I told you this would happen (Liverpool edition).

It’s time for another ‘I told you this would happen’ story. This one is from Liverpool in the north west of England, where it appears that some locals may have got so concerned about the presence of an asylum hostel, that they burned it down. Although I deplore and condemn the arson itself, and believe that it, and similar acts of a vigilante nature, are a symptom of political and legal failure, I find I cannot blame anybody for being a bit concerned about finding they’ve had an asylum hostel imposed on their patch.

This is because the sort of people who are being put in these hostels are, all too often, not the sort of people you’d want to live next door to, nor would you want them anywhere near your children. When we take the time to inform ourselves, and not blindly trust the BBC, we see that across Europe, a large number of those who are called ‘refugees’ or ‘asylum seekers’, are engaging in some horrific crimes.

We can also see that the majority of these ‘refugees’ are followers of Islam and they are bringing with them the violence, misogyny, paedophilia and a deep-seated hatred for Jews, Christians and others, which are part and parcel of Islamic culture. Europe has been rocked by rapes of women and children, murders, thievery and intimidation, all caused by these Muslim so-called ‘refugees’. Some German railway stations for example, are now off limits for German women and girls because of gangs of these ‘asylum seekers’, who are increasingly successful in driving German women and girls out of certain parts of the public arena.

Who in their right mind would think that people from such cultures and who commit such crimes, have a right to live in civilised nations? Who would want to expose their children to the risk of sexual attack; a risk that is considerably raised by living near or among those who have no cultural prohibition against sex with children?

People would be quite right to object, and indeed they have objected, to the sort of impositions in their areas, such as mosques, Islamic cultural centres and asylum hostels, that make their areas more unsafe, more threatening and more alien. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen over and over again, the authorities have not listened to people’s objections when they’ve taken their concerns to councillors, local government planning departments, police, Members of Parliament and to the courts. Time and again people have tried to use peaceful and legal means to stop things such as mosques and asylum hostels but the Establishment has taken no notice of their pleas. Communities have had the infrastructure of Islamic culture dumped on them, often by politicians who never have to live with the consequences of their decisions. Even when they’ve complained to the local police about grotesque examples of Islamic crime, such as the appalling epidemic of Islamic rapes and paedophile behaviour in South Yorkshire, they’ve still been ignored.

Here’s how the Liverpool Echo has reported the attack on the ‘Asylum Hostel’.

The Liverpool Echo said:

A suspected petrol bomb attack on an asylum seeker centre is being treated as a race-hate crime. A flaming object was flung at a front window of multi-occupancy flats in Aintree , in the early hours of Sunday morning, shattering the glass.

Police attended the address on Church Avenue just before 2am and found fire damage to the front of the property, which used to operate as the Bounty House hotel, close to Aintree Racecourse.

Now it has emerged detectives suspect the arson is racially motivated.

Locals said a variety of asylum seekers, from different countries, lived at the 15-bed centre.

Serco workers, who now operate the building, said the occupants spoke very little English

Chief Inspector Matt Boyle said: “The latest incident is being investigated by specialist detectives from the force’s SIGMA team, who are dedicated to investigating incidents of hate crime.

No-one should be targeted in this way, whether that be for their race, beliefs or disability.”

I wonder if local people voiced objections to the conversion of the former Bounty Hotel into an asylum hostel and if they did, were their objections listened to by the authorities? My guess, based on what has happened elsewhere in Britain and in other European nations, is that some people did object but the State foisted this asylum centre on them anyway.

As we expect when the tag of ‘racially motivated’ is put on a crime, the police go in with all guns blazing, so to speak, when making a swift arrest. You will notice that such arrests are often much, much more swiftly carried out than when, for example, a non-Muslim complains about crimes or anti-social behaviour being carried out by Muslims.

The Liverpool Echo continued:

An 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of arson over the weekend and is being quizzed by police on suspicion of committing arson with intent to endanger life.

His relatives, who said he lived in a flat close to the asylum seeker refuge, insist he had done nothing wrong.

And his brother-in-law contacted the ECHO to say he was sleeping when the fire broke out.

His home was raided on Sunday afternoon when Matrix officers, the police unit who investigate serious gun, drugs and gang crime, entered the property.

They were armed with shields, a fire extinguisher and a dog snare after reports that the suspect owned a large dog at the address.

