaired by MacShane’s neighbouring MP, Kevin Barron).

But the other festering issue in Rotherham is child abuse, particularly the lamentable, grotesque failure of the authorities in the town to stamp out the grooming of vulnerable young white girls by gangs of predominantly Pakistani men.

So the party was left with a dilemma. Move quickly, and a short campaign could prevent a head of steam building up, either about MacShane or child abuse. So far, so smart.

But then it started to unravel. Rather than allowing the local party to influence the selection shortlist a decision was taken to drop-in a “clean skin” candidate. Someone from outside the usual political haunts who wouldn’t draw quite so much heat from a jaundiced electorate, sick of all politicians.

The party’s mechanism for doing so is the shortlist. Like John Ford claiming customers could have a car in any colour as long as its black, the party said members could have any candidate as long as it was either ex-RAF wing commander Sophy Gardner or hospice boss Sarah Champion.

So no room then for local favourite Mahroof Hussain who was left off the shortlist. He’s a cabinet member on Rotherham council and a proud holder of the MBE. A decent pedigree in anyone’s book. So good in fact that he was shortlisted to become the party’s Middlesbrough by-election candidate the week before.

Put aside the fact that the writer of the article preferred an ‘enricher’ probably on the grounds that he was popular with other Labour supporting ‘enrichers’ and concentrate on the fact that Sarah Champion was considered as a ‘clean skin’ candidate. Was she considered as this because she had done a high profile job in the area and kept her mouth shut about any gossip she might or might not have heard? Or was she preferred because she is so dumb as to not pay attention to what is going on her patch?

Whichever way you look at it, Sarah Champion, the member of Parliament for Rotherham is either stupid and unobservant of her social, political and business environment, a liar who knew about the Islamic rapists for longer than she claims she did, or is she just a pole-climbing careerist. To appoint this person, about whom so many questions need to be asked and answered, from an area where the police, the local authority and the local Labour party is corrupt, is an example of Jeremy Corbyn’s extreme and insensitive arrogance. Was there not a more suitable candidate for this high profile position?

Appointing Sarah Champion to this position is indeed the equivalent of opening a ‘King Herod Day nursery’ or a ‘Moors Murders’ themed bar. If anything it shows whose side Jeremy Corbyn is on, and it’s plainly not the side of the ordinary Briton. This appointment shows he’s at the very least ambivalent about the problems we are experiencing in Britain with the rape culture of Islam and the readiness of its followers to indulge in that ‘culture’.

Despite the large amount of noise that Sarah Champion makes about being a fighter for abused children and in preventing abuse, people are entitled to ask, bearing in mind her past employment and political record, whether or not it is all sound and fury signifying absolutely sod all? Or has she really indeed learned her lesson that keeping quiet and hoping things go away doesn’t work?

There are many out there who will ask themselves whether Sarah Champion has been appointed as the Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse, or as the Shadow Minister for Sweeping Islamic Rapes Back Under the Carpet? Labour councils have continually popped up as ‘co-morbidity factors’ in Islamic Rape Gang cases and this may well be down to political correctness or local Muslims corrupting the Labour branch or the Islamopandering that far too many non-Muslim Labour officers and members seem to be indulging in. There is nothing that the Labour Party would like more than to have the link between themselves and the phenomena of Islamic Rape Gangs in Labour held areas, broken and some grand sounding words from a self-styled protector of children may be what they believe will do that. We can only hope that Labour is not successful in such an endeavour.

Sarah Champion is an appalling choice for this post. I’ve not seen such a questionable appointment, where there are child abuse allegations involved since Blair appointed Margaret Hodge to be Children’s Minister. In that case Hodge, when leader of Islington Council in the 1980’s/90’s, refused to listen to those who brought concerns to her attention and instead believed those who told her that all was good and there was nothing to worry about. When Hodge was appointed she was heavily criticised in the press for her conduct which like that of Ms Champion’s could have charitably been called ‘naïve’ or less charitably called ‘bent’.

So far Corbyn’s Crazy Gang has been a veritable smorgersbord of the floor sweepings of the far Left of the Labour Party, and this appointment is not much different. We now have a Shadow Cabinet that includes an IRA apologist, A Black racist, a man who flashed his underpants on a gay dating site, and a man who presided over thousands of unnecessary deaths in Britain’s state controlled hospitals. With a track record like that should we really be surprised that Corbyn has picked Sarah Champion whose use of the ‘Manuel from Fawlty Towers’, ‘I know nothing’ defence, has been very skillfully played since she became an MP, to watch over the very problems she proved so unaware of, when she worked so close to the epicentre of the Rotherham disaster?

This is a disgusting, arrogant and highly inappropriate appointment to a very politically sensitive post. I wonder what we will see next from Comrade Corbyn, the appointment of the anti-Israel nutter, Andy Slaughter as ‘Minister for Hamas Relations’ perhaps?

If there was in reality a ‘King Herod Day Nursery’ award for wrongful appointments, it must surely be given to Jeremy Corbyn for appointing Sarah Champion as abuse minister.


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