Picture Post – This is Britain, let’s fight back


This is Britain

It’s full of British people, some white, some black and despite what some Americans may believe not many of us have teeth like this.

Many of us eat things like this

or this (what is it? Well it’s a Kebab. What’s in it? You don’t want to know)

We are reigned over by her

and have been reigned over by these

And for short while by this dude

We used to run this much of the world

and invented this

and this

We used to have politicians like this

but now sadly have politicians like this

We used to fight these


and them (but we’re best mates now so that’s alright)

and Savages like these in the Sudan

And we kicked the hell out of the followers of this murderous gobshite

We’ve been a haven for people like these

and him

who started businesses like this

and people like Baron Melchett








Who created British industries like this

We haven’t been perfect, and some parts of our history, like the Amritsar Massacre are not to be boasted about

but we have a lot to be proud of

We are an island nation skilled in technology, art and fighting

Our artists


and writers like JRR Tolkein are world famous














We have been protected by generations of brave men and women














and we shouldn’t be afraid of,or deny our history

We’ve stood up to the worst so why can’t we start standing up to


or him

or her

So if you appreciate this country and want to see it free then protest about the ideology in this book.

because it is not very different from those we have fought before. We beat these fascist bastards before we can do it again.

Say no to Islamo-fascism.


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  1. i really like the fact that you mentioned the amritsar massacre as well..every nation including india has its dark history ..we need to rise above it and be better.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 22, 2013 at 1:51 pm |

      It was a particular dark period of the British Raj, and for Britain itself, there was no need for General Dyer to give the orders that he did that day and the tragedy that day could and should have been avoided. The readers of the British Daily Mail didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory at that time either with their ‘Free General Dyer’ campaign in the letters pages.

  2. Furor Teutonicus | December 22, 2013 at 2:42 pm |

    XX We beat these fascist bastards before we can do it again.XX

    You did not have whole city areas and every corner shop run by the bastards though, as you do now.

    Big difference when the enemy are already esconced in the camp.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 22, 2013 at 2:47 pm |

      Agree there. We have allowed a modern ‘Danelaw’ to grow up in the UK which will make it much more difficult to fight, but fight we must.

    • There is one thing that you have is that as an ally is that every nation is pretty much now rising up against islamic fundamentalism . So there soon will be strength in numbers.

  3. I have just had to move to an area in Bristol.i just caught the bus to the centre and the bus went through eastville and Easton,i hated it it.why am I living in a country I no longer know?sorry this is in lower case but im just learning.

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