Friday Night Movie number 24 – Night Train To Munich

My apologies for there being no Friday Night Movie last week but things have been a little hectic lately and I really didn’t get my act together to sort one out.

Anyway, tonight’s offering is a splendid drama film with some good action scenes, some twists and a frenetic finish.

Night Train to Munich, which was made in 1940, is set in that period in time just before Britain declared war on Germany. A Czech scientist who has developed a new form of armour plating, is flown out on one of the last planes before the German invasion. This is to avoid the scientists knowledge falling into the hands of the Nazis. The scientist, Mr Bornash, is flown to Britain but before they can both leave his daughter is captured and sent to a concentration camp.

Not to give too much away about the plot but by various means Bornash’s daughter Anna, played by Margaret Lockwood, escapes and makes her way to Britain. Unfortunately there are Nazi agents on her trail who are eager to capture Bornash. They follow Anna to the seaside town where she has gone to meet her father and the pair are captured by the Nazi agents and spirited off to Germany.

In Germany Bornash and Anna meet a German transport officer who is not all that he seems as will be clear when you watch the film.

There’s some great side characters in this film, especially the two middle aged British men caught in Germany just as war breaks out. Their presence and actions are both comical and essential to the task of getting Mr Bornash out of the clutches of the Nazis and over the border into Switzerland.

I enjoyed this film, it’s got shootouts, mistaken and hidden identity, humour and excitement. I enjoyed this film and I hope you do too.

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