Video: It’s time for women to say ‘we are not putting up with Sharia’.

I’m a fan of the common-sense views expressed by The Matriot especially on the subject of Shariah Law. The Matriot is working with other women to have a national demonstration against the incredibly misogynistic Shariah Law.

I find very little to disagree with in her statement that it is ‘time for women to stand up’.

The woman-only demonstration going by the name of Mothers Against Radical Islam And Shariah (M.A.R.I.A.S) is to take place on Sunday October 19 Speakers Corner in London.

As the Matriot says: ‘It’s time for women to stand up’.

Please distribute this video as widely as possible because this is women standing up for a future free from fear, a future free from Shariah Law.

Here’s the direct YouTube link to The Matriot’s video.

Here’s the embedded video.


Radical Islam and Shariah Law is a threat to all of us please support this demonstration.