The unintended consequences of hiding the identity of the driver in the George Square tragedy.

There are some policies that have unintended consequences which may not have been foreseen by those formulating that particular policy. For example, welfare help for those women with children who had been abandoned by their husbands and left in penury, has had the unintended consequence of increasing the number of births to single women or those in in unstable relationships, and has also encouraged men to be sexually irresponsible. Men who father children and then bolt are not now held to account, because the State and the taxpayer picks up the tab. Therefore a welfare policy that was designed to protect a small number of women and children from poverty, has perversely increased the number of women and children living in poverty and who are dependent on welfare benefits. This is a prime example of an unintended consequence.

A more immediate and worrying example of an unintended consequence can be found in Scotland, where the police force and local authority have decided that neither the driver of the bin lorry that careered into pedestrians, nor those in the truck with him, can be named. This ban on naming these people is a permanent ban, brought in as part of a counselling package and it was probably intended to shield those involved in this tragedy from adverse media and other attention. Here is how the Scotsman newspaper have reported this identification ban:

THE identity of the driver of the bin lorry that killed six people when it crashed in Glasgow city centre will be protected indefinitely, the local authority has said.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council, which owns the bin lorry involved in the George Square tragedy, said it would “never release the names” of the driver or other two individuals who were in the cabin when it crashed.”

Many may say that this is all well and good. Being at the centre of a tragic accident should not mean being in a whirlwind of press and social media harassment. However, in the current circumstances, not naming the driver or the others in the truck, is fuelling speculation that the Glasgow tragedy was a Jihad attack. There have been so many Jihadist attacks using vehicles in recent months, that the existence and public knowledge of them is encouraging a growing amount of speculation, that the Glasgow tragedy is yet another one. Personally, I don’t think that this incident is anything to do with Jihad, and is indeed nothing more than a tragic accident. The imposition of a naming ban is not helping one bit in reducing the amount of rumours, that the authorities have taken this action because there was a Jihad element to this incident.

The lack of names is causing speculation, such as this from Twitter:

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    Glasgow keeping quiet about the THREE men in the bin lorry. Why is that then?

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    @piecrust33 @Dimorfik The media and police have never seemed so keen to conceal identity before. Driver and 2 others in cab, not named. Odd



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There can be no doubt that this is not the only gossip and speculation about the Glasgow crash that is out there. Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council have made a major error in how they have handled this aspect of the disaster’s aftermath. The unintended consequence of trying to protect the driver and other workers from adverse attention, has had the opposite effect of fuelling rumours and speculation about the incident.

This driver should be named, not so that he can be publicly pilloried or criticised, but to stop the dangerous rumours that are starting to circulate about this case, which is that it was in some way related to the other examples of vehicular Jihad we’ve seen recently.

There are a multitude of legitimate and sensible reasons why the naming of this driver has been forbidden, which could encompass such things as protecting the driver and their family from attack because there is an ongoing criminal investigation or for the ‘counselling’ reasons that have been given. But, and it is a big but, the hiding of the identity of the driver is causing the growth of rumours that the City Council and Police Scotland know more about this tragedy than they are letting on. Neither the Police forces of the UK nor local authorities, have a good reputation when it comes to dealing with the ideology of Islam and the problems that it brings, and these entities have showed too often that they have a craven and appeasing attitude to Islam and its adherents.

The Rotherham Scandal has shown us all just how far councils and police will go to protect Muslim criminals from prosecution. The knowledge that these entities sacrificed 1,400 girls and women to rape and torture for ‘community cohesion’ reasons, has tainted them indelibly and caused many of us to question their probity. With regards to the Glasgow tragedy, because there have been appalling examples of Islamopandering by police forces elsewhere, this has meant that the initial denial by Police Scotland that this was a Jihad attack has not been enough to quell rumours and speculation about this case. When police have been observed to have behaved dishonestly over matters like the Rotherham Islamic Rapes, then police officers should not expect to have their statements on such an issue as the Glasgow crash, accepted without question.

For the sake of peace and for the sake of the peace of mind of those who were injured in the Glasgow tragedy and the families of those who were killed, the authorities need to name the driver, so that this dangerous and tension-increasing speculation about the incident can be quashed.

As the blogger Ambush Predator said recently, if the authorities wanted to start a conspiracy theory about this crash, then they could not have done better than to follow the course of action that they have done and hide the identities of those involved. This boil of obscurantism needs to be lanced, if it is not pricked by the authorities then maybe a whistle-blower should do the job for them and release the names. Let’s have the names so that we can all move on and this dangerous speculation and conspiracy theory-mongering can be stopped in its tracks.

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  1. There is nothing so sure that those in the bin lorry were muslims. We know who was the Captain of the Titanic? We know Jimmy Saville was behind an ‘establishment’sex ring, as YEARs of investigating revealed his name, and the names of many other prominent members of the establishment. We know the names of those who betrayed this country in recent years, Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess, and others. We know Prince Andrew is accused of child sex, but the authorities will not tell us who the THREE occupants of the ‘Bin Lorry’ were that killed those pedestrians, TWO of whom were NOT driving the lorry, but it is obvious their NAMES would reveal all. Those in authority are guilty by association and cover up of the greatest crimes of all – betrayal, cover up, lies, racists, anti-british, anti – white. A reflection of that traitorous establishment that they are trying to protect, and could be responsible for more deaths of innocent citizens who could take measures to protect themselves with such information that would put them on guard for the future.It is not for them to make such a decision, but for us all to know the truth of it all.

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