Savage arrogance afflicting Britain

Islamic arrogance, now being seen more often

Over the last few days, there have been several incidents either of direct Islamic arrogance or non-Muslims pandering and cowering to that arrogance. Sadly these are not the only examples of Islamic groups deciding to piss all over our country and its people, but they are the ones that I found most notable or which I specifically wished to comment on.

The first incident was the blocking of the Blackwall Tunnel in London on Monday morning by a gang of Muslims, at least one of whom was flying a black Jihad flag, I commented on this in detail here. The second incident was the much complained about raising of a flag that represents ‘Palestinian’ terror organisations such as Fatah and Hamas at Preston Town Hall. Then we had the flying of the flag of ‘Palestinian’ terror organisations by the extremism-linked mayor Lutfur Rahman at Tower Hamlets Town Hall, twice, because the first one was removed by what the police called ‘vandals’, but who I call either patriots or someone with a lot of common sense. Then we had the mass barring of non-Muslims from a Birmingham cinema on the grounds that it was Eid.

Apart from the Blackwall Tunnel incident, which I’ve already dealt with, I’ll comment on each one of these stories of Islamic arrogance in turn.


If anybody wanted a demonstration of how far the Labour Party has sunk in its desire to pander to Muslims above anybody else, then you would not have to look further than the actions of Preston City Council. You will not be surprised to see that the largest party on the council is the Islam -appeasing and now Islamic terrorist -fellating Labour Party. There has been a tremendous backlash to the local Labour party’s desire to show ‘solidarity’ with Hamas in Gaza, and the abject pandering to local Muslims has now been seen by many people, and not just those living in Preston. Those non-Muslims who are eligible to vote in the next election for Preston City Council should remember this sordid act of submission and pandering displayed by the Labour party and vote for something, almost anything, else. Labour have shown yet again whose side they are really on, in the ongoing conflict between the savagery of Islam and the values of civilisation. This act of gesture politics has exposed to the world just what Labour have become in many of the areas in which they have dominated, often for generations, and what they’ve become is an ‘Islam party’ The actions of Preston council, and other Labour one-party states, should be reason enough for no non-Muslim to vote for Labour ever again.

Source Lancashire Evening Post see here for article and description of the backlash that is hitting Labour controlled Preston City Council.

Tower Hamlets

Down in East London it seems that Islamic arrogance is being turned up quite a bit, with the flying of the flag of ‘Palestinian’ terror organisations, on the orders the extremism-linked Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman. Despite facing a future trial over election irregularities during the May 2014 local election in Tower Hamlets, Rahman still feels arrogant enough to highlight just why Tower Hamlets is a political disgrace by ordering this terror flag to be flown. The criticisms of and evidence about Rahman and his wrongdoings is mounting up, and the blatant favouring of Muslims by Tower Hamlets is starting to come to light for many people. Rahman’s Islamic statelet of Tower Hamlets has become a place of horror and fear for Jews, Gays, Christians, secular people and those Muslim women who do not wish to live as second-class citizens, and this situation should no longer be tolerated.

It was an act of supreme arrogance by Rahman to order this terror rag to be flown. If Rahman was truly a supporter of peace and justice, which I doubt, and wanted to make a gesture about this, then he could have ordered both the flag of Israel and the flag of the Arabs to be flown together, side by side.

Maybe Preston and Tower Hamlets councils should read up on flag etiquette which doesn’t forbid the flying of foreign flags, but which specifies that the Union Flag should be flown not only as well as a foreign flag, but in a higher position. On the other hand, Britain may be better off by not pandering to those who want to see their local authorities fly the flags of Islamic terror organisations, which is very clear evidence of the dhimmitude of the authorities.

The link to the London Evening Standard’s story on Rahman and the terror flag.


The third incident that has stirred up controversy, is the banning of non-Muslims from a cinema on the grounds that they were not Muslim and that it was Eid.

Yet again, an appalling example of Islamic arrogance in action. What may have started as management acknowledging that they will get a lot of customers during Eid, appears to have been translated by staff into a ‘no non-Muslims’ policy. This is very bad publicity for Vue cinemas and the senior management need to find out whether or not this was a mistake or whether the local management are bowing to pressure and running an unofficial religious barring scheme. The whole situation would have been different if a Muslim group had booked the cinema for a private party booking, but this was not a situation like that, non-Muslims were turned away at a time when the building was open to the general public. If the boot was on the other foot and a cinema told a bunch of Muslims to ‘sod off, it’s the Jewish festival of Purim’ or ‘sod off it’s Christian Easter’ then you can imagine the sort of whine that would come up from the ‘Islamophobia industry’ can’t you?

On the Vue cinema story from the UK Daily Mail

These, and the Blackwall Tunnel incident are all examples of Islamic arrogance in practice. There’s the arrogance of Jihadi-supporting savages, thinking that they have the right to block a major river crossing with their hate-filled bullshit, then a Labour council who have decided to submit like slaves to Islamic arrogance and demands. The attitude of ‘you can’t touch’ me shown by the Teflon Taqiyya Man ie Lutfur Rahman is just one of the more shocking examples of Muslim politicians thinking that they are above the Law. The Birmingham cinema incident is for me the most worrying, because it raises the spectre of what happens when Islam dominates an area or a nation. Islamic dominance in Birmingham has not been good, it has given us whole areas filled with Jihad supporters, a police force that is one of the most Sharia-friendly in Britain, the Trojan Horse school scandal and now this. If you ever want to imagine what life is like for non-Muslims under Islam then the Vue cinema incident will give you a small taste of it.

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  1. Furor Teutonicus | August 2, 2014 at 1:02 am |

    XX Those non-Muslims who are eligible to vote in the next election for Preston City Council should remember this sordid act of submission and pandering displayed by the Labour party and vote for something, almost anything, else.XX

    All very nice. But the general imbicilic public have, what my computer keeps telling me, “an interface dissconect” between what happens in every day life, and where they put their “X” on the ballot paper.

    They just do NOT appear to link the two.

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