Tell Mama have still not answered my polite question on the subject of CAIR. What does that tell you?

It is time for Tell Mama to ‘unfriend’ the Council of American Islamic Relations.

This morning, yesterday, and the day before, I asked a question during Twitter conversations where Tell Mama was involved. The gist of the question that I asked is why are Tell Mama still featuring the group CAIR prominently on the front page of their site?

As yet I have had no answer as to why an organisation that says it is moderate and only interested in preventing anti-Muslim attacks, seems to be such a fan of a questionable organisation like the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR)  This American organisation is both allegedly heavily penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and was also an un-indicted defendant in a criminal case related to money being transferred to the genocidal Hamas organisation.

For more details on Hamas-CAIR and their association with Tell Mama click on the link below:

Here is a comparison that might help Tell Mama understand why I’m criticising them.

I can criticise the ideology of Islam without aligning myself with the sort of dangerous lunatics who advocate ‘final solutions’ for Muslims. I can manage to run this blog without showing support for the loonspuds of this world. I don’t feature groups like the BNP/C18/NF etc in a positive way, nor do I allow ‘white power/racial science types to peddle their wares here, if they do they are pulled up on it, told why they are wrong or banned. This is my gaff and my rules. If little old me can be aware enough of the dangers of extremism that I actively distance myself from the extremists and genocide promoters and criticise them, why can’t Tell Mama distance themselves from CAIR, who excuse and facilitate extremists?

CAIR an organisation that has NEVER publicly criticised the Hamas organisation? CAIR has never spoken negatively about Hamas who are not ‘freedom fighters’ instead are violent, ignorant, genocidal Jew-haters.

On the subject of groups having dubious friends, and related to Tell Mama, it is pretty shameful to see a group that alleges that it is there to protect British Jews and Jewish property, the Community Security Trust, prostituting themselves to Tell Mama by helping them out. It is utter madness for a group like CST to sit down and assist an organisation that is just one step removed from those entities like Hamas who wish Jews to be exterminated. It is, to use the most appropriate Yiddish word to describe the situation, a completely Meshugana (crazy) thing to do.

The presence of CAIR so prominently on the Tell Mama site, despite there being long standing negative issues regarding CAIR, confirms what many of us feel about Tell Mama’s core moral, religious and political values.

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  1. Paris Claims | November 15, 2013 at 8:57 am |

    So far as I can make out groups like Tell Mama and Quilliam have one purpose. They try to make out muslims are a persecuted minority and that islam is a peaceful, misunderstood religion. That makes them not only liars, but dangerous outfits, as some idiots will believe them rather than the evidence that grows daily. I much prefer the likes of Anjem Choudary who, at least is honest about islam and his intentions. I suspect Tell Mama and Quilliam are quietly seething at Choudary’s outbursts as they will think he’s playing his hand too soon.

  2. Fahrenheit211 | November 15, 2013 at 9:24 am |

    I have much more time for Quilliam than I have for groups like Tell Mama, although I recognise that I do not subscribe to all of Quilliam’s views. To see the Tommy and Mo doc in which the Quilliam guy made Mo Ansar look like the closet extremist he is by forcing him to confront the brutality of Shariah Hudud punishments they did show a positive side. Not for Quilliam the dodgy rhetorical device of saying that the brutality of Islamic punishment were acceptable only for an ‘ideal Islamic state’ as an extremist in Luton did recently. Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam tried to get Mo Ansar to say the Hudud punishments were wrong and Ansar refused.

    Tell Mama are by far much more dangerous than Quilliam because Tell Mama has such dubious friends in CAIR. The Quilliam people walked away from violent extremism but Tell Mama embrace those like CAIR,who have documented connections to it.

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