From Elsewhere – More on the national media and how they handle Islamic Rape Gang stories.

A reasonable description of Britain’s national broadcast media

It seems that this blog is not the only one to notice that the national broadcast media is going softly-softly on stories about Islamic Rape Gangs.

This blog commented a little while back on how it is noticable that it is only local and regional press that is covering the Islamic Rape Gang stories while the national broadcast media seems to have dropped them like they were hot potatoes.

Here is an excellent piece from Kafircrusader on what seems to be a policy of the national media of not covering the Islamic Rape Gang stories in anything like the level of detail that such stories deserve. I hope KC doesn’t mind this blog quoting the comment piece in full as it is excellent.

Four Muslim grooming gang members are on trial in Manchester. Like many of these Muslim grooming gang trials,it is being kept very low key with almost a complete media blackout other than the local press. Its a sad state of affairs when the national press think that Big Brother and B list celebrities love lives are more newsworthy than the continued rape jihad against British schoolgirls up and down the UK.

Though from a leftist community cohesion point of view, i suppose keeping news of these evil Muslim paedophile gangs out of the spotlight  is all good keeping the nation in the dark as to the severity of problem. Keeping it confined to local press will stop the public seeing the big picture and keep more negative attention off Muslims who are still in denial that it is a huge problem within their communities.

It seems Rochdale social services have learnt no lessons from past mistakes  and are still allowing children in their care to be groomed and sexually exploited by Muslim nonces

The Islamic paedophile ring on trial are all from Oldham, which like so many Northern ex mill towns has areas that are now heavily islamized. Glodwick where the offences are alleged to have taken place is one of those Muslim enclaves.

 I think its pretty safe to say now that grooming gangs are operating in every town and city that there is a sizeable amount of Muslims living. Its just a matter of time until they are rumbled and exposed.”

Read about the latest alleged Islamic Rape Gang atrocity in Oldham here:

Now there are legal reasons why a particular trial may not be reported, it may for example be a case where a large group of defendants is split up into separate trials and where reporting of one trial may prejudice another, but this particular Oldham case doesn’t appear at first glance to be one of those.

If this growing number of Islamic Rape Gang cases was reported in the national media and given the sort of coverage that the mass rapes of thousands of British girls and young women deserves, then the average viewer may start to get some handle on how serious the problem with Islamic sex crime really is. Maybe that is why there is only local publicity about this terrible and seemingly intractable problem and Britain’s Islamic community are not being exposed to the opprobrium that they well and truly deserve. Britain’s Islamic community has encouraged these rapists because the victims are just ‘kuffar’, shielded and excused them and have even refused to back projects that attempt to tackle Islamic Sex Crime.

The national media is telling us about only a fraction of what is going on viz a viz Islamic sex crime and quite frankly Britons deserve better than to be lied to like this.

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  1. It’s not just the Manchester area. There are huge grooming trials going on currently in Bradford and Newcastle. None of them are being reported in the national media, only the local media. There were a large number of arrests in Coventry too, with the witnesses being put in protective custody. We’ve heard nothing of that trial.

    Only at the conclusion of the trial, when the perps are convicted, do the national media report on them. This is clearly a policy agreed with the NUJ/government.

    • This is clearly a policy agreed with the NUJ/government.

      Very likely also for both the organised counter-EDL movement, and the MSM poisonous twisting of the EDL motivation.

      If the government had acted against the rapists, if the politicians hadn’t protected rapists from the Law, then there would have been no need for EDL marches.

      Even now politicians try to prevent EDL protests, and seem keener to use the Law against the law-abiding, rather than against violent paedophiles.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 31, 2015 at 7:54 pm |

      Sometimes there are good reasons for reporting restrictions, such as not prejudicing linked trials, but the lack of proper national reporting does smell fishy.

      • I would assume though that if there were legal restrictions on reporting it would also apply to the local press who are covering most of the trials we know about.
        The silence from the nationals and TV (who normally would be kicking up a fuss if there were any such restrictions in cases they DID want to cover)seems to be entirely about not letting the public join the dots and protecting their favourite fascist cult.

        • Fahrenheit211 | June 1, 2015 at 7:39 am |

          JS, yes reporting restrictions would apply to local newspapers as well. Reporting restrictions would not, as far as I can recall, unless the trial was held ‘in camera’, prevent journalists from writing about the case for ‘background’, but it would prevent publication.

