So what happened, what went wrong with Britain?

The concrete security barriers set up to protect the Birmingham German Christmas Market from Islamic terrorists


The news that Birmingham’s German Christmas Market is having to be protected by concrete anti suicide bomber barriers will undoubtedly shock many. It is indeed shocking that this high level of protection, the sort normally found outside high profile targets such as foreign embassies in unstable countries, is being used to protect a market in the UK. As I said in an article yesterday, we’ve grown used to security theatre, such as armed police being visible on our streets, but the sort of precautions we are now having to take go way beyond what we’ve had to endure in the past.

Many people will look at the extreme measures that have to be taken to protect innocent citizens and will ask the questions: What happened? What went wrong? Well that is an easy set of queries to answer. What happened is Islam happened that’s what.

The answer to the other question that of ‘what went wrong’ is that successive governments took the erroneous view that Islam is at heart a peaceful belief system and that the problem was only down to a tiny minority of extremists. I have to say at this point that all religions contain people who could be termed as ‘extremist’ but unlike in Islam other faiths truly do contain only a tiny minority of extremists. Islam on the other hand is a violent death cult, where the extremists are not in a minority, which was started by a child raping warlord, spread by the sword and possesses an overblown sense its own superiority. If a person like Mohammed who is without doubt a nasty piece of work, is what Islam regards as the ‘perfect man’ or the ultimate guide for mankind then is it any wonder that far too many Muslims behave in ways that are abhorrent or violent or are unacceptable in free societies?

Of course most Muslims are not head choppers or bombers, to claim that would be wrong, but there are an awful lot of Muslims who will say and do nothing about the head choppers and bombers. There are also a lot of Muslims who will also make excuses for the Islamic theological texts that give permission to the head choppers and bombers to do their stuff. The problem with Islam isn’t the admittedly small minority of head choppers and bombers, but the great majority to do sod all about them and blatantly lie about the texts that encourage the head choppers and bombers.

Here’s a section from the story in the Birmingham Mail about the extreme precautions that are having to be taken to protect ordinary people from the savagery that Islam creates wherever it goes.

The Birmingham Mail said:

Concrete barriers have been erected at Birmingham’s German Market to prevent suicide bombers.

The bollards were put up in Colmore Row and Bennetts Hill this week to safeguard the thousands who flock to the seasonal city centre attraction each day.

It is estimated that 5.5 million people will visit the market before it closes on December 29.

The move follows a rash of global attrocities involving car or truck bombs. Vehicles packed with explosives have been used to cause carnage.

It comes in the same week that two Birmingham men were found guilty of giving cash to Mohamed Abrini , the “man in the hat” Brussels Airport terror attack suspect.

A member of the emergency services told the Sunday Mercury: “We were told by the police they are there to prevent terrorist attacks.”

Packed events have, in the past, been hit by suicide squads.

Last July, 86 revellers died when a truck rammed into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

The lorry struck following a fireworks display, its driver opening fire on the crowd before being shot by police.

In all, 434 people were injured.

Just last month it was revealed counter-terror police are on high alert following tip-offs that ISIS and al-Qaeda plan attacks on shopping areas.

A security source told the Daily Mirror: “Britain is very much in the sights of the jihadists but thankfully plots and plotters have been disrupted and stopped.

Nearly every society has violent extremists of one sort or another but most of these extremists are very small in number. For example the number of genuinely violent far rightists in the UK probably numbers in the low hundreds, a problem I grant you, but nothing like the scale of the problem that the UK faces from the thousands of Islamic extremists. Never a week goes by when we are not seeing violent Muslims arrested for various terror plots in the UK or planning to travel abroad to fight for groups like ISIS. In 2014 the security services are monitoring thousands of dodgy Muslim extremists in London alone.

We need to remember that these barriers are not being put up to protect citizens from extremist Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews or Methodists, but are being erected to protect against Muslims. There was never the need in the past to have such tight security around public spaces like this even at the height of the Irish Troubles mainly because, despicable as the Provisional IRA were, they knew that they would lose a lot of support if they indiscriminately murdered innocent civilians. The savages of Islam have no such scruples. For them killing lots of ‘kufar’, that’s Islam’s description for you and me, is what matters and not any greater political goal.

I welcome steps being taken to protect the citizens of Birmingham and the visitors to the Christmas Market. However, I can’t help thinking that if Islam was not such a baleful and increasingly unwanted presence in the UK, then we would not be having to take such excessive precautions against Muslims and the death cult that they follow. Furthermore security fences like this are in place partly because of the long list of failures by the State to recognise the true nature of Islam and deal with the problems it has brought to the UK. A naïve view of Islam has helped to bring us to this point where not even Christmas shoppers can be considered to be safe from Islam’s violent savagery. If people want to know what ‘contribution’ Islam has brought to the UK then they need only look at these barriers to realise that Islam has brought nothing at all that could possibly be called ‘good’ to our Islands.


Birmingham Mail article on the precautions needed to be taken to keep citizens safe from Islamic savagery

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  1. The answer to the other question that of ‘what went wrong’ is that successive governments took the erroneous view that Islam is at heart a peaceful belief system…

    Not sure you’re right there Mr F211. My view is that successive governments took the progessive view that there can’t possibly be anything wrong with the rip (no caps) and sought to blame the innocent. Damn the consequences and the decent peoples and religions of the planet.

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