Coventry – how big is the Islamic Rape Gang problem going to turn out to be?

Edgwick Park, Coventry, alleged to be a hotspot for Islamic Grooming Gangs.

In common with other areas of the United Kingdom which houses an Islamic community, it seems that Coventry will be the next city to have to reluctantly announce that they have an Islamic Rape Gang problem.

According to the Coventry Telegraph at least 200 children and young people are at risk of sexual exploitation in the city. Of course not all those will be victimised or targeted by Islamic gangs, but if there is any ‘on street’ as opposed to online grooming activity, there is a strong possibility that Islamic Rape Gangs are operating. It looks like we can now add Coventry to the sad and growing list of places that have been afflicted by Islamic Rape Gangs.

The Coventry story relates to a public park, Edgwick Park, which is run by the city authorities, but seems to have become a haunt of sexual predators. Judging by the way the politically correct Children’s Services boss, Councillor Ed Ruane is describing the types of men involved in the grooming activity, it really does look as if Coventry has a serious Islamic sex offender problem.

Cllr Ruane attempted to hide the fact that the bulk of those suspected of sex offender and grooming activity in the park are Muslims.

Cllr Ruane told the Coventry Telegraph:

Coun Ruane said the type of people committing the offences were from a wide range of backgrounds.

He said: “There’s a real ethnic mix, as you would expect in Foleshill. There’s no specific ethnic group.

It has been everywhere between Afghani, Albanian, Romanian and British Pakistani men, it’s quite even.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and class Cllr Ruane as someone who is attempting to deceive the public about the root of the grooming problem that is afflicting Edgwick Park.

He mentioned ‘Afghanis’, Albanians, Romanians and British Pakistanis’ as representing an ‘ethnic mix’ of offenders and alleged offenders. However, although he is quite correct that there is a mix of ethnicities, what he fails to point out is that the guiding philosophical and cultural bedrock of three of these ‘ethnic groups’ is Islam.

For Afghani read Muslim

for Albanian read Muslim

for British Pakistani read Muslim.

It should be plain eve for the thickest of Left wingers to see that the majority of those suspected of or observed to be involved in child sexual exploitation in this area are Muslim. It was dishonest of Cllr Ruane to play the ‘ethnic’ card when it’s plain to see that the these incidents of child sexual exploitation in the park are down to the followers of Islam. I’d like to ask Cllr Ruane why he is being so wary of putting the blame where it truly lies, which is on Muslims and the Islam that encourages rape and paedophilia?

The Coventry Telegraph added:

Coun Ruane added that the problem of child sexual exploitation was serious in Coventry, but it was not unique to the city, although he felt the authorities in the area were leading the way nationally in their attempts to deal with the problem.

Sadly the councillor is correct the on street grooming problem in Coventry is not unique, in fact it happens anywhere where Muslim men live. Basically if you have a mosque or an Islamic community in your town, then you probably have either an existing or future problem with Islamic sex crime. For those who wonder why I treat Islamic sex crime as something different, something ‘other’, then it is because Islam specifically permits what we in the civilised world would call ‘paedophilia’. Every school of Islamic jurisprudence accepts that the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed, married and had sexual relations with a nine year old girl. Now if this was just a historical record of a time when mores, especially sexual mores were radically different from today, as is some of the challenging stuff that one reads in the Bible, then this marriage between a nine year old and a fifty year old would not be too much to remark upon, it was just what happened back then in the distant past. However, we can’t take this view when it comes to Islam. This is because Islam holds up Mohammed to be the perfect man, a man to be emulated for all time, you can see why Islam has little or no concept of a child being too young for sexual relations. Even though the world has moved on and it has become accepted among civilised people that having sexual relations with children is wrong, Islam has not moved on and still cannot go against Mohammed and completely forbid child-sex.

If Councillor Ruane was serious about dealing with Coventry’s child sexual exploitation problem, then maybe he should have been a little more provocative in his language and said openly that this is not an ‘ethnic’ problem, but an Islam problem. There is the stink of politically correct dishonesty in Cllr Ruane’s description of the alleged offenders of the sort that we’ve heard far too much of in recent years. If ‘leading the way’ involves the sort of obfuscation we get from Cllr Ruane about the real the root of the problem, then we, and more importantly our children, are in deep, deep trouble.

I, and I suspect many others out there, would have preferred some honesty from Cllr Ruane about where these CSE problems are coming from and not to have him attempt to hide the fact that the most accurate descriptor of these alleged offenders in Edgwick Park are Muslim.

In a separate article on the Coventry Telegraph website by the journalist Simon Gilbert and published on the 17th February 2016, we are treated to the shocking statistic that there has been a rise of 21% in CSE allegations during the last three months alone. The article also said that there were 177 children at risk of sexual exploitation in Coventry when compared to the previous three month period when there were 146 children at risk. This reflects a similar rise right across the Islam-heavy West Midlands area. The Coventry Telegraph article added:

The figures are roughly in line with a 22 per cent increase across the West Midlands region in the same period – up from 614 to 754 this quarter. “

I would not be surprised to find that much of this child sexual exploitation and other examples of sexual grooming, especially on street grooming offences came down to Muslim cab drivers, takeaway workers, shop workers etc etc. The Coventry case, along with the jump in CSE cases across an area that has a significant Islamic population, can only mean one thing, and that is there is a whole lot of Islamic Rape Gang activity in Coventry and other places that may in the past have considered themselves free of such types of crime. Time, and decent journalism, may also reveal that the sort of collusion that we have seen in places like Rotherham, where police, social services and Islamic Rape Gangs acted in concert to facilitate and hide these offences, may also be a problem for the West Midlands Police area.

I fear that a large and very smelly can of worms is about to open which may taint West Midlands Police and the various local authorities in the Midlands area, including such places as Birmingham and Coventry.


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  1. thylacosmilus | March 4, 2016 at 7:25 am |

    “For Afghani read Muslim

    for Albanian read Muslim

    for British Pakistani read Muslim.”

    For Asian, read Muslim too…

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 4, 2016 at 4:46 pm |

      Agree there. However this particular quisling councilor seems to be using the national identities of these alleged offenders as a way of covering up for the fact that the majority of them are Muslim. It is indeed very similar to how the word ‘Asian’ is used to cover up the extent of Islamic rape.

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