Make June 23rd Britain’s ‘Independence Day’


In 1776,the inhabitants of a small remote colony of the British Empire across the Atlantic ocean got angry. They were angry at being heavily taxed but not having their voices heard and angry at the behaviour of a remote, oppressive, high-handed Monarchy which didn’t feel that the people who were governed deserved a right to take part in that government. This righteous anger led to the American Declaration of Independence and created a dynamic nation of free people rising up to meet the challenges of the future.

With the announcement of a date for the Referendum into Britain’s membership of failing and increasingly oppressive European Union, Britons now have their chance to declare independence and break with an organisation that is increasingly acting against the interests of the British people. Let the 23rd of June 2016 become the British equivalent of what July 4th 1776 is to Americans and may this day in June be to future generations of Britons a day on which we celebrate our independence and our freedom from EU domination.

The European Union has gone far beyond the trading bloc that older Britons may remember voting for in the 1970’s, and has become an all encompassing monster that has reduced Westminster to the equivalent of a Parish Council. The European Union has interfered in our laws, our industry, our energy supply and just about everything else, often to the detriment of the ordinary Briton. It was the EU that imposed freedom of movement rules that mean that anyone with an EU passport can enter Britain and ponce off the welfare system built up by previous generations, leaving little remaining for Britons. It was the EU in following the fad of ‘man-made climate change’ that imperiously declared that energy must be more expensive, that inefficient ‘green’ energy is prioritised, and that the hundreds of years of coal reserves under the UK cannot be tapped.

It is EU rules that declare that Britain must impose a Value Added Tax on just about everything you can think of, adding 20% to almost everything you buy. The EU has interfered in our immigration system meaning that those who are plainly not conducive to the British public good, such as the individuals that make up Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem, cannot be kept out of the UK. Staying in the EU is increasingly looking like a bad deal for Britain, and a bad deal for British citizens.

Although the European Court of Human Rights is not an agency of the EU, a commitment to abide by its judgements is a condition of membership of the EU. If Britain was free of the EU then we could also start the process of becoming free from the hated ECHR. Being free of both the EU and the ECHR would mean that no longer would we be forced to accept foreign criminals under free movement rules and we could more easily deport those criminal foreigners who did arrive on our shores.

The EU is an undemocratic, dictatorial institution which has become a remote, unfeeling bureaucracy sending out directives with all the arrogance of a Greek deity sitting atop Mount Olympus. We need to look at who benefits from Britain’s continued membership of this organisation and when we do we see a vast number of people like Lord Kinnock and others whose lavish lifestyles are funded by the taxpayer cash that is siphoned away from the UK and into the coffers of the EU. I along with many others would prefer that this vast amount of money was spent here in the UK supporting our hospitals, securing our borders and generally making life better for Britons.

I don’t’ know about you but I was pretty disgusted to see the performance of Prime Minister David Cameron during the farcical ‘renegotiations’ about Britain’s membership of the EU. Cameron tried to make out that he’d got a good deal for Britain and that the EU was going to be reformed, but many of the concessions that he has allegedly ‘won’ are minor ones, time limited ones or which could be overturned by other EU nations. To continue with my ‘Independence Day’ analogy if there was one historical figure that David Cameron reminded me of, both during and and after the ‘renegotiations’. then it was the American Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold. Cameron came back from Brussels with the square root of bugger all but he is trying to sell this pig in a poke deal as something worth having, when it’s plain that many see it as being worthless. Not even Neville Chamberlain after the Munich talks came back with a more worthless piece of paper than David Cameron has managed to return with.

Britain needs to be independent. Independence doesn’t mean isolation, but instead means freedom to make such trade deals as are most beneficial to the UK and its people. My own personal opinion is that Britain is better off outside the EU where our own elected politicians can make decisions. We must not leave Britain’s future in the hands of an unelected oligarchy of Commissioners or a rubber stamp European ‘parliament’ which is so powerless as to be unworthy of the name of parliament..

Let’s do something that our children and grandchildren can look back on and be proud of, let’s declare independence from the EU and vote ‘Leave’ in June.

We owe it to the future to make June the 23rd Britain’s Independence Day.