If you want a Muslim rapist for your neighbour then vote Labour

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn meets some of the future rapists, thieves, ponces and terrorists that he wants to let into the UK.

The way that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is behaving at the moment, the title of this piece could well be the party’s new campaigning slogan. Corbyn’s call for all the invaders in the Calais camp to be processed and let into Britain is both dangerous and completely mad. It’s dangerous in so far as many of these invaders of Calais are not the sort of people you would want in a civilised society. They are violent thugs, rapists and more than likely to be future jihadists. It’s a mad policy as all it will do is empty the invader camp and encourage more invaders to fill it again. If it becomes known that Britain is allowing the invaders into Britain then the camps at Calais and at Dunkirk, will never empty. We must not underestimate the desire of the invaders to come to the land of welfare, free houses, idiot naïve politicians like Corbyn and readily available rape victims and jihad targets. Allowing the invaders to come to the UK will not end the problem, it will only extend it.

Corbyn’s comments should show the average British citizen just whose side the Labour Party is on, and it is not the ordinary Briton. The average Briton too often has to put up with the savagery and crime that these imported invaders bring to our nation, problems that have been brought into the UK by the Labour Party’s Islamic ‘pets. Corbyn’s call for the Calais invaders to be allowed into the UK is beyond stupid, it is quasi-treasonous. Bringing in these invaders will make us and our children that bit more unsafe.

Corbyn’s act of moronical virtue-signalling is just another bit of evidence to show that he is a man who is 100% unfit to be Prime Minister. He would allow in those who are plainly enemies of the British people and many who wish serious harm to come to us. The first duty of a Government is to protect the people they govern as best they can, I find it impossible to imagine just how opening up the nation to the violent invaders of Calais will enhance that protection of the people?

There are those out there, some of my real-life friends included, who are under the misapprehension that a Corbyn government will usher in a golden age of punitive taxation of the rich, a generous welfare system for all and gender reassignment treatment on demand. In my view these are not goals that should be aimed for, but this is not the issue at the heart of the matter here. Those who believe that Corbyn could make an effective Prime Minister need to be shown just what sort of ambulant turds Corbyn wants to allow into the UK. The Corbynite Left are doing their utmost to play on people’s emotions viz a viz the invader camps at Calais and have chucked down the ‘children’ card. They are saying ‘oh we must let in the ‘unaccompanied children’ at least’. This places in the ordinary person’s mind the image of, for example, a five year old girl or starving baby, but the reality is that many of these ‘unaccompanied’ children may not be children at all and are in reality male teenagers or young men. Let me ask you a question. If you had a 12 or 13 year old daughter would you really want a young-looking 19 or 20 year old Muslim male from a culture which treats women as property, sitting next to her in class. I know I wouldn’t want that. However this scenario could easily happen if otherwise relatively sensible people on the Left fall for the ‘vulnerable unaccompanied children’ line. They should realise that a vote for Corbyn is a vote for a man who wants to bring Islamic rapists, ponces and Jihadists into Britain.

Corbyn has disgusted me in the past but his call for the invader camps to be emptied in Britain’s direction disgusts me even more. He’s shown clearly who he cares for more. It’s plain to see by anyone now that he cares more for the violent, rapey, poncing invaders of Calais more than you, your children or your nation.

Corbyn is a Labour leader who makes Michael Foot’s disastrous and divisive tenure as leader look like it was almost Churchillian. Corbyn is a dangerous man heading up a dangerous and destructive party. He is not fit to be Prime Minister of that I now have no doubt whatsoever.


Telegraph article about Jeremy ‘let ’em all in’ Corbyn and the Calais invader camp.