‘Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it infamy’ – Luftar Rahman starts to cry

Tower Hamlets Mayor, Luftar Rahman,

From the East London Advertiser

“Mayor Lutfur Rahman has been accused of hitting a “new low” after saying the local Labour Party started a witch-hunt against him.

Labour also rejected his claim their criticisms of him have been “picked up and amplified by the English Defence League” and “other parts of the local and national media”.

The article by the mayor, in an online newspaper last Wednesday, discussed anti-Muslim bigotry in some of the press.

Mr Rahman wrote that his problems with sections of the media started when his “local opponents on the right wing of the Labour Party” disagreed with him being selected as Labour’s mayoral candidate in 2008.”

Rahman must be getting worried about his future and that of the Islam for Europe backed East London Mosque and the large amount of public funds which it represents, which is why he is coming out fighting crying like this. The blogger Kafircrusader is absolutely correct on this when they said: “Mayor Lutfur Rahman does a pretty good job of bringing the criticism and heat onto himself without the need for the Labour Party or anybody else starting a campaign against him off. His own actions  do that.”  

Read more of Kafircrusader’s tale of Lufthar Rahman and Tower Hamlets related woe via the link below



It will make you glad that you don’t live in Tower Hamlets. The area both on and surrounding the Whitechapel Road are getting more and more unsafe, both for non-Muslims, and those Muslims who reject the more hateful and violent parts of Islam.

Lufthar Rahman and the whole troop of IFE activists who are in control of the Council, need to be removed as quickly as possible.  The law of the state, the Queen’s Peace, cannot be re-established in Tower Hamlets as long as extremist Islamic organisations and those who are associated with them, remain in control.

This local government ‘running sore’ urgently needs some attention from Eric Pickles at the Department of Communities and Local Government.  The borough wide mismanagement, and the  aggressive and pervasive communal politics often practised  there need to be tackled without delay.