Video – Demo against Shariah Law, Hyde Park London

On Sunday 19th October there was a demonstration, the first of many it is to be hoped, that have been planned by the group MARIAS, which stands for Mothers Against Radical Islam and Shariah. To see footage from the event please  click on the embedded video above.

A series of speakers talking about the position of women under Shariah Law and the problems of ‘Shariah creep’ in Britian today. One male speaker criticised the Law Society for caving in for demands for Shariah Wills which value women as half that of men, and gave that as one glaring example of how Shariah is creeping unbidden and unwanted into the fabric of British society. He also spoke about the difference between opposing Shariah Law and Islamism and racism. ‘I’m not a fucking racist’ he said, and he spoke of the difficulty of fighting this battle on two fronts, one against the misogynists who propose Shariah Law and another those who mistakenly call those who oppose Islam ‘racist’.

‘When are you going to get angry, you cannot ignore the problems anymore, Islam is the problem’ was what this man said, and there is not much that he said in his speech that I could disagree with. He added: ‘If you are not going to get angry now, when are you going to get angry, when the Islamic executioner is ready to cut off your head?’ He appeared to be heckled by various pro-Islam and Leftist members of the audience, some of whom whined about Gaza, but there were also those who agreed with him. He quite rightly lambasted Western Feminists who take to Twitter to moan about things that are first world problems but who say nothing about the rampant abuse of girls and young women in Muslim societies and Muslim communities

The well known and respected Tweeter, The Matriot, then got up to speak about the problems women face under Islam and despite being heckled by Muslims and leftists who wanted to divert the conversation into one about Israel, and not Islamic misogyny, and berated the Muslim community for doing very little to help abused Muslim women. She said that she had personally taken in Muslim girls who were living in fear for their lives because they had defied the demands of their male Muslim relatives. The Matriot had to face the expected cries of ‘racist’ from the deluded Left and the usual rubbish from Islamic apologists about how women are ‘respected’ in Islam. If what women have to put up with in Islam is ‘respect’ then I’d hate to see what disrespect looks like. The Matriot did very well in what looked like a very tense and conflict filled situation.

Anne-Marie Waters of Shariah Watch then got up to speak about how women are ‘treated like shit’ in Islam and listed FGM, Shariah Courts and honour killings as just some of the problems that women face from Islam. Ms Waters said that there is nothing ‘relative’ about Shariah Law and how it afflicts women. Ms Waters mentioned how thousands of British girls and young women had been raped and tortured by Islamic rapists in places like Rotherham and that the Leftist state had just sat back and allowed these crimes to happen. She then added that the ‘real racism’ was being committed by those who for reasons of political correctness allowed Muslim women to be treated in Britain as second class citizens. It is difficult to disagree with her when she described those who promote Shariah Law as the ‘real fascists’.

For a first demonstration by the MARIAS group this looked like a great success and I hope that this is the first of many. One of the things that I took from viewing this video is how evidence based the anti-Shariah demonstrators were and how ugly and ignorant were their opponents. I must admit that when I heard about this demonstration, and that the venue would be Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, I had doubts about the suitability of the venue, because I know that it is a place that attracts a considerable number of Islamic nutjobs and gobshites, but I have been proved wrong. It was right to take this demo into the lions den of Speakers Corner because now many more people have seen what the opponents of Shariah Law are up against. Those who spoke against Shariah Law at this demo have my utmost admiration and I am only sorry that, due to other stuff going on in my life, it was not possible for me to attend. I do hope to be at future demonstrations by the MARIAS group and I would urge others who are not racist but who quite rightly hate the ideology of Islam to do the same.

Well done to all those who stood up for justice and against Shariah Law.

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  1. I would like to think that the tide is beginning to turn against these savages infesting Europe, we all need to make life and business difficult for them and choke off the money supply to their businesses.

  2. agreed. I’m more aware and selective about where I’m spending my money nowadays.
    clearly, any arguments about shariah laws and its oppression of women and shariah creep in thr uk was against the loud mouthed lefties ability to argue about.
    so, yells of”racist” was predictably offered as an alternative.
    well done MARIAS.
    keep up the good work
    Anne-Marie Waters is the kind of person who has fought tooth and nail to rightfully gain equal rights for women.
    all women should be made thoroughly aware of the consequences of shariah creep in any western country.

  3. My knowledge of the subject legal shenanigans, is sketchy. So at risk of injustice to the legal profession, and I need little encouragement to pursue that route, ‘shariah creep’ was aided by opportunistic camouflage afforded during progress of the Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill.

    If the resultant Arbitration Act 1996 was intended at the outset, to be slyly incompatible with our Constitution, its conspiratorial architects may be guilty of treason.

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