How long before British churches are threatened like this?

Coptic Christians in Egypt

A report from the organisation International Christian Concern has highlighted the appalling conditions under which Egyptian Christians are living. A recent report from them said that Coptic Christians lived under constant fear of attack by Egyptian Muslims.

In this latest report International Christian Concern told the tale of how a stash of Molotov Cocktails were found next door to a church. Although many of the recent attacks have been stopped, the fact so many attempts have been made to attack Christians, their beliefs and their property has increased the fears that many Coptic Christians have for their future in Egypt.

The report by Corey Bailey of International Christian Concern said:

The first month of 2014 has seen numerous “attacks” on churches and Christians in Egypt.  Witnesses and sources in Egypt reported to International Christian Concern (ICC), that despite the fact the following attacks were thwarted, they added to the fear Christians in Egypt face on a regular basis.

On Friday, January 3, supporters of Muslim Brotherhood attacked an Evangelical Church in the Gesr El Suez area of Cairo. The mob gathered in front of the church on Ahmed Esmat Street and began to “pelt stones on the church and change slogans against Christians,” Mina Beshay, a Christian in this area, told ICC. Reports indicate that there was no security for the church building and that the attackers operated with impunity.

On Sunday, January 5, security forces in Suez disrupted a terrorist cell named, “Supporters of Jerusalem.” They arrested the members when they discovered a plot to attack a nearby church on the night of their Christmas celebrations. Christmas among many Christians in Egypt is celebrated on January 7.

On Monday evening, January 6, a bomb was found in the bathroom of the Three Saints Church in Beni Suef city. Police diffused the bomb, initially discovered by a church member. A few days later, on January 10, security forces “arrested a bearded person in possession of four hand grenades in a handbag next to the Church of two Saints,” Wissa Fawzy, a Christian in Alexandria told ICC.

On Friday, January 24, The civil defense forces and civil protection forces in Assiut Governorate found explosives inside a car parked behind the church of AL Malak.  The church, which is located in AL Numies street,in Assiut city, was targeted, “to be exploded,” sources told ICC.

On Saturday, January 25, Security forces in Ismailia Security directorate found 26 Molotov Cocktails inside a bag next to the church of St. Bishoy in the area of Sheikh Zayed in Ismailia city. Witnesses say that the person in possession of the bag of explosives was sitting in a car next to the church and “he fled when he saw the policemen.”

Christians, a religious minority in Egypt, have lived in constant fear of attack. Christians have been kidnapped and their Churches bombed or raided on a regular basis.”

When reading this piece, we would do well to remember that the indigenous population of Egypt were Christians, before the arrival of Islam, and there has been a Christian tradition there since the establishment of Christianity approximately 2000 years ago. After Islam invaded Egypt, it is followers of Islam that, for centuries, have treated the Christians in that country like dirt and have mocked and persecuted them on the grounds that they are ‘not Muslim’. The Christians of Egypt, both the Coptic and the Greek-speaking strands, were once the dominant culture and religion of the country; Islam has taken over and for many years it has debased Christians and made them fearful. Maybe what has happened to the Christians of Egypt should be treated as an object lesson on what happens when the demands and desires of the ideology of Islam are pandered to and accommodated? The result of such actions will be not different in the long run from what happened to Egypt’s Christians after the invasion by the Islamic armies in 641 CE. The result was oppression and we should not be so naïve as to say such things as ‘that sort of thing cannot happen here in Britain or now in the 21st Century’ because it is happening already to churches and Christians in mainland Europe. It’s time for Christians to wake up, smell the coffee and stop treating Islam and its followers as victimised, when they are often so plainly the victimisers. Just because they have learnt to play the victim card in Europe and hide behind multiculturalism, we shouldn’t fall for it. Our critical faculties and ability to think must remain active.


Muslim conquest of Egypt

International Christian Concern

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  1. Robert the Biker | January 30, 2014 at 2:18 pm |

    Ever see ‘The Untouchables’?
    ” They put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue”

    Muslims should take note that such attitudes are well understood in Western countries.

  2. No need for that – we hand them over in Britain

    Former Congregational Church of 1880 by T Lewis Banks with church hall of 1883. Later known as United Reformed Church. Converted in 2002-3 to a school, the Azhar Academy Girl’s School.

    their new purchase appears to be a former police station

  3. Tommy Peters | February 1, 2014 at 12:54 pm |

    Pope Paul II was referring to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Paul McCartney or perhaps Anton Szandor LaVey himself, when he said during his 1976 visit to the U.S, that “We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, and between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel. It is a trial which the Church must take up.”

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 2, 2014 at 9:50 am |

      An interesting point of view but not one I agree with. A few blokes with guitars are not the enemy, millions of Bearded Savages are the enemy.

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