Arrests for alleged child exploitation in the Islam dominated London Borough of Newham

The location of the London Borough of Newham in East London


Readers of this blog may not be familiar with the London Borough of Newham in East London, but unfortunately I am, and I am familiar with the area’s fall. I lived and worked there for a number of years and have seen the area decline due to industrial changes but mostly due to excessive levels and inappropriate types of migration. The migration problems the borough suffers from have been compounded by the council’s appalling and deep seated political correctness. The local authority, one dominated by the Labour Party and to a large extent in hock to Islamic political interests, describes itself on its promotional material as a place ‘“where people choose to live, work and stay” however the reality is that Newham is now, to a very large extent, an Islamic shithole.

There are mosques all over the place, along with Muslims committing crime, welfare sponging by Muslims, polygamous Islamic marriages, alleged dodgy Islamic political influence on the council and Muslim women confined to mobile canvas prisons. I am also hearing from my contacts, that the few remaining white British people, now just 16% of the population there, are feeling more and more under pressure. Some are finding themselves getting the crumbs off of the table when it comes to council and social care services because the Muslims seem to take priority in everything.

Islam and the local authority’s championing of it and pandering to it, has turned a racially and religiously mixed but cohesive port community, into an increasingly frightening and nasty Islamic ghetto. Since Islam established itself in Newham other groups have fled to better areas, areas with less Islam. The established Jewish community in the borough has long since gone and so has the majority of the Christians of all races, I would not be surprised to find that the Hindus and the Sikhs will be next to get out. Islam has turned what was once a nice and genuinely diverse place to live into a place that people now try to avoid.

The reason for the potted and somewhat personal history of the London Borough of Newham is that the place has popped up in the news and not for any good or positive reason, but because what could be a massive child exploitation ring might have started to be uncovered in the Newham area. Bearing in mind the demographics in Newham, where 32% of the population are Muslims, the uncovering of Islamic Rape Gang and child exploitation activity in the borough is something I’ve been expecting for some time and I’m wondering if this is the start of the uncovering.

I’m very surprised that it has taken until now for the police to find an alleged child exploitation gang as this borough has a similar or even worse demographic profile to other areas that have been afflicted by Islamic sex crime such as Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Tyneside and elsewhere. Some may wonder whether because of the high Muslim population of Newham the police and the local authority were all that keen on opening up what might be a very large can of worms indeed, but that is a question for another day.

The initial reports carried in an article from 11th December on the Breitbart news website paints a grim picture of the sort of sexual exploitation that the Metropolitan Police are starting to investigate in Newham. I’ve reproduced part of the article below and as is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

Breitbart said:

London police believe they have uncovered a new child sex grooming gang in East London, possibly linked to drug dealing and trafficking in the area.

As I said earlier knowing the demography of the area I’m very surprised that this sort of thing hasn’t appeared on police radar before. The area of Newham has always had a bit of a seedy underbelly with drug issues and the occasional knocking shop here and there, as well as the usual burglaries, car crime etc. But, this after all is East London, it’s never been a no crime area, even before the area went Islamic.

However, what the police are uncovering with this latest sexual exploitation gang, looks like it could be the tip of a very large and nasty iceberg, one that maybe the local police should have been aware of and done something about long ago.

The gang allegedly targeted girls “as young as 13” and operated around a McDonalds and Stratford shopping centre in Newham, with teenagers “coerced” into sexual activity, according to a police statement.

I know the Stratford Shopping Centre, it’s been heavily tarted up in recent years, mostly because the Olympics were staged nearby, and is part of the borough that is under quite comprehensive CCTV surveillance. It’s no longer the sort of place which you would avoid travelling through at night if you were drinking for example in the King Edward VII and needed to get to Stratford station. If there was dodginess going on and there were young girls meeting up with older men on a regular basis I would expect it to be picked up quite quickly.

The ethnic and religious makeup of the gang and their victims is not known at this time.

This could be a Islam related crime or it might not. Newham is and has increasingly become a place where scroates congregate. These alleged crimes could be done by ethnic British criminals or any number of some of the less than savoury enrichment types that live there. Those involved could be African shysters, Jamaican gangsters, Albanian thugs, Roma, Gypsies or of course one of the many varieties of Muslim that live there. The victims also could be from a wide variety of backgrounds as well, we should not forget that. But, with the high number of Muslims in the borough, we should not completely discount the possibility that these arrests are the initial stages of busting a large Islamic Rape Gang.

