Another claimed ‘anti Muslim hate crime’ starts to unravel

A view of Pearland, Texas where the latest claim of 'Islamophobia' appears to be unraveling.


Islamic groups across the world including the troubling grievance mongering Taqiyya artists of the Tell Mama group in the UK, were up in arms about an alleged ‘Islamophobic’ incident in the US state of Texas. But, like so many other claimed ‘Islamophobic’ crimes, this case is starting to unravel and may not be all that it seems or all that is claimed by the various Islamic grievance mongers to be.

According to the various grievance mongers, a mentally handicapped boy in a school in Pearland Texas had the police called on him by the teachers at the school because the boy uttered phrases that led the teachers to believe that there was a potential terrorist issue with the boy and his family. The words and phrases in question were ‘Allah’ and ‘boom’. Of course, following this alleged incident which was publicised on the Tell Mama Facebook page (see screenshot below), the Islamic grievance industry went into overdrive claiming that the child was subjected to ‘Islamophobia’ a claim that was dutifully shared by all manner of Lefties, Islamic activists and other pro Islam clowns.

But, this case may not be what the child’s family and the various Islamic grievance mongers are saying it is. According to the local press for the Pearland, Texas area, the school is disputing the claims of the Muslim family and their supporters. In a report written by the journalist Dana Burke for the Pearland Journal, local school board officials denied that the situation was as the child’s father said it was. The local school board said that they could not comment on the matter in detail owing to child protection laws but they denied that the story put out by the family of the child was accurate.

Here’s the report from the Pearland Journal by Dana Burke:

Pearland Independent School District officials are disputing claims by the family of a 6-year-old student that a substitute teacher called police on the boy.

The boy’s father, Maher Suleiman alleges in a Fox 26 Houston report that a teacher at C.J. Harris Elementary School called police to report his 6-year-old son as a possible terrorist. Suleiman told the TV station that the child has Down syndrome and does not speak.

Social activist Quanell X told the Pearland Journal on Dec. 4 that his office is looking into the matter on behalf of the Suleiman family, and Child Protective Services representatives confirmed a case has been opened regarding the child.

The story on Suleiman’s claims went viral earlier in the week, with parents weighing in on various Pearland Facebook groups and Twitter commenters worldwide slamming the school district over the allegations.

In a statement released Dec. 5, Pearland ISD spokeswoman Kim Hocott confirmed that a report was made to police regarding the child but said the Suleiman family’s allegations are false.

From the statement:

“It is not true that a substitute teacher made a report of an incident with this child. The substitute teacher was not involved in any way with this report to the police.

“It is not true that this child was in any way adversely affected by any school personnel.

“The reasons for the report to the police are serious and were legally required of the individual making the report – but those reasons cannot be revealed by the school district – without compromising student/family/employee confidentiality laws.

“While we understand the police department may have referred this matter to CPS, we are bound by the same restrictions as are CPS officials with regard to the release of information.”

Pearland ISD Superintendent John Kelly also posted a blog on Dec. 5 blasting media coverage and social media response to various events in the school district, including the incident at C.J. Harris.

“Some social media comments are accurate and supportive. But there are many other comments/critiques that run the gamut from criticism to gossip to blatantly false portrayals of what has happened in each case.

“Obviously this causes confusion – and people naturally want the school district to comment on what is true and what is not. It’s not that simple.”

Hocott said the district’s original response to the allegations was to not provide a comment due to privacy concerns. However, she said the district had since been advised that officials could make statements denying the allegations.

You can read the original Pearland Journal story via the link below:

It seems this case or at least the claims of the family as regards ‘Islamophobia’ is rapidly unravelling. The school board vehmently denies the claims that the child was targeted for being Muslim and it may well be that the child’s claimed utterances may have triggered a standard response by the school rather than it being a case that this child was specifically targeted. It looks to me as if the State of Texas may have a policy similar to that of Britain’s ‘PREVENT’ scheme, where any suspect utterance or behaviour by a child that could give grounds to suspect the family are involved in extremism, has to be reported up or referred to exterior agencies. If that is the case then the boy’s family are more than likely bullshitting about what happened and this boy was not being singled out but instead the boy’s actions triggered a standard response to such behaviour.

Yet again we see a claim of ‘Islamophobia’ looking as if it has much less solidity to it than the various Islamic grievance mongers have claimed. Yet again we see groups like Tell Mama promoting a case that is likely to turn out to be false just as it has turned out that a number of their other claims that there is a rash of hijab pullingor other similar incidents that they have used to falsely claim that there is a ‘massive amount of Islamophobia’ going on.

There is something that smells really bad about this story and the claims made by the Muslim family in question and that smell is the stench of Taqiyya or lying to promote or protect Islam. Sadly I’m completely unsurprised to see a group like Tell Mama jumping on this latest possibly fake hate crime bandwagon but I’m angered that they are doing this with large amounts of British taxpayer’s money.

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  1. thylacosmilus | December 9, 2017 at 5:41 am |

    If he has Down’s Syndrome, then it’s a very high grade type. He doesn’t have any of the distinctive features.

  2. Maybe he has the mental capacity of a one year old because his father married his own sister, both of them were products of first cousin marriages and this boy has been promised in marriage to his great aunt in exchange for a dowry of two goats and a years subscription to “jihad for Dummies”!

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 10, 2017 at 1:16 pm |

      To the tune of The Addams Family’ theme

      Your cousin is your mother
      Your father is your brother
      You’re all a bunch of inbreds
      in the Muslim family

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