British Neville Chamberlain of the month award – May 2014. The police officer who stood by while ballot boxes were ‘stuffed’

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I’ve been a bit busy so have not been able to keep totally up to date with the monthly ‘Neville’s’ that British politics and policing is throwing up. However this months ‘Neville’ is going to a person who really and truly deserves it.

It may not have escaped your notice that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is now a corrupt hell hole of an Islamic statelet and has got much worse under the rule of the Islamist aligned mayor Lutfur Rahman. The recent elections in that borough turned into a farce where votes were allegedly demanded with menaces, where security at the counts were virtually non-existent and where the police have been absolutely powerless to prevent or punish electoral misdemeanour’s. Now we have a situation where allies of Lutfur Rahman are hinting that street violence will ensue if Rahman doesn’t get the job of mayor. No area of Britain should be like this, no matter what the excuse or the reason.

So who to blame for all of this debacle? Obviously those who fished for or coerced votes for Lutfur Rahman must take the blame, but there is one man who should have known better and who should have done better. There was one person in authority with whom the buck should really have stopped and who should have stopped the electoral abuse.

That person is Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer, the Borough Commander of Tower Hamlets. Chief Supt Stringer had one job to do at the election and he and his officers failed to do it. He, like senior police officers in all electoral areas was tasked with ensuring that the Representation of the People Act and other electoral legislation was abided by. This he has so plainly failed to do.

Chief Superintendent Stringer’s officers stood by while mobs of supporters of Lutfur Rahman gathered menacingly outside polling stations and ignored those with party rosette’s who hung round inside polling stations. His officers allegedly ignored complaints of electoral malfeasance and helped to ensure that the 2014 local council and mayoral election was one of the most ‘bent’ in recent political memory.

Chief Supt Stringer, you were the responsible senior officer on election day and you were the one who should have shown more balls in dealing with the undoubted electoral fraud that went on in Tower Hamlets. Therefore I have no hesitation in giving Chief Supt Stringer this months ‘British Neville Chamberlain Award’. His vacillation and cowardice in the face of Islamist pressure on the voters of Tower Hamlets will not be forgotten and neither will it be forgiven. He has shown that he is more interested in matters of ‘community cohesion’ ie don’t upset the Islamic fraggles, than in upholding the law without fear or favour.



This is Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer who is this months unworthy winner of an award that no British police officer, public servant or politician should ever wish to get.



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A 'Lutfur Rahman - Bent?' t-shirt is available from the Fahrenheit211 gift shop at

A ‘Lutfur Rahman – Bent?’ t-shirt is available from the Fahrenheit211 gift shop at

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  1. Good day to you Mr Britannicus,

    Can I order one “Lutfur Rahman Bent” T-shirt but without the misleading question mark on it please. Size XL if possible.

    Also a “Fiyaz Mughal Bent” T-shirt would go down well. Thanks.

    Invoice and Delivery to Tim Burton, c/o The Belfry Leisure Club, B76 9PR.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 1, 2014 at 4:52 pm |

      I’m afraid the ‘misleading’ question mark has to be there for legal reasons LOL. All shirts are available from the Fahrenheit shop there is also a ‘Mendacious Grievance Mongering Taqiyya Artist’ shirt available. I’ll see what I can do about the request, speak via email.

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