The filthy, stupid, violent ignorant Middle Class Left come out to play at St Pancras station in London.

I watched the videos both on news reports and online of the attack on police by ‘pro-refugee’ activists at St Pancras Station in London with a sense of growing sense of of anger about the middle-class Lefties that organised and took part in this disgraceful demonstration.

The leftie scum, which is about the best way to describe them, threw smoke bombs and charged British Transport Police lines in their efforts to gain access to the Eurostar terminal. I was also struck by the appalling irony of Leftists, who claim to be ‘for the workers’, campaigning for the entry into the UK of a bunch of violent, thieving parasites, who are quite obviously only posing as ‘refugees’, and who will make the lives of Britain’s working classes a misery as well as draining resources.

From what I could gather from the video the participants were made up of a mixture of ethnic minority campaigners waving signs written in Arabic, and middle class white people who have no idea about the demographic make up of their ‘refugees’, or the fact that many of these ‘refugees’ are yet more troublesome Muslims, or the fear that many working class communities in Britain have of finding these dangerous people are going to be dumped on their areas.

This was the middle class Left at play, in all its hate-filled, intellectually vacuous glory. The middle class Left who campaign for ‘more refugees’ and ‘more Islam’ will probably never have to live in the areas that these ‘refugees’ will colonise and eventually ruin. The middle class Lefties will end up with nice jobs, often in Britain’s bloated public sector, earning good money and who will send their children to the better Comprehensive schools where vital resources are not wasted in trying to stop ‘Abdul’ from murdering his non-Muslim classmates for example. The well rewarded middle class Left will also have the funds available to live in areas unaffected by the disaster that their mass immigration policies have wrought on ordinary people. They will not have to worry about their daughters becoming victims to Islamic Rape Gangs, nor will they have to queue up for hours to see a GP because ‘Mrs Begum’ needs an expensive translator, nor will they suffer the ignominy of being pushed to the bottom of the housing queue because ‘Mohammed the Murderer’ and his four wives need a roof over their heads.

Those who rioted at St Pancras are of a class that will almost never have to live with the consequences of the open borders policies that they call for. They are irresponsible, politically retarded, dangerous scum, nothing more and nothing less.

Just take a look at these videos, articles and still images linked to below and see if you agree with me that these ‘pro-refugee’ demonstrators are nothing more than a left wing fifth column that needs to fought back against with all our might.

Here’s an image showing Charilie Gilmour, the son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, still being a worthless Lefty bastard even after he was named and shamed as being a worthless Lefty bastard who desecrated the Cenotaph in Whitehall a while back.

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  1. Getting angrier by the day! | October 25, 2015 at 10:45 pm |

    I note from an earlier news report that one of these ‘pro-refugee’ protesters was none other than the previously jailed, Cenotaph swinging left wing wanker, Charlie Gilmore; step son of Dave Gilmore of Pink Floyd fame.

    Given that his step father is a multi-multi-millionaire, I wonder how many ‘refugees’ he’s going to accommodate, or if Charlie would be willing to give up his entire future inheritance to provide for the wave of bloodsucking muslim invaders… err I mean desperate refugees fleeing war?

    Of course, this was a rhetorical question because rich little pricks like Charlie don’t want to pay for these colonists themselves… they want to preserve their own wealth whilst having the real working poor sacrifice their futures to salve Charlies own privileged conscience!

    God… how much do I want to visit extreme violence on these traitors!

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