Confirmed – Twitter is a left wing echo chamber and it’s only going to get worse

Twitter -policing it's users with an enthusiasm that would not be out of place in the East German Stasi


There have been numerous complaints that Twitter, far from being the ‘free speech wing of the free speech party’ has, under the influence of both Leftists and Twitter’s Arab investors, increasingly become a left wing echo chamber. Some observers of the social media scene may have been tempted to treat complaints made by those who allege that ‘shadowbanning’ has been going on and that conservative viewpoints are being silenced, as if they were groundless conspiracy theories.

Sadly this has not been the case. There has been a silencing of conservative voices often using the questionable excuse of ‘hate speech’ by Twitter management. Not only has this censorship become more visible to Twitter users than it ever used to be, but undercover reporting by an American journalistic organisation called Project Veritas has shown Twitter employees boasting about the silencing of conservative voices and about how much data they collect from users.

It’s well worth watching this short video from Project Veritas which highlights Twitter’s censoriousness and will show that Twitter cannot be trusted any more with either users opinions or their personal data.

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