From Elsewhere: Another bunch of Islamic liars – Islamic terrorism is not a ‘trumped up threat’.

Australian PM Tony Abbott

Coming into the category of having ‘more front than Blackpool’ are a group of Australian Muslims who are dismissing valid concerns by Australians about terrorism by saying that there is: “There is no solid evidence to substantiate this threat”. They also attacked proposed plans to beef up restrictions on ‘Australian’ Muslims travelling to conflict zones to take part in Jihad as ‘racist’.

Sky News Australia said:

Leading members of the Muslim community have dismissed planned new terror laws, saying they are a response to a trumped-up threat.

A statement signed by a large number of Muslim sheiks, community leaders, activists and organisations argues there is no evidence to substantiate the threat the federal government says is posed by radicalised Muslims returning from Iraq and Syria.

It comes as Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis set about selling their proposed new terror laws to the Muslim community.

It also comes the same day the Islamic State jihadist group posted a video showing the apparent execution of captured American journalist James Foley.

The government is proposing a range of new terror laws which, among much else, make it an offence to travel to certain locations overseas.

The statement, released to the media and also posted on the Islam in Australia website, says the primary basis of the new laws was a ‘trumped-up threat’ from radicalised Muslims returning from Iraq or Syria.

‘There is no solid evidence to substantiate this threat,’ it says.

‘Rather, racist caricatures of Muslims as backwards, prone to violence and inherently problematic are being exploited.”

Terror laws aimed at ensuring the safety of all Australians should not have to be ‘sold’ to the very Islamic community that is producing terrorists, rapists and corrupters of Australian politics. These terror laws should simply be imposed and if the Muslims whine about then that is their problem, not anybody elses. It’s about time that all those who have the privilege to live in civilised Western societies told these Islamic savages that it’s time to shut up, prove your loyalty or sod off never to return.

It is an outright lie by these Muslim groups to say that it is unable to substantiate the threat of Jihadis to Australia, especially as security services in other civilised nations such as Britain are also concerned about the potential damage that could be done by Jihadis returning from conflict zones. Note also that yet again we see how quickly Islamic groups accuse others of racism in order to try to divert attention from Islam and to try to shut down debate on the subject. Islam is prone to violence and its values are backward, and there is nothing untrue in saying that. You only have to look at various parts of the Islamic world and the Islamic ghettos that the Left have allowed to be created to see that Islam really is problematic and cannot co-exist with civilised societies.

The various Australian governments over the years should never have imported the seeds of this Islamic cancer, but now that they have, Mr Abbot’s government has the perfect right to deal with the problems that has been caused by Islam. Hiding behind lies and false accusations of ‘racism’ is becoming a standard part of the Islamic playbook and it is about time that all of us called out this activity for the bullshit that it truly is.

These self-important and bullying Islamic groups can never seem to understand that the reason why the world is now more of an unsafe place is primarily because of Islam and the conflicts that it causes or exacerbates. We should ask just why these so called ‘moderates’ are so in favour of Australia allowing back in those who have fought for Jihad? Could it be that these ‘moderates’ are not so moderate after all?


Original story from Sky News Australia.

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  1. At least Oz is starting to deal with these nutters. We still are a long way away from that.

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