Protests in the North East against forcing Islam onto schoolchildren

At a time when Britain and Britons are facing an enormous threat from the ideology of Islam and its followers, forcing primary schoolchildren to imbibe a lot of guff about how Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ was never going to go down well. In fact it is an action that is almost guaranteed to polarise people into those who know about Islam and are angry at this sort of propaganda for Islam, and naïve fools who believe otherwise.

Here’s the article about the article from the Northern Echo with as is usual policy for this blog, the original text in italics with my comments in plain text.

The Northern Echo said:

A HEADTEACHER says the majority of parents backed the decision to invite a Muslim leader to talk to pupils despite a protest outside the school.

A question for the head. Is this empirical data that is informing your statement, or is that just an assumption based on there being a larger number of parents who couldn’t be arsed to engage with this issue, and therefore created a case of ‘silence equals consent’?

A demonstration took place outside East Stanley Primary School, in Stanley, County Durham, on Wednesday lunchtime.

Good. We need more demonstrations against Islamic indoctrination in our schools. I may or may not agree with the politics of those demonstrating, but I do agree that protest against Islamic propaganda is vitally necessary.

The protest was in response to a lesson on Islam which included a talk by a visitor from an Islamic centre in Newcastle.

I’m not surprised that there have been objections. Newcastle is a city that is becoming increasingly afflicted by Islamic Rape Gangs about which the police in the area are only now, after many years and many complaints, starting to deal with. The parents at the school are faced with a situation of a representative from a troublesome ideology, from a city where Muslims are getting very ‘rapey’, being forced on their children. It’s a situation any sensible engaged parent should object to.

One parent said ahead of the protest: “The school are forcing our children to learn about Islam against the wishes of the parents and someone from Newcastle Islamic Centre is coming in to preach.”

Well said. Many of know all we need to know about Islam and are definitely not in favour of Muslim propagandists coming into schools. Would you want a dishonest Islamic proselytiser entering a school and telling the children a whole bunch of lies about Islam, such as ‘It’s a religion of peace’ and that the head-chopping, rape-addicted Muslims that many countries and communities are suffering from are ‘nothing to do with Islam? I wouldn’t and would withdraw my child from such a lesson using the provisions of the 1944 Education Act which gives parents the right to take their children away from Religious Education lessons and content.

But Joanne Williams, the school’s headteacher, defended the lesson.

She would say that wouldn’t she?

She said: “As a school we feel it is important that in our modern secular society children are given a wide range of opportunities to learn about, interact with and learn tolerance and respect for other cultures, religions and communities.

If Britain is a ‘secular society’ then why do her charges need to be fed bullshit about Islam? Why not have someone come in and tell the truth about Islam?

We let parents know that this visit was taking place as well as organising a session for families, and we are pleased that we have seen support from the majority of our mums and dads.”

I wonder how they let the parents know? Was the ‘family session’ at a time and place convenient for parents or did Ms Williams pay lip service to informing parents or brush off objections or hold ‘family session’ at a time or place where those most likely to object would not be able to attend?

In December, police were called to the school after concerned parents told teachers of a group of Muslim men on their knees praying in a car park nearby.

I’d be very concerned about that. The site of Muslims aggressively praying in public should quite rightly make people nervous.

Police attended the school, but the men had already moved on.

It is thought they were travelling and had stopped to pray prior to sunset, in accordance with Islamic practice.

In that case why choose a very visible car park in which to pray, why not choose a more discreet place to pray? This looks very much like the sort of intimidation by public Islamic prayer as we’ve seen elsewhere in Europe.

Some people criticised the response of the school, the police and the parents, although others leapt to their defence.

The school said it had followed standard practice, while the police said they attended because of a potential obstruction in a public car park.

At least the police turned up. Normally they are tardy in the extreme when it comes to dealing with complaints about Muslims from non-Muslims.

Inspector Kelly Martin, of Stanley Police, said Wednesday’s protest passed off peacefully without incident and no arrests were made.