          I’m not going to go all ‘tin foil hat’ but the silence on the subject of the Islamic Rape Gangs by the national broadcast media does indeed look like a deliberate act by broadcasters, the government and the NUJ to prevent consumers of national broadcast news media from joining the dots. The reasoning for this may vary from broadcaster to broadcaster. The BBC for example is a left wing organisation and would restrict data for political reasons, Sky on the other hand has a lot of advertisers whose roots can be traced to Islamic countries (their weather forecast for example has been sponsored by Qatar Airlines) and this may have an influence on news content, although of course Sky would deny this vehemently.

          Re the National Union of Journalists, I must declare an interest here, I’m an ex-NUJ member from way back when, who left the union owing to a surfeit of left-wing mentalism and arse-wittery by my local Mother of Chapel (shop steward) and her band of trots. Therefore I feel somewhat qualified to comment on the NUJ’s possible role in the suppression of information about Islamic Rape Gangs. Although individual journalists have very little power to decide what stories are featured by a news organisation, it cannot be denied that the NUJ is very much of the Left. Article 9 of the Journalists Code of Conduct says as follows: “Produces no material likely to lead to hatred or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age, gender, race, colour, creed, legal status, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.”

          Now on the surface this looks like a reasonable rule that prevents journalists turning into mini-Goebbels whether off their own bat or under pressure applied by employers. However, ‘hatred’ and ‘discrimination’ can be interpreted either in a narrow way or in a broader way. For example writing and publishing an article that says ‘burn down the paedo mosques’ is most definitely inciting hatred (as well as being against UK Law) but when the word ‘hatred’ gets extended to merely asking awkward questions about the ideology of Islam and the actions of its followers then the word ‘hatred’ can be used as an excuse for censorship. Personally, I think that Article 9, the anti-discrimination clause, sits uneasily with Article 1 of the code which says: “At all times upholds and defends the principle of media freedom, the right of freedom of expression and the right of the public to be informed”, especially in the case of coverage of Islamic Rape Gangs. For more detail on the NUJ Code of Conduct click here:

          20 years ago when I was an NUJ member, the Union was woefully Leftist, with the shrinking of union membership and the end of the closed shop, I can only imagine that the trots have been concentrated in the union and the Leftism is much worse. There are less ordinary non-political bods to water down the Trottery (and I’ve been told the same problem is present in the PCS union where too many branches are dominated by the SWP). To defend individual journalists for a moment, journalism is a much more insecure profession than it used to be, the number of full time staff positions is shrinking and young journalists especially are at significant risk of pressure from management to drop or not cover stories that management may not like.

          We must also take into account the issue of fear. News organisations have a responsibility for their staff and as we all know the ‘Religion of hacking non-Muslims to pieces’ has an appallingly violent reputation. We must not discount the possibility that news organisations are not covering such Islamic Grooming Gang stories because they fear for the safety of their staff.

  2. Ian Haines | June 1, 2015 at 3:37 am |

    Every town and/or city has streets.
    Every street has a name.
    Every street has doors.
    Every door has a number or a name.
    Every door has a letter box.

    So many of us can afford stamps, envelopes and to download and print a leaflet a volunteered number of times. Between us all, we could do a reasonably good job of putting the truth out there, from our own local post box. All we would need is a good and experienced organiser and a forum on which to meet and discuss the project.

    While you can’t encourage the Media to print what you want, you can print what is legal and post it to people. Ask them to pass the leaflet on to others, which increases circulation. I don’t know if this will work; I just know that it can be made to.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 1, 2015 at 7:47 am |

      Ian that is an excellent idea and something this blog has tried to encourage with the ‘British Neville Chamberlain Award’. I encourage people to send their negative opinions in legal, decent non-threatening and non-sweary language to those this blog has fingered as Islamopanderers See here for an example:

      The flyer idea is great and because it is not being flyposted avoids the problem of being nicked for flyposting. There may be a problem with the State seeing this info as ‘malicious’ communication therefore I would counsel that if people did this then they used post boxes that area bit of a distance from where they reside and split the mailout between different boxes.

      Agreed that the information included in the flyers or leaflets must be legal and as accurate as possible.

      Please email me at the Editor address if you want further advice on this issue.

      What I will say to conclude is no matter how legal, how accurate or how truthful or decent you make the leaflet or the information contained within it, it will wind up the violent Left and well as the Diversity Establishment into a frenzy.

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