West Yorkshire Police get a well deserved online hammering


The cosy and heavily insulated world of West Yorkshire Police’s ‘Diversity-wallahs’ came into bruising contact with the real world last night, when an ill advised and badly misjudged bit of crowing about ‘diversity’ ended up getting a well deserved public online hammering. West Yorkshire Police seemed to be somewhat taken aback by the public’s negative response to their crowing about how one of their officers and the force had won a ‘British Muslim Award’ for ‘Diversity Champion of the Year’.

The force, in a self congratulatory Tweet, published a picture of the award along with the words: ‘We’ve only went and won’. Now winning this award might have stoked the egos of the various ‘diversity-wallahs’ of West Yorkshire Police but the public, who took to Twitter to comment were none too impressed. They were not impressed with the award and speculated about how many Islamic institutions West Yorkshire Police had to politically fellate in order to win it?

It all started with this Tweet

The force included a picture of the award that they were given, as if it was something to be proud of rather than as many commentators stated, something to be ashamed about.

This started up a storm of protest from people from West Yorkshire and beyond who criticised the police for crowing about this award. Some said that this award is something that West Yorkshire Police should be ashamed of bearing in mind the massive levels of Islamic sex crime that is slowly being uncovered in the West Yorkshire Police area. Some even questioned whether this award came West Yorkshire’s way because of the force’s failure to properly tackle Islamic sex crime?

The screenshots below are a relatively accurate and representative sample of what was the general public thought of this award, West Yorkshire Police’s reaction to receiving it, the disgust that many people felt for police that pandered to Islam and so on and so on in a similar vein. There were very few if any, positive comments on there from members of the public either for the award or for West Yorkshire Police’s attitude on receipt of it. Accepting this award or even being considered for it was, in the circumstances of a police force that has done little over decades to deal with the Islamic Rape Gang problem, is a PR disaster for West Yorkshire Police. There are now I’m afraid more people who hate West Yorks Police today than there were before they crowed over this worthless and questionable award.


You can see the whole thread, at least for the moment, on the West Yorkshire Police Twitter feed which is linked below:


The response of the police was as we could expect, dismal. There were whines from them that diversity police work is real policing with one officer boasting about being involved in a confiscation case. This expensively trained and well remunerated police officer could only point to one crime, yes a real crime, not a bullshit ‘hate speech’ crime, to justify his salary.

In the face of this storm of public protest, the police originally resorted to the use of the usual ‘snarl’ words such as ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobe’ etc and appeared somewhat surprised that these words, which used to be like garlic to a vampire, just elicited yet more derision. Unfortunately for us these two tweets which I saw earlier appear to be missing now. Maybe WYP realising that whining police officers isn’t a good look. have since deleted these Tweets?

However that has not stopped them leaving the post about this disgraceful ‘award’ and the crowing about it up on social media. The storm of anger that is being expressed at a force that many suspect to be ‘Islamopandering’ seems to be getting greater, and louder because of this award and the force’s view of it as a ‘good thing’.

It must be galling for the residents of West Yorkshire to have to live in towns and cities that are blighted by drugs, violence, sex crime and all manner of other offences, to see their police force behaving in this craven manner towards one sector of the community. This crowing over a useless award for an even more useless ‘diversity’ policing policy, is a prime example of how the police are becoming increasingly divided from the public. On the one side we have West Yorkshire officers, feather-bedded and insulated in their little ‘diversity’ empires, whilst on the other we have the long suffering public who have to suffer appalling levels of crime, crime that should, unlike diversity bollocks, be prioritised. West Yorkshire have given people the impression that they are not abiding by the Peelian Principles of policing and policing with the consent of the public, but instead treating the public with utter and complete contempt.

I’m really not at all surprised to see that West Yorkshire Police have got so much criticism over this. It was a stupid move both to accept this award and to think that crowing about would be acceptable to the long suffering public whom they are supposed to be policing but often failing to do so. West |Yorkshire Police most certainly deserve the online mauling they have got from this episode and more pressure needs to be put on police forces by the public to start policing all of us properly and to stop pandering to identity politics groups.

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  1. The funny thing is, as a proud Bradfordian, the instigators of the racist Honeyford affair, the book burners of the Rushdie affair, the participants of the Manningham riots of 95 and 01 got what was coming to them. Their collars felt by Bradford plod and in some (most after 01) a spell at Her Majs Pleasure…

    Then after 01 and the subsequent convictions a campaign started by distraught Mothers and Sisters (who had never been seen on the streets before) got the attention of the Common Purpose higher ups at WYP central. The rest is history…

    Why do you think there has never been a “grooming case” in Bradford?

  2. Who presented the award to them? Abu Hamza?

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