That’s an extremely tooled up police unit for one arrest for arson. Either there is more to this arrest than meets the eye, or Liverpool Police are trying to make sure they are seen ‘doing something’ about ‘hate crime’ and thereby burnishing their image among those in certain communities.

It seems this is not the first time that this building has been in the news.

The Liverpool Echo added:

The Bounty House hotel made headlines in 2009 when its devout Christian owners were accused of insulting a Muslim guest.

Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang were arrested after a Muslim woman complained to police that she had been offended by their comments on religion.

But the hoteliers were cleared of public order offences at Liverpool magistrates’ court.

Although they were cleared, the costs of the legal fight and the stress of the court case meant that they still lost the business that they’d worked hard to build up; all because some Islamic savage claimed that she felt ‘offended’. I bet the locals wished they had the Christian hoteliers back and were not saddled with the sort of imported savages whose behaviour makes many ordinary people nervous and fearful.

Anyway to return to the latest use for this building, that of an asylum centre. The plonking of such entities in communities that don’t want them, and then telling those who object to ‘shut up and enjoy the diversity or else’, doesn’t placate any feelings of anger that people may have, instead it stokes them up and makes them worse.

I can’t help thinking whether this, or other attacks like it, would have taken place if people had not felt they had been ignored or insulted by the State when they raise objections to asylum centres, bail hostels, mosques and Islamic community centres? My guess is that they would not be occurring.

At present, we have a political class which is remote and seems wedded to ideologies such as multiculturalism and policies such as Islamopandering that are doomed to bring only division, and which often does not have to live with the problems that their policies cause. The politicians have created the immigration and Islamisation disaster that currently is afflicting Europe and the growing number of retributive attacks of this nature are the result.

Still I believe that the best way to deal with such ignorant and arrogant politicians and police etc is if the people would vote out those elected officials who pander to Islam or who promote damaging levels and types of immigration, replacing them with more realistic representatives. In my view this is the correct way to go about things.

However, there are others out there who are not as patient or as keen to have a democratic mandate to deal with our current problems as I am. Such people see and have to live with the consequences of the decisions of politically correct politicians and know that these same politicians will not listen to them when it comes to the issues of immigration, asylum and Islam. As things get worse and as politicians get more arrogant and remote, so will we see more anger, more conflict and probably more arson attacks like this one. The longer that the mainstream politicians and media fail to see and deal with the problems caused by those from uncivilised cultures, the more hotheads they will create among the majority population.

These outcomes would be a sign of grave failures of politics, of law and of administration and I’d rather see success than those failures. Yet again I have to say wearily to the politicians, the police, the lawyers and those who promote the open borders delusion, ‘I told you this would happen’ if you carried on the way that you have. Those in authority have created this situation, and we now have the very dangerous development of mob violence and mob justice stepping into the vacuum left by an overtly politically correct Establishment. We can only hope that there is time left for peaceful change and that violent conflict can be avoided.


Original story on the arson attack on an Asylum Hostel in Liverpool


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  1. I refuse to condemn arsonists that do this…the Government, the Police and the Media choose to remain blind to what is being done to us, and focuses all their page-space on what is being done to the artificial refugees, instead! This was bound to start happening and I have no objection to it! It’s somebody’s way of saying, “Start listening, or else!” So, my message to the Government, the Police and to the Media is, take special note of my way of saying it…”Start listening, or else!”

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 26, 2016 at 5:29 pm |

      I would prefer that our Islam problems were dealt with by the police operating in defence of the bulk of the British people, rather than by mobs. The fact that mobs and vigilantes are springing up in response to the invasion of the savages and Rapeugees, is a sign that the police etc are not doing their jobs and they should be protecting us instead of the aggressors, which they so often do.

      Where I agree with you wholeheartedly is that these sort of attacks are inevitable when areas get stressed by having Muslim ‘refugees’ (and lets be honest here most of the rapist and troublesome refugees are Muslim) dumped on them and the police etc do nothing to control the actions of teh aliens.

  2. Francis Paddoe | March 12, 2016 at 1:13 am |

    This is nothing to do with the locals taking objection to the Asylum Centre. In fact the locals were tolerant and law abiding. Neither is it to do with a mob. It is alleged as reported in the Liverpool Echo that one local 18 year old yob who has a history of assaulting and attacking vulnerable people and property, and this incident is clearly just another excuse for this British thug to run a mock and get away with it – UNTIL NOW. See Bounty House Hotel Church Avenue multiple Echo articles. There is no Political motivation by this thug’s behaviour other than wanton destruction.

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