From Elsewhere: The impact of Islam on Nottingham


A scene from the famous film ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’, much of where the film was set is now Islamified.

Saw this one on the Cherson and Molschky site.  It seems that whole areas are being eviscerated by Islam in Nottingham.  What were once balanced mixed communties of different types of citizen, is now an Islamic ghetto.  Along with the Islamisation of parts of Nottingham has come the other things that Islam has brought elsewhere, the demands for special treatment, the attacks on non-Muslims, rapes, intra-communal violence, religious oppression and all the rest of it.

A shocking state of affairs and one that is causing more and more anger, and rightly so.

Paul Wilkinson How Nottingham has changed.

There used to be Muslim hard-liners on the streets every Saturday handing leaflets to people walking past and inviting them to embrace Islam. Woe betide anyone who asked questions as the sales pitch followed. “Gay Free Zone” stickers like this were placed throughout the area prior to Nottingham Pride a few years ago.

Gangs of Asian youths spent years harassing locals – including people in their own homes – with anti-social behaviour. Nearly all of the gangs were unemployed and to a large extent seemingly unemployable. Drug dealing was rife and a pack mentally meant violence was never far away. Several beatings and stabbings have occurred, but they’ve never made the media because the victims don’t press charges due to fear of retribution.

Yes, violence and anti-social behaviour can happen anywhere, but this has in my opinion been specifically targeted at the non-Muslim/Pakistani community.

Personally I’ve been burgled and assaulted by Pakistani youths. I’ve been harassed and shouted at by Pakistanis while walking my dog. Pakistani youths at the top of my street used to congregate and intimidate people who walked past, even aiming fireworks at houses.

The packed pubs like the White Horse in Saturday Night, Sunday Morning are, as a rule, sadly gone. (The White Horse pub is now a cafe – halal of course). Recession, the smoking ban and the price of drinks haven’t helped, but the demographic change has meant not all can survive. I can count five pubs that have closed on Radford Road alone in the last five or six years. Some pubs are derelict; some converted into halal fast food eating places and another into a mosque. In the area there were also late bars and two nightclubs, all closed now.”

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  1. It is the way things are going at the moment, the media has bought into the multi-cultural argument, mainly because they meet ‘nice’ muslims, ie the chap who is the sound technician is a very nice man etc. It is the mind-set that allowed the Armenian genocide to happen and the Greek foothold in Asia to be removed after they were the original inhabitants for generations.

    It doesn’t mean we have to let it happen or stand by and idly watch, but at the moment the Left and their fellow travellers are in the ascendency.

    • Fahrenheit211 | October 13, 2013 at 6:05 pm |

      Funny thing is the site Religion of Peace covered this very point. They said ‘Do not judge Islam by the Muslims you know and do not judge Muslims by the Islam you know’. I certainly agree that we must not stand by whilst our nation is ravished. Believe it or not, the Left are worried. The more worried that their ideology is being challenged successfully, the more nastier they get. The screaming of ‘racist’ at people who object to Islam is just one part of that nastiness. There are signs however that this accusation of racist has been so overused as to be losing both its meaning and its power.

  2. john warren | October 13, 2013 at 6:05 pm |

    Bunny: Unless you think the established christian population (small c) ought to be making an attempt to integrate with Muslims, I can’t see what can usefully be done other than to let it happen.

    Sadly, we are forcibly obliged by the law, which is backed up by the police – the recently armed para-military unit built up to suppress those who are not happy with the fairly recent policies inflicted by the state – can do little but stand idly by and watch our nation disintegrate. Even expressing an opinion can now get you a prison sentence.

    Or maybe I’m wrong and perhaps, apart from praying, you can tell me what I can usefully do to stop it?

    • At the moment I am at a loss how to stop the momentum, there is for want of a better word a machine which is spewing out lies and misinformation and its purpose seems to be state control and it is not just a UK phenomenon. It also uses what can only be described as arguments which are difficult to counter because they have already framed the debate, such as the environment or equality. ‘What your against the environment?’ These arguments are backed up with dubious statistics i.e. 97% of climate scientists, I didn’t notice them asking the Russians or the Chinese who have a different perspective.

      At the moment I can only think of economic methods that may be effective, these methods were good for the likes of Nike (improved sub-contract working standards) and Proctor and Gamble (animal testing). So the first item would be a boycott of Halal products on grounds of ethics and religion (Halal could be argued to be sacrificial meat in a Christian context). Another way would be to put yourself in a position were the TV licence isn’t needed, cutting costs to the BBC.

      If you come up with other reasonable ideas I am all for it, the down side is that the media would pillory anybody who stands up to left and their fellow travellers.

  3. As one who resides in the environs of Nottingham, the original author is not exaggerating. What were once ‘troubled’ areas of white working class longterm unemployment, criminality of an ‘ordinary’ kind and high levels of drug and drink fuelled yobbishness are now ghettos from which all non-Muslims are being cleansed, including Black people who came here in the 50s. It’s the usual story.

    Up til now, where I live has been remarkably untouched and…civilised. Lots of different colours and races and languages, but no cultural imperialism. But – following a 3 year battle of local resistance – a brand new shiny Muslim Centre has just opened. And we know what that will bring. Meanwhile, very close by there is an OTC for both army and airforce. In the last 6 months there have been three security alerts there (all virtually unreported in local media). In the previous 25 years, only one, an unexploded WWII bomb. Are these things connected? Surely not.

    I’m worried.

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