No longer a humanitarian problem but a security problem.

Could this be some representatives of the 'vulnerable children' that this councillor is talking about.

The sight of thousands of thuggish-looking, angry, violent welfare seekers massing at the Macedonian border and trying to force their way through from Greece, should cause us to pause and make us think about what we are seeing. It should make us step back from lazy thinking that what we are seeing is a humanitarian problem, when in reality, what we are looking at is a massive security problem.

These invaders from the East, for that is what they are, are a security problem for all of us. They are a security problem for the Greeks, who’ve seen their tourist industry decimated by the presence of thousands of violent male Muslims. The invaders are a security problem for the Balkan states, since the invaders make their nations more unsafe. They are certainly a security problem for the Germans, as the rash of rape attacks on German women and children carried out by Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem, clearly illustrates. Even Britain, at the far north west of the European continent, is eventually going to suffer from the invaders. The threat to Britain’s security comes not only from the alleged ‘Syrian’ ‘refugees’ that David Cameron is forcing communities to accept, but also from the invaders who will be given German passports by Chancellor Merkel’s government. As an EU member, there is little to stop Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem being given German identity papers and therefore being given access to the UK. Therefore today’s Islamic rapist in Düsseldorf is tomorrow’s Islamic rapist in Doncaster.

The usual humanitarian suspects such as Doctors Without Borders have gone into full hand-wringing mode and have decried the appalling conditions that some of these invaders are living in. However, DWB seem to be completely unconcerned about the effects of the invaders on the nations that they are currently residing in and for where they are ultimately aiming. I can understand the humanitarian impulses that drive DWB, but they are continuing to push a ‘open borders’ approach to the resolution to this problem. The ‘open borders’ approach may make the excessive humanitarians on the staff of the various NGO’s feel all warm inside, but this policy will continue to endanger European nations.

It may feel wrong to some people, but it’s time to bite the bullet on the current migration problems and change our views on it. Those who are descended from peaceful refugees, who found and sought sanctuary in places like the UK during the times of the great and terrible European dictators, need to realise that those gathered at Europe’s borders are not peaceful. I can completely understand people not wanting others to suffer what their families suffered, it’s a basic feeling of empathy, which I will not wholly condemn, but I will say that those who feel this way should not let empathy blind them to the dangers that these invaders pose. Many of these invaders follow the ideology of Islam and it’s right and proper that we view Islam as being ‘different’ and more prone to violence and misogyny than other belief systems. Too many of these ‘migrants’ are not the equivalent of the peaceful and useful Huguenots, Jews, Germans, Poles and others that Britain took in during and following past European disruptions; these current migrants are an invading army hell bent on destruction and parasitism.

We need a heavy dose of realism as soon as possible, we need to stop viewing the migrant crisis through the lens of humanitarianism and instead start to see the masses pressing at Europe’s borders as a security problem that needs to be dealt with accordingly by the relevant authorities.

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  1. Very simple method of dissuading them, they do not get any form of benefit or housing. Make sure that there is no economic advantage for them to come here. Europe wide make benefits simply based on contributions, end of story it will piss off people in the West but would be a first move to halting the migration.

    The next thing would be end non-contributory benefits to those currently in receipt of them, with the exception of the disabled. That and a points based entry system would curtail any immigration.

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