This is what Islam has brought to Gloucester, are you sure you want it where you are?

Bearded Savage tries to barter a gun for fish and chips. I dread to think what he might have brought if he wanted a saveloy as well.  I wouldn’t let him near a daughter either.

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  1. I saw Sunday night’s BBC News at Ten. The items went as follows:
    1. Gay marriage (though opinion not sought from local imam)
    2.Carnage and unpleasantness in Egypt;
    3. British black woman disfigured in random attack some time ago, police still seeking attacker who was “wearing a burka”;
    4. Light brown man holds large knife to neck outside Buckingham Palace, is tasered. Leaves behind Afghan/Taliban hat and prayer beads.
    5. Talks between afghan and Pakistani bearded savages over border-related bearded savagery and lawlessness.
    6. …and now, the sport.

    You feeling enriched? Such s positive contribution to our world.

  2. Furor Teutonicus | February 5, 2013 at 1:52 pm |

    XX ‘When he was arrested two imitation handguns were found in his home.’XX

    So fucking WHAT??!!

    Since when was it an offence to own, and KEEP ON ONES PROPERTY, an imitation firearm????

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 5, 2013 at 2:15 pm |

      It doesn’t appear that this bearded savage was arrested for the possession of the imitation firearms in his home but instead trying to barter a firearm for fish and chips. It is obviously not an offence to have in your home an imitation firearm or a firearm deactivated to London or Birmingham proof house standard, but this geezer had taken one of them into the street and tried to swap them. The chippy owner probably wasn’t able to discern whether it is real or not.

  3. He is the product of Muslim only schooling. Muslim only schooling is essential for Muslim children to hold them back from using their brains to their full potential. They need bilingual teachers to speak to them in their native tongue. This is essential that they know Urdu even if they was born in Britain. That way they can talk to their parents and laugh at infidels when they enter your shop without them knowing. Muslim only schooling is needed so they can have Koran lessons for 6 hours a day and understand the true backwardness of Islam instead of mixing with the opposite sex and learning stupid things like english,maths and picking up the harem habits off the kafir you call common sense and morales. Muslim only schooling is the answer to everything!!
    K.C Manchester-School-of-Infidels

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