Abu Qatada deported – One down, several million to go?

‘So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, f**k off, and don’t come back

At last this scumbag has gone. This Islamic rabble rouser has finally gone, this man who hates us and our values, was allowed to play the legal system, at great cost to the British taxpayer. He has been aided in his vexatious litigation by a gang of the usual suspects of leftist judges, idiotic human rights lawyers and the European Convention for Human Rights. It is disgusting that this promoter of hatred and violence was sheltered by a Convention that was primarily designed, post World War II, to protect Europeans, should future murderous dictators arise on the Continent. This legislation should not have been used to protect those who wish to impose the dictatorship of Shariah Law and Islam on areas from where it was rightly kicked out.

Although Qatada has gone, that still leaves many other Islamic hate preachers and hate groups operating in Europe. There are also too many Muslims who turn a blind eye to the operation of such individuals and groups. By their silence and inaction such Muslims give support and succor to the more high profile extremists.

How many more ‘Qatada’ types are out there, spreading their poison, engaging in corruption, committing crimes and undermining our political system? Any reasonable person would conclude, from the evidence that is out there, and by the actions of our politicians, that there are lot of Muslims who have the potential to kick off.

Surely we should not only stop at Qatada and should additionally rid ourselves of all the Dawa merchants, Islam promoters, corrupters of our polticians, excusers of crime and terrorism, that the Islamic community has produced? Those Muslims who refuse to publicly and honestly condemn both Shariah Law and those statements of the false prophet Mohammed that call for the oppression of non-Muslims, should also go.

They should go but they should go in peace. We should never, ever, even in our hot and justifiable anger about the foul ideology of Islam, entertain thoughts of ‘final solutions’ to Britain’s Islam problems. Those who we need to remove should leave with their lives, bodies and property intact. We must not become like those we have fought in the past, we must be better than that. We need to remove those who are more loyal to Shariah than this nation, for to be loyal to Shariah, is to be disloyal to Britain and its values and society. Loyalty to Islam and Shariah is incompatible with being a British citizen, the difference in the values is too great.

Qatada should be seen as the first of many Islamofash who need to go, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for this Government to get rid of those who for reasons of national economic, political and cultural survival really need to go.