So far, six arrests have been made on the 17th and 25th of November, and police are appealing to the public, as they believe there could be many more victims yet to come forward.

The arrests include a 34-year-old man held on suspicion of rape and possession with intent to supply drugs. He has been released pending the investigation

Two 21-year-olds, one 16-year-old, and two other teenagers aged 15 were also arrested, for crimes including robbery, possession of drugs, and child abduction.

Only one of those arrested in this operation has so far been named by the police. According to the Met Police statement he is “Peter Maynard, 21, (06.09.96) of no fixed address was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply drugs. He was later charged with possession of cannabis. He appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court on 27 November where he was given a conditional discharge for two years, £20 Surcharge and £85 in costs.” At this stage he, Mr Maynard, looks like he could be a peripheral arrest, someone swept up along with others as part of this investigation and found to be in possession of a far greater amount of weed than would be considered as ‘Percy’ or ‘personal use’. The others arrested are either juveniles and therefore cannot be named in the press or in other public media and others may not have been named at the initial police public relations statement stage because this is an ongoing investigation.

Breitbart continued:

Police are working with The Children’s Society to help victims as well as business in the Stratford shopping centre as they investigate the alleged crimes.

Specially trained officers will be working in the area, issuing Child Abduction Warning Notices, distributing leaflets, and “disrupting those who are seen to target vulnerable groups of young girls.”

According to police: “A large number of young girls have already been stopped and spoken to and, where necessary, referred to Social Services and other ongoing educational support.”

The fact that the Police have called in the Children’s Society, are stopping girls and speaking to them, getting Social Services involved and are chucking out leaflets and issuing Child Abduction Warning Notices, suggests to me one of two things. Firstly that this is an isolated issue and the police are engaged in a PR game to make themselves look good. Secondly the flurry of activity may indicate that there is a huge problem with child sexual exploitation in Newham, one that the police may only just be starting to tackle. ‘KF’, the local Police division, are certainly putting a lot of manpower and resources into this case and I suspect that the arrests we’ve seen so far in connection to this case may not be the last.

Are we on the brink of a massive Islamic Rape Gang problem in Newham at last being uncovered? Many of us have suspicions that Newham is the sort of place where Islamic sex crime can flourish in large and sometimes hostile Islamic ghettos. But, only time will tell whether this case is related to the phenomenon of Islamic Rape Gangs that have scarred towns from the North to the South West have come to Newham.

If there is an Islamic Rape Gang problem in Newham then I suspect that it may well turn out to be huge. Although Newham is no longer on the list of most deprived boroughs in England the combination of a large number of Muslims and a sometimes transient population containing vulnerable young people does make an outbreak of Islamic sex crime in that area highly likely. After all If Islamic Rape Gangs can operate undetected and unstopped in a city like Oxford which is only 6.8% Muslim then how much more likely that such bestial criminals are operating in a place like Newham where 32% of the population follow Islam? Sadly, we may not have heard the last of the story of child sexual exploitation in the London Borough of Newham.



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  1. Philip Copson | December 13, 2017 at 2:38 pm |

    “Some may wonder whether because of the high Muslim population of Newham the police and the local authority were all that keen on opening up what might be a very large can of worms indeed, but that is a question for another day.”

    What is the percentage of muslim police officers here ? And how intimidated are the non-muslim local police by pro-muslim or muslim senior officers and councillors ?
    If you are a twenty-year old police constable, you are in prime position to be influenced by others, leant-on with disciplinary procedures, or threatened with your home address details being passed to local gangs.

    Something stinks in our police forces, CPS, Home Office etc.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 13, 2017 at 2:45 pm |

      I’ll look into the issue of Muslim police officer proportions in KF later but it’s an interesting point you make. Newham is a place that like Rotherham, Newcastle and other places that have been afflicted by the horror of Islamic sex crime has a long standing Labour council so the idea that the council might have pushed some of these issues under the carpet is not that far fetched. Some of th enon Muslim councillors there seem to have taken the Islamic shilling big time adn the local MP Stephen Timms is so willing to become involved in Pakistani political issues that I dubbed him ‘the Member for Islamabad West’

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