Terror in Canada – Knife and vehicle jihad comes to Edmonton

A victim of the Edmonton truck jihad attack being loaded into an ambulance after being run down by the Islamic savage outside of a pub.


The entry of large numbers of Muslims into Canada over the last decade or more and under various Canadian Prime ministers, not just Justin Trudeau, has not turned out well for the majority of Canadian citizens. These Muslims have all too often brought violence, crime and political and religious extremism. Sex attacks by Muslim fake ‘children’ in schools has become a worry for those in the parts of Canada that these Muslims have been dumped and Canada’s Parliament building has also been the subject of a murderous Islamic attack.

Now the sort of stabbing and vehicle jihad that has been so violently disturbed European cities has arrived in Canada. According to press reports a car driven by a Muslim ploughed into a police security barrier at an Armed Forces Appreciation Night at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton the capital of the province of Alberta.

The Muslim savage then fled the scene on foot and evaded police for two hours until he turned up later driving a U-Haul truck. A large number of police cars were seen chasing the truck driven by the Muslim savage as it struck random pedestrians apparently deliberately. Police apprehended the Islamic savage and he is now in custody facing terrorism charges. Canadian media is stating that an Islamic State flag was found in the car that was driven at the police at the stadium.

A BBC report reveals that the attacker, who has not yet been named by police, is a Somali asylum seeker. It has also been disclosed that this Somali savage didn’t just appear from nowhere as he was known to the police prior to this attack because he was said to be religiously radicalised. Although at the time of writing the police have not officially released the suspects name the Toronto Globe and Mail is stating that police sources have given the name of the suspect as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif.

The Globe and Mail said that concerns were brought to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) about Sharif who investigated claims that Sharif was becoming increasingly radicalised, but in the end did nothing and the Mounties just let the Islamic savage go. At a press conference on Sunday afternoon a representative from the RCMP said that the 2015 inquiry into Sharif determined that Sharif didn’t pose any security threat to Canada. These words from the press conference look laughably hollow now don’t they? Of course he was a threat, anybody not hidebound by political correctness could see that. He was part of a noticeable wave of radicalisation in the Canadian Somali community and had been accused of promoting and speaking about extremist Islamic ideology. Sensible people would have taken one look at Sharif, his background and his actions and ticked the box marked ‘dodgy’ and taken some form of action against him. Unfortunately instead of putting the protection of Canadians above the rights of these savages, the police did the exact opposite. The RCMP just let this bastard go and the result of what could either be incompetence or a case of the RMCP taking the politically correct appeasement route of going easy on Sharif because he was Muslim, has been five people injured in the two attacks attributed to Sharif.

As is the so often the case following Islamic attacks not just in Canada but across the civilised world, the various Islamic grievance mongers and Islam appeasers crawled out of the woodwork to admonish and threaten those who criticise Islam in any way. According to the media outlet Global News, social media posts from Edmonton’s police Sgt David Jones advised citizens to: ‘stop making assumptions regarding race and religion’ with regards to this latest Islamic attack and he also started a bout of absurd virtue signalling about a ‘backlash’ against Muslims. The likes of Sgt Jones seem perfectly happy to protect and even appease the community that vomits out violent religious extremists with monotonous regularity but not to defend the rights of non Muslim Canadians to speak out against or peacefully protest the appalling and dangerous ideology of Islam that Canada’s politicians have so foolishly imported and facilitated.

The province’s politicians are also playing the ‘don’t look at the Islam’ card with calls from Rachel Notley the Premier of the Alberta province for Canadians to ‘stand strong’ and declarations that the people of Alberta will ‘not give in to hate’. Well I’m afraid Ms Notley that the ‘hate’ has already arrived in the form of a Somali pumped up on the usual Islamic exhortations to kill non Muslims. Shouting ‘Kumbaya’ as Ms Notley has done is no different from the sort of dishonest ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ platitudes that we’ve heard from the likes of Theresa May the UK Prime Minister in the wake of the Islamic terror attacks that Britain has suffered in 2017.

It seems that Canada’s Multicultural chickens have really started to come home to roost and the noisome stench of the dung from these accursed birds is starting to build up in the metaphorical hen house. Until Canada and its politicians deal harshly with the Islamic communities that produce violent hate filled thugs with all the efficiency of one of Mr Ford’s production lines, these attacks will continue both in frequency and seriousness. Canada and Canadians need to deal with the Islamic rot that has set into their country, a rot that pre-dates the ascendancy of the talent-free shiny pony Justin Trudeau. It is an affliction that those Canadian politicians who blindly supported multicultural policies all have responsibility for and it is a disease that most urgently needs to be cured. Multiculturalism gave the Islamic army a tool with which to impose their ideology and their will on Canadian society and it’s long past time that this tool was removed from the hands of those who are only using these well meaning but ultimately disastrous social policies against ordinary free thinking Canadians. Multiculturalism has failed in Canada and the growing number of terror attacks and other Islam related social problems is a clear testament to that abject failure.