From Elsewhere: The Lies of Hamas are starting to be exposed.

The Islamic terror group Hamas has turned the Gaza Strip into a place of fear and death. Part of the reason why Israel has not carpet-bombed Gaza into the sand is possibly because the Israeli Government know exactly what Hamas are like and what they are doing to the people of Gaza. To carpet-bomb Gaza, although militarily the best way of clearing the terror from Gaza, would also make casualties of many people who are probably more scared of Hamas than they are of the Israeli military. It would be morally wrong to kill those Gazans who only support Hamas because they are living under the terrible dictatorship of Hamas.

During the Israeli military operation against Hamas, Operation Protective Edge, the Islamic terrorists who control Gaza engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to present both Hamas and the people of Gaza as nothing more than innocent victims of an Israeli aggressor. To those who are not brainwashed by the Left, or who get most of their news from the BBC, this was plainly untrue. Some of us expected that sometime after the end of Operation Protective Edge that there would be emerging some stories that ran counter to the Hamas narrative. That expectation has proved to be true with Gazans starting to speak about the constant fears they have about Hamas violence and Hamas oppression.

This article from Front Page Magazine will give the reader some flavour of how terrible it is to live under the savages of Hamas.

“If Hamas does not like you for any reason all they have to do now is say you are a Mossad agent and kill you.” — A., a Fatah member in Gaza.

“Hamas wanted us butchered so it could win the media war against Israel showing our dead children on TV and then get money from Qatar.” — T., former Hamas Ministry officer.

“They would fire rockets and then run away quickly, leaving us to face Israeli bombs for what they did.” — D., Gazan journalist.

“Hamas imposed a curfew: anyone walking out in the street was shot. That way peoplehad to stay in their homes, even if they were about to get bombed. Hamas held the whole Gazan population as a human shield.” — K., graduate student

“The Israeli army allows supplies to come in and Hamas steals them. It seems even the Israelis care for us more than Hamas.” — E., first-aid volunteer.

“We are under Hamas occupation, and if you ask most of us, we would rather be under Israeli occupation… We miss the days when we were able to work inside Israel and make good money. We miss the security and calm Israel provided when it was here.” — S., graduate of an American university, former Hamas sympathizer.

While the world’s media has been blaming Israel for the death of Gazan civilians during Operation Protective Edge, this correspondent decided to speak with Gazans themselves to hear what they had to say.

They spoke of Hamas atrocities and war crimes implicating Hamas in the civilian deaths of its own people.

Although Gazans, fearful of Hamas’s revenge against them, were afraid to speak to the media, friends in the West Bank offered introductions to relatives in Gaza. One, a renowned Gazan academic, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that as soon as someone talked to a Western journalist, he was immediately questioned by Hamas and accused of “communicating with the Mossad”. “Hamas makes sure that the average Gazan will not talk to Western journalists — or actually any journalists at all,” he said, continuing:

“Hamas does not want the truth about Gaza to come out. Hamas terrorizes and kills us just like Daesh [ISIS] terrorizes kills Iraqis. Hamas is a dictatorship that kills us. The Gazans you see praising Hamas on TV are either Hamas members or too afraid to speak against Hamas. Few foreign [Western] journalists were probably able to report what Gazans think of Hamas.”

When asked what Gazans did think of Hamas, he said:

“The same as Iraqis thought of Saddam before he was toppled. He still won by 90-something percent in the presidential elections. If Hamas falls today in Gaza, people here will do what Iraqis did to Saddam’s statue after he fell. But even though Western journalists may not have been able to speak freely with Gazans, they still need a story to send to their editor by the end of the day. So it is just easier and safer for them to stick to the official line.”

“What was that,” I asked: “‘Blame Israel’?”

“I don’t know about that,” he said. “More like, ‘Never blame Hamas!’. Hamas was making a ‘statement’: Opposing Hamas Means Death. Hamas is a dictatorship that kills us.”

Read the rest of this excellent article here:

The growing realisation that Hamas do not have the best interests of the Gazan on the street at heart, will not cause an instant love in for Israel from the Gazans but many of them have had enough of what one interviewee said was ‘Hamas’s hallucinations’.

Another former Hamas sympathiser said:

“Don’t get fooled. Gazans are not in love with Israel yet, but they do not want to fight Israel anymore. We do not want to embrace Israel; we just want to live normally without wars. We want to live and work in Israel like we used to. We are under Hamas occupation, and if you ask most of us, we would rather be under Israeli occupation, instead. I would welcome Netanyahu to rule Gaza so long as Hamas leaves, and I think most Gazans feel the same way. We miss the days when we were able to work inside Israel and make good money, we miss the security and calm Israel provided when it was here, but politically speaking, we just think of it as the better of two evils: Israel and Hamas.”

Never has a statement made it more clear that the Arabs whose families were displaced after 1948 deserve much better leadership than they are getting. If it had not been for Hamas and all the rest of the Islamic alphabet soup of hate groups, that have afflicted the Arabs for all these years, Gaza could have been a form of Singapore on the Med. Surely that is better than living in fear of Hamas or living in fear of the righteous retaliation of Israel?

For decades the Arabs of the Levant area that encompasses Israel have chosen death or groups that fetishise death, if they want peace then now is the time for them to choose life.


Original story from Front Page Magazine