British ‘Neville Chamberlain’ Award for November 2014. This one could be called ‘shut up and enjoy the enforced diversity’

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Whilst the boys from the regiment known as ‘Them’ are allegedly out in Iraq, risking their lives to gain valuable intelligence on the headcases of Islamic State, back in Herefordshire, where the ‘Them’ troops are based, the local diversity officer is actively assisting the growth of Islam and the imposition of a Mosque on the city of Hereford.

Neville Meredith, the diversity and community cohesion officer, whose wages are paid by local and national taxpayers, really can’t take the very large hints that many of the people of Hereford don’t like Islam very much. I can’t think why Islam is disliked can you? It couldn’t be the murder, terror and rape gangs that Islam brings to Britain, could it?

Neville Meredith, 'useful idiot' for Islam

Neville Meredith, ‘useful idiot’ for Islam

Mr Meredith is using YOUR money to troll round the county trying to find a place for the mosque that hardly anyone, apart from the Muslims and the local diversity wallahs, seems to want. After a plot by local Muslims to build a mosque in Holme Lacey Road in Hereford was foiled by planners concerned about logistics and traffic issues, Mr Meredith popped up to say that he would be working with the local Islamic society and the local authority, to find them a site for this mosque.

Let us just examine the total madness of the situation shall we? Here we have a known Quisling and ‘useful idiot’ for Islam, who has consistently backed the local Islamic group, who is supported by public money that could have been spent on something more useful for Herefordians, but is instead being spent on on helping Mr Meredith in finding a site for a mosque. This is not diversity, this is outright pandering. Does Mr Meredith not consider why Islam is disliked, or how much of a threat it is to members of other faiths, many of whom have historically been victims of Islam in the recent and not so recent past? Of course he does not. Living and working, as he surely must be doing, among the monothought clique that makes up the diversity industry, he probably sees it as a good thing to pander to Islamic needs and desires.

Neville Meredith is a prime example of public sector waste, inappropriate spending and unwanted social engineering. The existence of posts such as that which Mr Meredith occupies, are a prime example of public sector parasitism. Those like Mr Meredith contribute nothing to society, create nothing and do nothing positive. It may well be that heaping up the public money that pays Neville Meredith’s salary into a great big pile and burning it, would be a more sensible use of resources than paying for him to swan round the county doing the local Islamic group’s bidding. If individuals wish to indulge in political fellatio with Islamic groups, then they might be misguided, but they have the right to do so, however hard pressed taxpayers from across society should not be expected to pay for such foolishness.

Therefore Neville Meredith’s outrageous Islamopandering and bafflement as to why people dislike the violent ideology of Islam, gets him this month’s British Neville Chamberlain Award.

Here’s his certificate.

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If you want to write a polite letter of complaint about this example of overt Islamopandering, or even send a printout of his very own ‘Neville Certificate’ to Neville Meredith, then please use the postal or email addresses below. Please don’t be cruel or abusive or racist to Mr Neville, because it is wrong to mercilessly mock the afflicted, including those who, like Mr Meredith who appear to have some sort of mental disability, which means they fail to see what a crock of shit Islam truly is.

Mr Neville Meredith,

Diversity and Community Cohesion Officer

PO Box 4

Plough Lane





Second attempt by Muslim group to impose Mosque on Hereford

There is loads more about Mr Neville ‘Useful Idiot’ Meredith on the main Fahrenheit211 website, just search his name.