Good shot! Well done Israeli Air Force

It appears that three senior members of the terror group Hamas have been killed in an air-raid on Gaza carried out by the Israeli Air Force.

The USA Today website quoting an Associated Press source said:

“An Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed three senior leaders of the Hamas military wing on Thursday, the militant group said, in what is likely to be a major blow to the organization’s morale and a significant scoop for Israeli intelligence.

The strike near Rafah, a town in the southern part of the coastal territory, was one of 20 the Israeli military said it carried out after midnight on Wednesday.

In a text message sent to media, Hamas said three of its senior military leaders — Mohammed Abu Shamaleh, Mohammed Barhoum and Raed al-Attar — were killed, along with three other people.

Gaza police and medical officials said scores more people remained under the rubble of a four-story structure destroyed in the airstrike.

The three Hamas leaders are considered to be at the senior levels of its military leadership and were involved in a number of high profile attacks on Israeli targets.

The Israeli security agency Shin Bet confirmed the deaths of Shamaleh and al-Attar in an email, but did not mention Barhoum.”

Although at the time of publication of the USA Today/AP the Shin Bet had not confirmed the death of one of the terrorists in particular, the Twitter feed of the Elder of Ziyon blog is reporting that ‘martyr’ posters featuring all three terrorists have been published by Hamas.

three dead hamas terrorists martyr poster

These targets seem to be seriously good ones to be taking out. Operation Protective Edge appears to be bearing some positive fruit, not just because these particular Savages have been removed, but because the number of rocket attacks on Israel have dropped considerably. The same USA Today article reports that the number of rockets fired from the Gazan terror statelet has dropped and that only one missile was reported to be launched since midnight compared to 210 launches in the previous 30 hour period. Not only are Israel taking the heads of the Hamas Hydra but they are also attacking the supply lines and smuggling tunnels that Hamas depend on for their terror activities.

It is only by destroying Hamas that any relief will be obtained from the constant warfare that the people of Gaza have been afflicted with.  Although it is to be regretted that there will have been some civilian casualties from the human shields that these cowardly terror leaders will probably have surrounded themselves with, it is a positive achievement to remove these particular Hamas leaders.

Good shooting Israel!  

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  1. leave it to the isrealis to show the world a finger and do what is right..lately we’ve got a hindu hardline prime minister too..he got elected by a landslide majority. He showed the finger to pakistan too..well deserved i might add.

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