I told you this would happen (Calais edition)

Migrants walk on June 17, 2015 towards the ferry port of Calais, northern France. Around 3,000 migrants built makeshift shelters in the so-called 'New Jungle' before trying to go to England. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

The French port town of Calais has been suffering for at least a decade and a half from the problems caused by the illegal migrant camp that was set up nearby. The, mostly Islamic residents of this camp have made the lives of ordinary Calais residents an absolute nightmare. These ‘migrants’, who I prefer to call ‘invaders’, have, in their quest to get to Britain and access to British welfare, turned the historic port into a living hell for locals. The invaders have been involved in riots have run thorough the town thieving attacking cars and even targeting children for assault. There have also been the usual spike in rapes which normally accompanies an influx of Muslim men.

The ordinary and decent residents of Calais have put up with a lot, and now it seems that not only have they had enough, but they are also showing that they’ve had enough. According to a report from Sky News, local people and those sympathetic to their plight have been making war on the invading savages of ‘The Jungle’ camp. As could be expected from a representative of Britain’s increasingly untrustworthy media, Sky News seemed to show more sympathy for the invading savages of the Jungle camp than they do for the hard-pressed local people of Calais. They described those attacking the unwanted invader camp as ‘far right’, even though disgust and anger at what the residents of the camp are up to crosses political divides. You don’t have to be ‘far right’ to worry about what these migrant savages will do to your family or to your business or property.

This is another of these ‘I told you this would happen’ situations. The people of Calais have been ignored by their government in Paris for many years, even as conditions for local people have got worse and worse. The French government has been throwing the people of Calais to the Mohammedean wolves for a long time and it was inevitable that some in this town abandoned by its own government, would start to fight back and take the law into their own hands.

Here’s the Sky News report, with, as is usual policy for this blog the original text in italics and my comments in plain text. One thing you may pick up from the Sky News article is the stink of lazy journalism. Many of the quotes and other statements are taken from members of far Left groups and various no borders activists. There appears to have been no real attempt by the journalists who’ve put this story together to talk to the locals who are suffering because of the presence of the invaders.

Sky News said:

Armed far-right groups have launched a series of violent attacks on migrants in northern France in recent weeks, say charity workers.

Charity workers or far Left activists? Can we have some clarification on that one please Sky? Some of the attackers may indeed be ‘far right’ in politics, but that doesn’t mean that they are ‘far wrong’ when it comes to the danger posed by the presence of the Jungle camp.

Two people suffered life-threatening injuries when they were assaulted outside the sprawling “Jungle” camp in Calais.

Having read and heard what the residents of ‘the Jungle’ camp have put local Calais citizens through and as it appears that it is only a few invaders who have suffered ‘life threatening injuries’, I’m afraid that by ‘give a toss’ measuring device is stuck firmly on zero here. I can really only raise the sarcastic comment ‘oh dear, how sad, never mind’, about these injuries. Sod them, I about as much sympathy I can raise here.

Medical workers say masked men, armed with clubs, knuckledusters, pepper spray and knives, have been entering the camp at night to carry out the beatings.

‘Medical workers’ or yet more far left ‘no borders’ types? Again we have a bland and sympathy eliciting description being used for those whose motivations may not be entirely positive. From that description it sounds like the residents of the Jungle are getting back a little of what they’ve dished out to the normal residents of Calais.

Marianne Humbersot, from the camp’s legal centre, said 50 incidents have been documented in the last three weeks.

Another far left activist being treated unwisely as an honest broker.

She said eight complaints of police brutality and five against civilian militias have been filed with the French judiciary.

Well let’s hope that sense prevails and these cases are kicked out of court.

They include a 10-year-old boy allegedly assaulted by police and a 13-year-old boy who suffered a broken foot and broken nose.

Note the emphasis on the ages of those injured, again this is done to elicit sympathy from the readers. There is no indication about what these invaders may have done to get injured. The injuries seem minor so my attitude is sod them.

“We are seeing increasing breaches of human rights here in Calais – everything you can imagine,” Ms Humbersot said.

And what about the human rights of the normal Calais residents, or the human rights of the Britons who may end up having one of these violent invaders living next door to them should they slip through to the UK?

“And the refugees, who have already endured so much to escape conflict, are finding themselves at the centre of hostility and violence here in France.”

Liar! If they were that desperate they would have accepted the first safe country that they entered. These are mobile benefit ponces, criminals and jihadists. These are not genuine refugees these are scum.

In Loon-Plage, a port town between Calais and Dunkirk, seven men armed with iron bars and batons were arrested on Wednesday night for allegedly beating five Iraqi Kurds.

Back in the 80’s I stayed in a really nice B and B/restaurant in Loon Plage whilst on holiday. Loon Plage seemed a nice place back then, now it seems to have been turned into a nightmare by conflict between the invaders and those determined to repel them. There is no indication in the Sky report as to why locals are so damned angry that they would allegedly beat up five Iraqis.

Some of the men, aged 24 to 27, said they supported far-right groups in France, according to Dunkirk prosecutor Eric Fouard. 

What far right groups? Any chance you could name them?

The charity Medicin Sans Frontieres (MSF) said it has treated migrants for fractures, stabbings, broken bones, head trauma and severe bruising.

Now that’s another charity that I’m going to scratch off of my list of organisations that I support. I’ve no problem with MSF helping those in refugee camps in Turkey or Syria or elsewhere outside of Europe or helping during and after natural and man-made disasters, but I do have a problem with them playing their part in keeping this invader camp going.

Clare Moseley, founder of UK charity Care4Calais, said she had interviewed a 16-year-old boy who said he was beaten with sticks by police, and then attacked by a civilian militia.

A left wing no borders activist quoting someone who has a vested interest in gaining the sympathy of fools, fools such as Claire Mosley herself.

There are currently about 4,200 migrants in Calais, mostly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea, and up to 2,000 more in another makeshift camp near Dunkirk.

This boil should have been lanced years ago and never have been allowed to grow to this size.

The French government has announced plans to bulldoze half of the Jungle camp.

It’s not just half of the camp that needs bulldozing, it’s all of it. The invaders need to be packed off to their countries of origin. Many of them have shown by their actions that they are not fit to be given residence in France and we in Britain as sure as hell don’t want these violent savages here.

Yet again we have a situation where I can sadly say ‘I told you this would happen.  Ignore people, stress people, leave the to be attacked by migrants and this sort of fight back is what you end up with.


Original and troublingly biased Sky News report.


Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media report on the horrific conditions that the residents of Calais are having to live under because of the presence of the Invader Camp and it’s violent contents.