Bristol, another city another Islamic sex case trial

Another city, another couple of Mohammedians accused of sex offences.

Two Somali men have been committed for trial in Bristol on child sex charges.

The ‘This is Bristol’ site said:

TWO men have appeared in court charged with raping underage girls who were under the care of social workers Bristol Magistrates’ Court was told the house where the girls were living, which cannot be named for legal reasons, effectively became a brothel.

The victims were placed in the home which the court heard was supported housing, by social workers.

The men, one of whom is an asylum seeker who has been given the right to remain in the country by the Home Office, are accused of child sexual exploitation, which includes sexual activity at the home, as well as at the Premier Inn at St James Barton roundabout.”

This is Bristol added:

“One of them is also charged with paying a child for sexual services.

Said Zakaria, 21, also known as Target, of Seymour Road, Easton, is charged with sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl and rape of a girl aged 14 at the Premier Inn and the home.

Gama Mohammed, 32, also known as G, of Gordon Road, Whitehall, whom the court heard was an asylum seeker, spoke through an interpreter to confirm his name, age and address.

He is charged with rape at the same home and paying for the sexual services of a child at the Premier Inn.

They both denied all the charges at Bristol Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Appearing separately, the two Somali men were remanded in custody. They are due to appear at Bristol Crown Court on October 10.

The court heard that the defendants had been arrested as part of Operation Brooke – an investigation working with child exploitation teams.”

Why am I not surprised to see a Mohammed Factor of 50% in this case.

It may well turn out that more Islamic sex cases, unconnected to these defendants, may yet come out from Bristol.  The This is Bristol site said that the police were appealing for anyone who believes they are the victim of a grooming or sexual exploitation offence to get in touch with Avon and Somerset police.

If you are not getting angry about Islamic Grooming Gangs then you are not paying attention.

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