Now that’s why Pakistan is a S**thole volume 45

Those who think that religious and cultural minorities are safe in Muslim majority countries or areas should get real and see what the position truly is for minorities living among Muslims.

Life for Hindus, as for Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians in that toilet of the world known as Pakistan has not been good since that country was created in the late 1940’s. Hindus are subject to violence, forced conversion to Islam and having to live as second class citizens in parts of the Indian sub-continent where they and their families may have been living in for many generations.

Without doubt the security situation for Hindus living in Pakistan has got very much worse with attacks on Hindu individuals and also on Hindu property, as in today’s story from Pakistan, the toilet that refuses to flush.

The South Asian news outlet Zee News has reported that gunmen have burst into a Hindu temple in Karachi and desecrated it.

Zee News said:

Three pistol-waving bearded men stormed a 60-year-old temple in Pakistan’s largest city and desecrated the idol of a Hindu deity, leading to fear among the minority community here, a media report said on Tuesday.

The incident happened on January 21 when the three men clad in salwar and kameez stormed the temple waving pistols and ordered everyone inside the premises to step out.

The panic and scuffle that followed resulted in desecration of one of the three beautifully-decorated idols at the temple near the Karachi Zoological Gardens, Dawn reported.

The people are afraid of coming here for puja now after the attack,” said Maharaj Hira Lal.

Other than the Maharaj and his family, the caretakers of this temple, nobody else was present when the scuffle broke.

We don’t know who those men were. We have never seen them before,” the Maharaj said. “We are very saddened by the incident. It has really terrorised the neighbourhood,” he said.

Sadly, attacking the places of worship of other faiths and making the believers of religions other than Islam fearful of attending them is the normal modus operandi of Islam. It’s not something that is confined to Pakistan, it’s wherever Islam sets up shop and exercises any degree of control. Islam is why Christians are not safe in Egypt and why Jews were driven out of the homes in places like Iraq that they’d occupied for nearly a thousand years. The desecration of this temple in Karachi is ‘normal for Islam’.

It’s this lack of freedom, especially religious freedom that makes Islam different from many other beliefs. In Pakistan’s next door neighbour India, although it is a majority Hindu nation, there is the sort of religious freedom that many of Pakistan’s religious minorities could only dream about. Pakistan has been thoroughly ruined by Islam, just as Islam ruins just about any place in the world that it colonises. Pakistan is a shithole, and it’s a shithole because of Islam and not for any other reason.


Original story from Zee News

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  1. now if a defunct mosque is even touched by someone in India there are wide spread riots.

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