She said: “After the incident in December the school wanted to do some work with the Muslim community so people could be educated and that is why we were involved, supporting the school in facilitating that and not to police any protest, I want to be very clear about that.

Glad their were no patriots and counter-jihad people arrested. A question for Ms Martin. Why on earth is a police force engaging in assisting Muslims to explain themselves and proselytise? That’s not their job.

“Our staff would have been there anyway. It was about community cohesion.

Community Cohesion is normally code for ‘let’s pander to Islam for all we are worth’

“While people are entitled to there opinions and to register there objections within the law, our objective is to bring the community together to understand each other and be tolerant of other views and not alienate or isolate people.”

No Inspector Martin. Your job is not to play at social worker by ‘bringing the community together’ but to prevent and investigate crime. The fact that Inspector Martin feels that she can get away with such appalling bullshit shows just how far her force has fallen.

The Northern Echo comments page was a delightful example of what happens when people criticise Islam in some of our mainstream media outlets. There was a whole slew of deletions by moderators which appeared to be of comments that were critical of Islam. This is a counterproductive action by the newspaper as it makes the paper appear biased towards Islam which in turn lowers the trust that people may have for the publication.

This story also shows just why it is so important for parents to make a stand against Islamic propaganda in our schools. Too many parents just put and shut up when it comes to this sort of thing when they should be more vocal in their objections. Parents who find out that their children’s schools are engaging in this sort of abject Islamopandering, should start organising early and publicising their objections as quickly as possible. Use social media, blogs (such as this and other counterjihad ones) and alternative news media such as Breitbart to get the message out about potential Islamopandering. This sort of pro-Islam propaganda in our schools needs to be stopped and stopped very soon, but it cannot be stopped unless parents become more engaged with what is going on in their children’s schools and more willing to speak up.


Original story from the Northern Echo

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    The same human ingredients that have set a continent ablaze in the Middle East and North Africa are now just about complete in the white western world.

    From a planned organised trickle decades ago – to a stream – to a flood – and now a tsunami – the white world is drowning under a deluge of aliens – revealing how close the globalists final steps are in bringing the white world to its knees.

    The Middle East is filled with the most hostile races/religions/cultures/ on the planet. It is a continent of unrest – the Middle East is the most blood stained piece of real estate on the planet – its history of bloodshed is unmatched anywhere else on earth.


    ALL the political/religious/financial/ global interests are now concentrated in the heartland of human history that is the Middle East. This is a push for global dominace and a massive military build up is taking place. A hotbed of confusion is now becoming more evident in all that is the Middle East – making it a recipe for great errors of judgement – and a coming disaster.

    Nobody makes more errors of judgment than those who rule – the ruins of all past human empires are evidence of that.

    Better get prepared to defend ourselves for we are about to suffer from the greatest errors of all.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 15, 2016 at 10:57 am |

      Thank you for your comment. However I do not believe that this is a ‘race’ issue, more a political one. What we have is an example of political groupthink coming from the police and in this case the school. Everyone in the professional circles of the teachers and the police officers involved in this case find it impossible to depart from the ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ mindset even though the evidence points to Islam being anything but peaceful. I do not agree with you when you say that ‘All’ religious/fiscal/political power is now concentrated in the Middle East as that denies the power ad influence of other blocs and nations such as China and Russia for exammple.

      I’m a believer in cock-up rather than conspiracy and what we have here is people who’ve managed to put into action a political ideology, multiculturalism, which they find tht they cannot abandon, even though it is daily being proved to be a disaster.

      Islam is the problem not the colour of a person’s skin. However without a doubt the Islamic world is becoming more restive and expansionist and the question today is how do we deal with that fact. Appeasement or accomodation is not the answer, we can see that, and I believe that Islam needs to be countered whereever and whenever it rears its extremely ugly head.

  2. On the subject of the “Religion of Peace”, Sultan Knish deals with it very well here:

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